Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Make a Successful Career in Animation Industry With Professional Animation Courses

Animation is the formation of moving pictures or images with the help of technology or animation software. VFX denotes to the creation of awesome effects & realistic environments in films by combining real-life images with animation using special software.
Animation has come a long way and its development can also be seen in the Indian animation industry. Creating animation is all about giving an imagination a picture on the screen. If we talk about the future of animation in India, then we can say that animation has a bright future in India for sure.

Current Size of Animation Industry:

As per FICCI KPMG report, The size of the animation, VFX and post production has grown tremendously from 31 per cent CAGR in 2011 to 51.1 per cent in 2015. Presently India has nearly 300 animation, 40 VFX and 85 game development studios with more than 15,000 professionals working for them. 
The report predicts that the animation industry which is currently estimated at Rs 14.8 billion is bound to increase to Rs 20.9 billion by 2020. 
Some of the VFX heavy made films are Baahubali, Bajirao Mastani, Dilwale, Bombay Velvet, Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
One of the regional films too are now using it effectively, for example the Marathi film ‘Mitwa’ used around total of 325 VFX shots.

Future of Animation Industry:

Currently the VFX industry is estimated to be of Rs 43.5 billion and will get a significant increase by 2020 and is estimated to grow up to Rs 87.1 billion. 
Benefits of Professional Animation Courses:

Animation is a specialized method that is to be learnt in a proper manner from an experienced animation college. ADMEC is one such institute that offers short term and long term professional animation courses in Delhi, India.
  • These courses will teach students in areas of both 3d and 2d techniques enabling them to have a comprehensive knowledge about the subject.
  • The goal of doing Professional Animation Courses is to get complete knowledge on the subject and animation. The acquired knowledge will further help students to make a career in the field of animation. Institutes will focus on practical based training which can give them a feel of working in animation studios.
  • ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers various certificate/diploma programs providing 100% job placement support.
  • Only professional animation institutes can provide courses which are led by expert teachers and experienced professionals from different walks of animation industry.
  • A thorough knowledge on animation techniques and assignments helps students in building their confidence and prepare for future tougher projects.
Animation is a challenging task to create statistic images series that differ slightly from one another. Animation is an essential part of media and entertainment, gaming, medical, architecture industries and much more. Animation field drives talented and creative people towards it. Through skills and expertise learnt from the best animation institutes, it is possible to make your own movies and cartoons that are worth watching.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Most Challenging Graphic Designing Applications for Creative Output

Graphic design can be defined as the combination of scheduling, planning, coordinating, selecting and organizing a series of elements to generate visual objects intended to correspond specific messages to definite groups.

Main Components in Graphic Design

The main objective of a graphic composition is to convey the message via graphics. This information must be represented by different graphic elements which are:
  • Simple graphical elements: points and lines of all types like, free, straight, broken corners, etc...
  • Geometric elements, with or without boundary, polygons, circles, ellipses, ovals, etc...
  • Types: letters in different forms and structures, used to display text messages.
  • Use of graphics, logos, icons, illustrations, photographs etc...

Which Graphic Design Application to Choose?

One of the biggest challenges for a lot of graphic designers is what tool to choose in a specific situation. Different situations require use of different graphic design application for desired results. 
For example, one situation where Adobe Illustrator is used instead of Photoshop is logo design. This is because Photoshop is capable of producing vector graphics; this is not its main function. Illustrator, on the other hand deals vector graphics as its main function, and as a result it has more tools to produce scalable logos appropriately. 

Some of the Important Graphic Design Application and their uses

1. Adobe Photoshop
  • performs the digital artwork and photo manipulation jobs, such as removing people and objects from backgrounds etc.
  • edits images pixel by pixel
  • for adding filters and special effects
2. Adobe Illustrator
  • best for vector images which can be resized without loss of any quality
  • designs logos for a poster, and even potentially the title treatment
  • any iconic graphics (like an email, telephone, and web icons)
3. Adobe InDesign
  • best for multi-page projects and templates
  • for designing the layouts such as stationery, posters, packagings etc.
  • for designing a brochure, pocket folder or other print project that has large passages of text. InDesign is very handy because of its word wrap feature
  • better than other Adobe programs at creating .EPS files, one of the more ideal formats for print-ready artwork
  • can link elements from other programs without converting them to pixels
4. CorelDRAW
  • has provisions to customize the interface to a greater extent
  • is good as it offers auto-backups for all files
  • recommended for large signboards, billboards, products and packaging etc.
  • for creating typefaces and fonts
It’s important for a graphic designer to have a proper understanding of which software is appropriate to use in any given situation.

The best way to get a grasp on all these tools is by getting trained from a profession Graphic Design Institute. Just because you may have more knowledge in one application does not mean that tool will produce the best results.

Getting trained from a graphic design institute will help an individual in understanding the difference among these Graphic Design Applications and their usage as well.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the renowned Graphic Design Institute offering various short term and long term graphic design courses. They not only help in understanding the in-depth concepts for each graphic design application but making every student work on live projects.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Responsive Web Design Institute: A new and prospective way of skill development

In the field of Web design and development, almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential as people are using various devices from iPhone to Kindle — and websites must be screen resolution compatible.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is the most popular approach for the development of websites that are targeted for a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Many users cater to the need of developing a mobile experience for their website. 
Technology is advancing at very high pace. The smartphone revolution has catalysed a revolution in mobile application development and web development. Almost all services are now available on various platforms. Website or web applications are now designed so that it can be accessible through Mobile devices, Tablets and much more. 
Reasons to switch to Responsive Website
  • With over 460 million internet users, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India.
  • Global Internet users have surpassed 3B; India has supplanted the US as the world’s second-largest Internet market.
  • A large amount of Google searches is done through a mobile device.
  • 25% of internet users only access the internet on a mobile device 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.
  • 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones, and 10.16% are opened on tablets.
  • Google unleashed Mobilegeddon, the search engine's recent mobile-friendly algorithm update. It increases the rankings of mobile-friendly websites, while decreasing the rankings of websites which are not responsive and optimized for mobile devices.
What to look for a Responsive Web Design Institute?
It is of utmost importance to gain technical knowledge in the field of Responsive Web Design. In this blog we have listed some of the key important which every individual should keep in mind before joining any professional training institute for Responsive Web Design.
  • It is a must to have sound knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. Make sure the training Institute should impart these skills before starting the concept of Responsive Web Design.
  • Providing Adobe Photoshop Course for creating layouts used in Templates, Login Forms, Product Galleries etc.
  • Concepts of LESS and SASS
  • Learning various Grid Systems
  • Working on Responsive Frameworks like
    • Boilerplates
    • Skeleton
    • Foundation
    • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Various projects like making responsive website, Form Validation, UI Development, Slide-shows, Image Galleries etc. which students can showcase in their portfolio
  • Availability of mentors for doubt clarification session
  • 24*7 access to Lab with the latest software installed in every machine and excellent internet connectivity
  • 100% Placement Support
As we continue to move further into 2017, the usage of mobile communications will continue to grow. A great deal can be achieved for any organization with the right mobile strategy in place. And a responsive is one of the best investments for the future of any business. It is the need of an hour to master the art of Responsive Web Design. It is recommended to choose an Institute covering all the above-listed points for a better future.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Latest Graphic Design trends for 2017

Graphic design is all around us, in an innumerable of forms, both on screen and in print, is a skill of using a combination of text and images which can be further used advertisements, books, magazines and much more. 
In India, Graphic Design is considered as a beneficial career option nowadays. Students can choose a wide range of programs in the field of Graphic Design. Different job profiles in this field are –
  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Directors
  • Brand identity designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Layout artist
  • Flash Designers
  • Art Workers etc.
An individual can pursue career as a graphic designer in
  • advertising agencies
  • marketing firms
  • design studios
  • educational institutes
  • exhibits and displays
  • Publishers and manufacturers
  • Media Organizations
As 2016 comes to an end, 2017 offers graphic designers new options when it comes to latest Graphic Design Trends. While many of 2016’s graphic design trends are still as popular as ever, there are a few new ones which are exceptional and making their way designer’s minds. In the article we have listed 7 latest Graphic Design Trends for 2017 which should not be missed out.

1. Modern Retro Style
Modern-retro style has been around for a while now. 2016 saw the modern-retro design rising through the ranks of popularity and has been used in
  • packaging
  • web design
  • company logos
The Modern-retro style’s usage will continue in 2017 too.
2. Responsive Logos
Responsive logos have been designed for selection of formats and different scales available to users.
  • With different type of smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) available every day, the use of responsive logo will continue to become more relevant in 2017.
3. Hand Drawn Images
Illustrated images are great way of giving a human element to graphic design. They can be used in a variety of designs, but are becoming more popular as a way of explaining and illustrating more complex problems or instructions.
  • 2017 will likely to use these types of hand drawn images which are popular amongst consumers.
4. Modular Layouts
Modular layouts function is to break up a text into manageable chunks. Instead of using a long block of text, graphic designers have discovered that making the information manageable makes more people want to interact with it.
  • Modular design looks very professional and can be a great management tool. More minimalist designs will be used in 2017.
5. Bold Photography
The design with a mix of bold and sleek text with images which fascinate the viewer is one of the trends which Graphic Designers will be using in 2017 too.
  • The text and photography when combined together create some great contrasts and brilliant borders.
6. Focus on Animation
Animation has played a key role in our digital interfaces, and there’s no reason to think that will decline in 2017.
  • In fact, designers take help from various visual tools which can help them build engaging animations. They will become more prominent in the year 2017.
7. Use of Minimalism
Minimalism’s focus is on simplicity and functionality has led to is adoption in many brands and design trends.
  • Minimalist design can be recognized by a framework that is simple in nature. Only necessary elements for functionality are involved in the design.
  • Elements such as color and typography are also used with an emphasis on simplicity. Details and space are design factors that really rule the aesthetic.
For example: Apple has opted for this “Less is more” idea, along with Google who has used ‘material design’. With its increasing popularity, it looks like minimalism is here to stay for 2017.

It would appear that the future of graphic design is heading towards a focus on making information accessible as quickly and easily as possible. However, diverse styles suit diverse brands and attract different people. Trends are a great way to see popularity, but make sure that it fits with the brand before applying it. Even the most exciting trends won’t add zeal to your designs if you don’t apply them well. 
If you want to learn the principles and elements design in Product Branding and Advertising, then professional Graphic Design courses at ADMEC is the option for you. Our students will get hands-on training on all famous design applications such as Photoshop CC, IllustratorCC, InDesign CC etc with our Graphic Master Plus, Graphic Master, Graphic Premium, Graphic Standard, Image Editing Courses. To avail special discounts and free demo session contact us at or call +91 (0) 981 181 8122.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Adobe Premiere Pro- One of the Famous Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application from Adobe. It is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes video editing, graphic design, and web development programs.
Professionals who uses Adobe Premiere Pro
  • film makers
  • journalists
  • videographers
  • television broadcasters
  • students to edit virtually any form of media in high resolution
Main Features
  • Import video, audio and graphics in a wide variety of formats.
  • Edit, manipulate and arrange elements in a visual timeline.
  • Exports edited video in a variety of formats, including video tape recordings, DVD, and common Internet video formats.
  • Allow users to import files from most of the programs included in the Creative Cloud Suite. It means anybody can work on a photo in Photoshop and open it directly in Premiere Pro without having to save or export that file in a different format before bringing it into Premiere Pro.
  • Excels at footage and project organization, sound and audio management, special effects such as color correction, importing and exporting several file types.
  • Creates infinite layers and work with an infinite number of files within a single project. It is a file based application, so there is no need to store all the files of a single project locally in a specific location on the computer. Files can be stored on an external hard drive, in a cloud storage folder, or in a folder on the computer.
  • Every professional can update and edit files without creating file errors and conflicts with others working on the same project. Since most video projects consist of multiple components, it would be helpful when different people working on different parts of the project simultaneously in order to complete the project efficiently.
  • Many people use Adobe Premiere Pro to organize and merge their footage systematically and create content such as tutorials, fashion look books, advertising campaigns, and video blogs.
  • YouTube videos are comprised of multiple video and audio clips. A user can combine all these clips into a single video file, and upload it directly to YouTube using Adobe Premiere Pro.
Adobe Premiere has been around for a long time and enjoys a very stable user base. It is a professional-level application which will be suitable for most editing situations.

Premiere Pro CC is the extension of Adobe's continuing enhancements. It is recommended as the best professional video editing software because it combines all the tools and presents them in a way that is more useful, instinctual and innovative than any other product.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Benefits of Using Photoshop in Image Editing

Photoshop is a powerful pixel based image editor program created and maintained by Adobe Inc. Image editing incorporates the processes of modifying images, whether they are digital photographs or traditional photochemical photographs and illustrations.

With the help of Photoshop, one can have an ultimate control to the individual pixels. It has become the leader in photo manipulation software by providing advanced level software capabilities to everyday users.

In this article we will be discussing some of the benefits of using Adobe Photoshop tool. It has got various tools to edit and give effects to an image./

1. Crop and straighten the image

Crop tool, you can trim edges, change the shape and size of a photo, and even straighten a crooked shoreline or horizon.

2. Brighten a photo
With Hue and Saturation Property and its adjustment layers, lighting and color of a photo can be changed.

3. Retouching
Photoshop is best when it comes to retouching. If you want to remove blemishes, reduce bags under eyes, whiten teeth, or perform any other change to a specific part of an image, then Photoshop is the fastest way to do it. To achieve all this, there are powerful tools available like clone stamp tool, spot healing brush and patch tool for great retouching.

4. Remove unwanted content
It is a magical feature in Photoshop that can be used in a couple different ways. It is used to remove huge and distracting elements from images (like removing a tree or a building). It can also be used for stretching or extending an image.

5. Manage work over layers and maintain opacity
Photoshop works on the principal of layers. One can create work on different layers, which will make it simple to modify a particular element and different adjustments are available different adjustments are available to control their opacity (the intensity of that layer).

6. Actions
With the help of Actions, you can record a sequence of steps in Photoshop so that all you need to do is press a button and they will automatically be played.

For instance, an action can be created for automatically duplicating the current layer and then adds a curves adjustment layer to create a contrast. By using an action will save the time which otherwise will take huge amount of time while perform those steps manually.

7. Compositing
Combining of multiple images into a single one is termed as compositing.

You can copy a portion from one image, and paste them into another image!

This is possible because Photoshop is a pixel based image editor. Being able to select specific pixels (example flowers from one photo), and paste those flowers into another photo means Photoshop can be used for combining and manipulating of images.
For a long time Adobe Photoshop has been known as the ruling champion of image editing programs. People know that to “Photoshop” something means to alter an image digitally. From the look at the glossy magazine covers to web banners, Photoshop is used widely!

Since Photoshop has developed such a great reputation, it’s usually the first choice among many new photographers looking to edit their images.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers various courses in animation, graphic design, multimedia, animation, post production, web design, web development etc, in both online and classroom training modes. For any further information regarding Photoshop course please contact our counsellors at or call +91 (0) 981 181 8122.

For Free Online Demo session, please note down the following details:

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