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Hello friends! Are you learning Photoshop and got some doubts while editing the image’s brightness, contrast, level, exposure, etc. Don’t worry, you are at right place.
In this blog we are going to look at the work flow of every term in detail. This content will help you enhance your skills for photo editing training.
All these tools are made to adjust the tonal range of any object/image. One can easily arrange the brightness and contrast as well as the darkness and dullness of any specific color. On the other hand, all these tools have their own specialties which are explained below.

First talk about BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST : -

That tool lets us make simple changes in the tonal range of an image. Every editor uses the tool to do professional editing and it's a best-known tool for editing purpose. To get to the BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST tool, click on IMAGE at the top of the screen, move into ADJUSTMENTS and you will find the very first option of BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST. When you click on that you'll get an adjustment menu. Moving the brightness slider to the right, increases tonal value and expand highlights, dragging the slider to the left will decreases the value and expand shadow. At the right of the menu bar you will have an AUTO key, press the key to adjust the tonal range automatically. After setting up all the levels, simply click on OK to save the adjustment.

What are LEVELS/ Use of LEVELS: -

LEVELS tool lets us make some simple changes in an image. Levels can be used to adjust the image brightness level – shadow, midtone and highlights. You will find the LEVELS tool at same location as BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST. You can use CTRL+L as the short key of LEVELS. To get the window you need to click on the adjustments in the image menu. After that, a menu bar will be popped up with some unique features. There would be different types of presets and any one of them can be used at a time. It has three types of channels and you can choose any of them. A value bar can be seen down there so you can put specific value of channels. Final step would be to press OK to save the changes you did.

What are CURVES/ Use of CURVES: -

CURVES is something which is used to set contrast value of an image. Move into IMAGE at the top of the screen then click on ADJUSTMENT and 3rd row would be of CURVES. Press the CURVES key and it will take you to the menu of Curves. Here, you can see a graph. You can add move points on the line and when you move the points, the shape of curves will be changed. In the end, just click on OK to save the setting you made.     

What is EXPOSURE/ Use of EXPOSURE: -

EXPOSURE is not much diff. from BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST and LEVELS. As it also can be used to maintain the tonal range of an image, but professionals mainly use it to correct the total value of high dynamic images, which are 32 bits.
As we know, the more bits, the better, the color. EXPOSURE can be applied on 16 bits images or even 8 bits images, as well.
Lets’ see how to find EXPOSURE tool in photoshop. On the top right corner, move into IMAGE then click on ADJUSTMENTS and it would be in the 4th row. Press the EXPOSURE key to open the adjustment bar.
Once you open it, you’ll see a menu bar. There would be a few types of presets, you can choose suitable one. Just down to it you will find three scales, 1st for Exposure, 2nd for Offset and 3rd for Gamma Correction. Moving left on all scales will leads to decrease in value and getting the scale in right, will expand the value. After all the changes, click on OK to save the changes.
So, that’s it.
This is how we can play with the adjustment settings of image menu in Photoshop.
If you want to learn photo editing in more detail then you need to join a certificate Photoshop course from the renowned photo editing institutes like Post Production Institute. It is a renowned training institute for photo editing, video editing, VFX, motion graphics, and designing.
Check out all the courses offered by Post Production Institute: Short-term Post ProductionCourses

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Top 10 Tools in After Effects

Top 10 Tools of Adobe After Effects Every Begineer Should Know
Adobe After Effects really doesn’t need any introduction since it is one of the popular motion graphics and compositing applications used by professionals globally. This blog is all about the tools in After Effects. If you are attaining Adobe After Effects course training from any training institute then you must read this blog till the end since it will give you an insight to the important features and tools that you can use in After Effects.

As we all know After Effect has tons of tools and features and all are very useful and easy to use but, in this blog, we are going to have a look at the top 10 tools that you really should know. 

Best 10 Tools in After Effects

Here are my best tools and features of Adobe After Effects: 

Shape Layers: - Starting with one of the best features in after effect is shaped layers. It is a flat object which can be created by a pen tool or simply click to rectangle, oral or pentagon button. We can customize it like by stoke (outline), fill, the roundness of cancer. Shape layer is different from a solid layer.

Pen tools /Marks: - The shape layer and solid layer are incomplete with the pen tool. pen tool allows the user to draw the object and then it creates a mask on it. The pen tool also helps in trace object in after effect. With that users can create a cool effect on it.

Track Mattes: - The pen tool is also very important for track mattes. track matter is used for masking another layer. for e.g., if the layer is set on the alpha matter then it will appear transparent on the area which alpha matter covers. In track matter, there are 4 matters which are alpha matte, alpha inverted matte, luma matte and luma inverted matte. 

Blending Modes: - After Track Matter there is an option Blending mode. There are 38 types of blending mode are available. Which are very useful in their own purpose? Some of the best blending modes are normal, multiply, overlay, soft light, and color.

Pre Composing: - While working on a project user creates many layers that are very difficult to control and look messy. To handles, this project the user creates a group of many layers in one which we call pre-composed. The shortcut of Pre composing is (Cmd-Shift-C, or Ctrl-Shift-C). 

Adjustment layer: - The adjustment layer is very useful in after effect. But some people say it is not because it is just a layer which does nothing, we only apply the effect on it. but it is useful if you want to apply the same effect on 5 layers it may slow down your system if you create an adjustment layer and put a layer under that and incest apply the effect on each layer apply on adjustment layer it provides the same effect on all layer which is under that layer.  

Null Layer: - As an Adjustment layer null layer work. User can parent the multi-layer with null layer and control all layer with null layer only but something it does not work properly.

Cameras: - Cameras help in giving prospective in a layer but the first user converts the layer in the 3d layer as the name suggest then object convert in 3d. 

Graph Editor: - Graphics editor work on keyframe which user set in the layer. it works is giving object smoothness while the user gives positin, scale, rotation it easy in them. which gives a nice look. 

Plugins: - After the effect is incomplete with plugins. There are thousands of plugins available on the internet which help us to do work nicely. My favorite plugins are red giant tripcode 
In order to learn such amazing tools and features one must sing up with a prominent and ideal training institute. 

One such training institution is ADMEC Multimedia Institute which is a leader in multimedia and animation training. ADMEC offers numerous career courses in video editing and post production. Explore all of them and kick off for a good start.

Author Introduction: Hello, my name is Paras Puri. I’m pursuing graphic master plus course from ADMEC Multimedia Institute. I hope my blog will be useful for your learning.

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Popular 3Ds Max Courses by ADMEC MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE in Delhi

3D max is the file format, which is made use for 3D modeling as well as computer animation. Autodesk 3D Studio makes use of 2D Max as its indigenous type. It is primarily utilized to move designs from 3D programs. It is made use of to keep brochures of resources of programs kept in 3D. It remains in the binary document layout. In this part, embedded information is divided into blocks having identifiers of the portions and also data length.

Purpose of 3Ds Max Training

The main objective of joining 3ds max training institutes offering numerous courses for both novices and professionals is to offer unification of the tool’s sets and inexpensive single design to match today’s requirements of the production. The learners will get a platform to offer a variety of learning processes under the guidance of expert trainers.

3Ds Max Certificate Courses Offered

1. 3Ds Max Standard Course 

Duration: 1.5 Months
3Ds MAX is a market leading 3d software application made use in numerous different fields of 3d, consisting of yet not restricted to: computer game, movie, clinical image, building image, interior design, computer animation, commercial style, as well as concept art. It is an industry software application for modeling, texturing animation, as well as rendering that permits you to develop huge globes in Civil Architecture Sector with sensational scenes of exterior and interior space design visualization for Architects, Interior Designers, and also various other Civil Sector Specialists.
Read more about 3ds Max standard course.

2. Autodesk 3Ds Max Master 

Duration: 3 Months 
Autodesk 3Ds Max course offers an ideal start for all individuals of the 3Ds Max and also 3Ds Max Design applications from all backgrounds. This 3ds training course is appropriate for those aiming animators that wish to master the area of architecture and also interior design and also are aiming to boost the top quality of their item modeling utilizing the current variations of 3DS Max software application.
Read more about advanced 3ds Max training course

What You will Learn by Joining 3Ds Max Courses?

  • Introduction to the 3ds max application and professional skills used by professionals.
  • Create your own 3d projects from scratch within a few hours
  • Be comfortable finding your way around the 3ds Max UI
  • Understand the concepts of 3d graphics and know how to apply them using 3ds Max
  • Use built-in poly modeling tools to create photo real 3d models
  • Start creating professional looking 3d visualization by following along with the course projects.

Career Scope:
Mastering the 3Ds max certificate courses will help students explore new and various opportunities in the world of animations. The students passed out from ADMEC will have the chances to be placed with gaming companies, media, and production houses, etc. You can also work as an instructor in schools or colleges. These courses offers you opportunities at a global level. You can work with the best companies and establishments as well as the studios present in any part of the country.

Why ADMEC Multimedia Institute?

ADMEC is just one of the very best 3ds max training institutes in Delhi, that use an excellent framework as well as properly maintained facilities. ADMEC’s lab and classrooms are equipped with the best infrastructure to offer seamless training environment. Industry experienced trainers in ADMEC are well educated with an experience of more than 15+ years. 

They will certainly assist you to recognize the idea easily as well as establish the self-confidence to accomplish success in your career goals. Direct exposure to live projects and also workshops at the end of each application accredits specialist result, which prepares the trainees for a real-time workplace.

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Best Web Design Training Institute in Delhi for Professional Training

In the current scenario we can see the startling growth of Web design industry can it will increase more and more in the coming years since the whole world is moving towards digital era. We are actually living in the digital era.

Since this industry is a rising one it offers plentiful career opportunities for the aspirants who want to build their profession as a professional web designer. But to do so you must go for professional diploma courses from one of the renowned web design training institutes in Delhi.

Best Web Design Institute in Delhi

If you want to dive into the arena of web design then signing up with the professional diploma courses offered by ADMEC Multimedia Institute would be best option for you. ADMEC is considered as one of the finest web design institutes in Delhi which offers highly innovative and career-oriented web designing and development courses

Why ADMEC is a Best Web Design Training Institute in Delhi

Here are the a few reasons that will clarify this most appropriately.
1.       ADMEC offers latest course curriculum as per the industry standard.
2.       Live practical training would be there to teach you all the complex programming concepts in an easy way.
3.       Small batches will help you to learn in a better way and you’ll have a focused training.
4.       There is a proper practice lab that will assist you to revise the taught concepts.

Best Web Design Courses Offered by ADMEC

In order to become an expert web designer, go ahead for ADMEC web designing courses which are stated below. We can categorise the web courses into two parts – Certificate and Diploma.

Diploma Courses in Web Design

Diploma courses are the long-term courses which covers the essential topics training from basic to expert level.

  • WebMaster Plus – 18 Months
  • Web Master – 12 Months
  • Web Premium – 8 Months
  • UI Development Master- 6 Months
  • E-commerce Master – 6 Months
  • UI & UX Design Master – 6 Months
  • UI/UX Design Standard – 6 Months
  • And many more…

Want to explore all diploma courses? Go through this link: Professional Web Designing Course

Above mentioned web designing diploma courses are the job-oriented programs which can give wings to your career. If you are a fresher and wants to learn web designing from beginning that it is recommended to join a diploma course since it will help you to study the significant aspects in a better way.

Certificate Web Designing Courses

Certificate courses are the short-term training programs which spread across the 2 to 5 months.

If you don’t have adequate time for long term training then you can go for the short web design courses where you will learn the essential topics only. 

Here is a list of certificate courses offered by our web design institute in Delhi.
  • WebStandard (a short-term course for beginners) – 4 Months
  • UI Design Standard Course – 3 Months
  • Angular Master Plus – 3 Months
  • Photoshop (Learn to Create Web UI) – 2 Months
  • HTML5& CSS3 Master – 2 Months
  • JavaScriptMaster – 2 Months
  •  jQuery Master – 1 Months
  • And many more…

Want to explore all short-term certificate courses? Go through this link: Short-term certificate course.

To make your career in such a mounting industry where there is a huge competition it is required to have proficiencies in order to stand out in a crowd. And to attain such skills it is highly recommended to go for an ideal training institute like ADMEC Multimedia Institute in Delhi.

So, don’t let the time pass away, step forward, choose your favorite course and dive into the sphere of learning and opportunities with us.

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Join Best Adobe Illustrator Training Institute in Delhi to Become the Graphic Design Pro

When we talk about graphic design, it’s not just a simple field of designing where we design something that can be further get printed but it is a complex art that uses visual compositions as well as communication to communicate the design ideas, illustration, typography, photography, etc. 

Hence, we can say that graphic design is all around us and gives us a chance to analyze and comprehend the design principles, technologies related to print media, and other design elements.

When we look at the career options and scope in graphic design; experts have clearly projected its growth to increase up to 4% in the coming years. 

It is an in-demand career field having numerous golden opportunities for the aspirants like you but it also requires a specific set of skills and design techniques.

So, in order to become a Graphic Designing Pro, you must have to first become a master of many different skills and tools. 

One such essential design tool is ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR.

A Quick Overview to Adobe Illustrator

Designing is a very complex art and learning through digital is rather more complex. You need to master different skills and tools to become a graphic designer. 

And yes, you can go for Adobe Illustrator. It is a vector graphics editor tool widely used for creating stunning illustrations, layouting, composting, logos, etc. 

Benefits of learning Adobe Illustrator for a Graphic Designer

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular designing tools used by professional artists for generating classic outputs. Some of its benefits are given below.

  • It can run on both Windows and MAC OS.
  • There is no need for any specialization for learning Illustrator.
  • Its trial version is available
  • It will help you to expertise the design arena
  • Using Illustrator, you can create amazing vector graphics such as logo, sketches, vector art, icons, poster, stationery, campaigns, brochure, etc.

And many more…

Why Join ADMEC For Adobe Illustrator Training?

For learning Illustrator joining an ideal design training like ADMEC Multimedia Institute is highly recommended. Below are some of the important reasons to join us.

Latest Course Curriculum 
We always update our curriculum according to creative industry professionals.
You can learn the latest version of Adobe Illustrator.
You can learn the software from basic to advanced level.

Experienced Mentor’s
Learn from well trained and experienced teachers.
They will train and guide you in your projects.
They guide and update you technically with the latest updates in the relevant industry.

Live Project Training on Illustrator
Projects are given to students within a time frame from the very beginning of the session so that they will learn to deal with the practical issues and resolve them timely.
All the projects given to students are related to practical issues one can face in the creative industry.

Institutes Infrastructure
Infrastructure in the institute is well equipped and maintained with the latest version of all the relevant software’s.
The laboratory has windows as well as Mac computers for the training.

And many more….

Adobe Illustrator Courses offered by ADMEC

Adobe Illustrator Master Course
Duration: 2 months

This Illustrator training course is a complete program for this vector graphics editor tool. This course provides an insight into the application, its common concepts, and features that every designer should know. 

Know more about our Illustrator training course: - Illustrator Master course.
Few Learning Outcome of Illustrator Training Course from ADMEC
  • You will be able to go for visual communication through your designing.
  • You will know how to create stunning designs for branding.

There are many more such points which are being included in this list but to read everything in details you can explore our course content given on our site.

So, to build your personality as a professional graphic artist and designer join ADMEC professional GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSES which will furnish the significant skills to make a mark on the design industry. 

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Quick Overview to On Page and Off Page SEO

 Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO. It is a mandatory part to rank your site on the search engine. This is done to make it visible to the customers. Hence, target audience is a vital point while doing SEO. It is the exclusive way of promoting products and services.

SEO has become the vital part of web development industry. It requires some tips and tricks to be implemented successfully and show results timely, which could only be achieved by getting proper training from the best SEO institute.

Common SEO Techniques that a SEO Expert Does

The segment deals with the common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and best practices. Here we are giving a brief description of what are they while dealing with On Page SEO in detail. Commonly used SEO techniques are:

           On page SEO

           Off page SEO

           Social Media

What is On Page SEO?

On page refers to the steps of optimization that are performed on the website such that we can increase its rank on the search engine. This is done with the help of adding meta description and title tags.

Common On Page SEO Checklist

1.         Title Tag

2.         Meta Description Tags

3.         Domain & URL

4.         Internal Links

5.         Page load time

6.         Page Content

7.         Outbound Links

8.         Alt and Title Attributes for Images

9.         Sitemap

10.       H1, H2, .... Tags

What is Off Page SEO?

When the tasks are performed outside the website, this is what we call Off-page SEO.

The things that we do in Off-page SEO are :-

  • Firstly, Link Building.
  • Secondly, Social Media Marketing.
  •  last but not the least, Social Bookmarking.

It basically helps in increasing the rank of the website, also helps in attaining page rank and the most important it helps in providing exposure to the site.

Common Off Page SEO Checklist

  1. Create the content that is relevant and can be shared
  2. Do external blog commenting and add quality backlinks.
  3. Content sharing on famous social media sites such as facebook, twitter etc.
  4. Do Social bookmarking of your content
  5. Do Forum Submission
  6. Performing directory submission of blogs
  7. Submitting the articles on sites like sooper, apsense etc.
  8. Write question and answers on the sites like
  9. Add Video and do its submission
  10. Do image submission
  11. Do Inforaphic submission
  12. Share your document  


So, can say that only acceptable On-page and Off-page optimization can lead to the better ranking or of your website in SERP. Therefore, all the steps that are listed above need to be performed if you are thinking of doing SEO and actually want to improve the ranking of your site. To learn the tips and tricks of this you need to join the perfect SEO course.

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Essential Steps to Follow While Planning a Campaign in Illustrator

Essential Steps to Follow While Planning a Campaign in Illustrator

One who wants to unleash their creativity and designing skills should go for Adobe Illustrator since it is an industry standard vector graphics application which lets you design brilliant graphics very easily and faultlessly.
Apart from the vector graphics designing ability it offers new global editing tools which you can use to create a complete campaign.

Important Tips to Follow While Creating Campaign in Illustrator

If you are learning Illustrator training course from any training institute or just started working on it, you need to know the whole design process before creating a campaign in Illustrator.
Select the Topic of the Campaign
Before starting the designing you need to know the topic of the campaign. Start working on the design without knowing the exact topic can spoil your work as well as time.
Do Research Related to the Topic
After selecting the topic start collecting essential information and details related to your topic. This research will help you to comprehend your topic in-depth.
Begin Design Planning
It is one of the vital steps where you should be very careful. Here you need to work with font, color schemes, shapes, layout, etc. Don’t switch to software in this stage, you need to begin design planning on paper. It will give you an idea that which typography, color scheme, shapes other design elements you should choose for your campaign.
Start with Logo Design
A campaign starts from the logo design so it is necessary to work on logo first. Here are some of the essential stages of logo designing:
1.Thumbnails or Idea Layouts
Design at least 4 idea layouts for your logo. Don’t focus on detailing. Whatever thoughts and ideas coming in your mind related to your topic draw them all on the paper. Pick the best one that you think most appropriate and relevant to your topic.
2. Rough Layout
Give some detailing to the selected logo idea layout. Don’t think about the colors. You can even add your brand tagline in the logo idea layout.
3. Color Layout
It’s time to move on colors. Use the selected color scheme in logo.
4. Digital / Computer Layout
Paper work is over, now it’s time to work with Illustrator. Now all you have to do is to implement the chosen color schemes, layout, typography in your digital logo. Your digital logo should be the copy of your paper layout. Make sure it looks alike the previous one. Take care of design theme and colour scheme which you had already decided. Fill the colours according to your colour scheme in the colour layout of logo.
Follow the same stages in Other Design Too
You’ll have an idea that how things are going on after designing the logo. So, go ahead and follow the same stages on other designs of your campaign. Color scheme, typography, layout, shapes, etc would be same in all other designs. There should be a symmetry in the designs. Whether you will design visiting card, envelope, poster, holding, carry bag, press ad or banner, all you have to do is to use the same design elements. Your campaign will be completed when all the designs will be finalized. That’s it! Your campaign is ready.
I used the mentioned strategy to design campaign in my Adobe Illustrator project. This is my strategy, which I learned while pursuing my graphic design course from ADMEC. I hope it will be helpful for you.
Author Overview: Hi, I Seema, pursuing Graphic Master Plus course from ADMEC Multimedia Institute. I’ve just completed by Illustrator Project successfully and decided to share you some tips and essential steps to help you in your campaign designing. I hope my efforts will assist you.

Want to get an idea related to campaign designing in Adobe Illustrator? Checkout our students’ portfolio page.

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Quick Steps to Create GUI for Your Website in Adobe Photoshop

An Overview to GUI – Graphics User Interface

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. Which is basically used to create wireframes and Mock-ups of the website. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best applications to design Graphic User Interface (GUI). GUI is kind of a blueprint of the website, how it will look and work. It allows designers to work and experiment with different ideas and layouts. Before designing and any GUI, one should know the concept and purpose of designing a website. Who will be our target audience and how the website can help grow business or fulfill the purpose of making a website in the best possible way. To clear all such concepts joining best Photoshop course in Delhi is highly recommended.
GUI should be simple and attractive so that user feels comfortable and will be able to use website easily. In GUI one should use Typography which is easily readable. We should be careful with typeface different sizes, fonts and alignment of content.

Steps to Create GUI in Adobe Photoshop

There are four steps to create any GUI:
Mind Maps -> Rough Sketches -> Wireframes -> Visual UI Design or Final Mock-ups.
Let’s take a look at each step one by one.
  1. Mind Map

Mind mapping is an easy way to keep our ideas in a systematic way. In mind map, we make a frame of content our design will be consists of, like a number of tabs, information that will be there in the design. Mindmap is kind of diagram which contents revolve around main idea or concept of design.
  1. Rough Sketches

GUI sketching is fast. We make quick sketches of ideas on a piece of paper, giving us a rough idea of a layout. Sketching out the basics of user interface design makes the whole process easy. UI sketch makes the wireframe stage easier and more effective. It helps in making wireframe and gives us the idea of how our website will look. Sketches are the quick ideas which come in our mind related to website or concept. This step is important as it helps in making wireframe stage easy.
  1. Wireframes

Wireframes are the simple basic structure of website or we can say an idea, how a website will look. We turn our sketches into wireframes but in a more detailed way. The wireframe is made up of greyscale elements. In wireframe, we place UI elements and define the size and hierarchy of the layout. Wireframes are designed placeholders without images and color details. Their goal is to establish what goes where. Wireframe reflects only elements that you need to have on your site.
  1. Visual UI Design/ Mock-ups

In visual UI Design, we add visual details to our layout, such as color, images, typography. Visual UI Design is a static visual look of the concept. There are various tools for creating Mock-ups. But many designers prefer to use Adobe Photoshop for Mock-ups or they create straight in HTML &CSS3 format.

GUI is important to get an effective and attractive web layout. If we follow GUI steps for creating a website properly, we can easily and effectively get our design done in less time. It increases productivity and decreases the time duration of the project. Through GUI steps we can easily see where our ideas are heading and can make changes in between. Before the final project, making it hassle-free.

Introduction to Author
The author of this blog is Sughandha who is pursuing Web Premium course from ADMEC Multimedia Institute which is one of the finest web design training institutes in Delhi.

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