Sunday, December 31, 2017

Use of Type in Illustrator

Illustrator is a vector based software. It is used to draw illustration, cartoon, diagram, logos, charts, and also used to design books, newspaper, and magazines. which include text and for that the software have a setting called TYPE which is used to write and edit all the text in the application.


Type is a very important part of illustrator because it’s the main element of Newspaper, Newsletter, Books, Magazines, and Logos etc. and nowadays Image building is also a part of type. So, you are going to use the type tool whether you are a desktop publisher or a logo designer.
So, with the help of type, we can easily control the typography and make our designs more attractive. 


Type contain 7 type of different tools which type in 7 different types.
A. Type tool
B. Area type tool
C. Vertical type tool
D. Vertical area type tool
E. Vertical type on a path tool
F. Touch type tool
G. Touch type text tool

To begin the typing, we will click on the artboard and then we can type the text which goes horizontal. 

To create an area type tool, we have to click on a closed path and this constrains the text with the path and mostly used in magazines and books.

To use this tool first we have to create a path and then by clicking on that path, we can constrain text along that path.

This tool is as same as the type tool except the fact that it types vertically. Just like the type tool, we have to click on the artboard to begin the point and then we can type text which goes vertical.

In Vertical area type tool, we have to click on the closed path and then an area type object will be created which contains vertically flowing text.

To use vertical type path tool first we have to create a path and then by clicking on that path, we can write text along the path which flow vertically.

This tool is used to edit text just by clicking the letter.


Some of the important shortcut keys which can be used to save time and every professional graphic designer uses them.
  • Select the Type Tool (T)
  • Show/Hide Character Panel (Command + T)
  • Show/Hide Open Type Panel (Alt + Shift + Command + T)
  • Show/Hide Paragraph Panel (Alt + Command + T)
  • Show/Hide Tabs Panel (Shift + Command + T)
  • Create Outlines (Shift + Command + O)
  • Show/Hide Hidden Characters (Alt + Command + I)


Type is a very big part of illustrator and as a result, the list of option is also big. 
When we go from Window > Workspace > (type) 
we reach to the Text Panel which is very essential for editing text and further divided into different panels.
  • The Character Panel
  • The Paragraph Panel
  • The open type panel
  • The glyph Panel
  • The character styles Panel
  • The Paragraph Styles Panel
  • The Tabs Panel

1) The Character Panel
(Window > Type > Character)
Character Panel is used to edit the character or appearance of the text with the help of following options.
  • Font Family    
  • Font Style
  • Leading
  • Kerning
  • Tracking    
  • Horizontal Scale
  • Vertical Scale
  • Baseline shift
  • Character Rotation

2) The Paragraph Panel
(Window > Type > Paragraph)
Paragraph Panel help in editing of Paragraph which include

  • Indentation
  • Alignment
  • Spacing above and below paragraphs 

3) Open type Panel
(Window > Type > open type)
Open type Panel is used to define how can we wish to display alternative open type character in our document.
4) The Glyph Panel
(Window > Type > Glyphs)
Glyph Panel is used to display alternative character available for given font.


Controlling typography is easy with the Type Tool and the features discussed in this blog can enhance your designs and save time. The type in illustrator is an enormous topic which includes the type tool, type panel, and type properties. It can be said the illustrator or designing is incomplete without type or typography. Join Adobe Illustrator Training Institutes in Delhi which provides you an opportunity to get enroll for renowned Adobe Illustrator Courses in Rohini which helps you to get better job opportunities in any industry which you desire.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Role of Sketching Classes Improve Graphics Designing Skills

Designing is a creative art or skill of combining different areas of sketching, so if you are a good sketcher, then you already as creative as a graphic designer could be. But Graphic design is a profession, not a business. So while being self-taught and learning on the job can get you a long way in life, there’s really no substitute for a formal design education. But as far as creativity and innovation is concerned, sketching skills can take you a long way.

For a long time now it’s been evident that soon technology will rule the world (if it doesn’t already). It seems as though every day surprising amounts of new electronic gadgets are introduced, and the good old pen and paper get forgotten in the attic to collect cobwebs and mold. This article will address why you should turn off your laptop, put away your tablet, and go back to the basics during your design process, as well as provide some of the best tips to getting started with effective sketching.

The benefits of sketching in the design process

1. Creativity starts with a pen and paper:
Sketching and drawing is a great way to improve your creative skills and start thinking in a different way. Art shows you that there is normally more than one way to solve a problem. Art encourages open ended thinking and creativity. These can be really helpful in graphic designing. Skills you learn through sketching can be applied in a number of different areas in designing. 

For example, if you were creating a jersey for a football team, the first thing that will going to strike is the logo and colors the team represent. While the logo will probably end up having something to do with an jersey, what can you do to present this jerseyin a new and unique way? Use sketching to find out.

2. Anytime-Anywhere:
These days you can take a laptop almost anywhere, but taking a sketchbook and a pen is even more convenient. So sketch the fictitious environment in your sketchbook and bring it up on your screen through your designing skills.
3. Get in touch with your artistic side:
There’s something about holding a pencil in your hand that gets your creative juices flowing in a much different way than holding a mouse. You may also start seeing some ‘artistic’ influences in your design work.

The more you practice sketching, the more it will help you in designing.

4. Develop a skill set:
As a designer, it pays off to have a varied skill-set. Developing a strong ability to sketch will allowing you to present ideas instant and easily on paper – for yourself, your art is director or for your clients.
5. Know why you’re designing:
One of the most important benefits of art and sketching classes is that it gets you in touch with your design work on a whole new level. By spending so much time developing a solid concept, you have a stronger understanding of the elements that go into your design, and you’re able to explain it more persuasive to clients and defend it more successfully if disagreements arise.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Advanced Level of Training from Web Development Institute in Rohini

With the rising of IT sector in India, the competition level between the aspirants is also increasing swiftly. Web Development is an indispensable part of IT industry. It has become more difficult for one to become an expert web developer and get a desire career. 

One who wants to achieve their aim should be excelling in their existing field. But the Advanced level of training can give you necessitate qualities, skills and opportunities which you need to successfully reach your desired objective.

To attain your fortune the first step which you should take is to get enroll in any renowned web development institute in India. Since an ideal institute can provide you a platform to enhance your skills and offer an advanced level of web development training. From millions of training institutes WDI would be the finest option for you. 

Why Join Web Development Training from WDI? 

WDI is a leading web development institute in Rohini, Delhi, which furnishes an inclusive training in web development. The institute is delivering an industry demanded training to the candidates. Such well designed course curriculum has given the positive results to the students. 

With the guidance of subject specialist trainers, students get the opportunity to revamp their expertise. Modern lab, excellently structured programs, highly experienced faculty, and evaluation of students' performance plays a principle role in building an aspirant future. Except for a good teaching students will be involved in different kinds of events, workshops, design competitions too. 

Web Development Courses Offered by WDI

Courses at WDI are well-structured and planned as per the industry increasing requirement. Here is a short list of web development courses:
  • Web Master Plus
  • Web Master
  • Web Development Master
  • PHP Master
  • Drupal Master
  • WordPress Master
  • Node.JS Master
  • Magento Master

All above listed courses are complete certified programs.These courses are available on weekdays as well as weekend mode. After the completion of the course, students will also be awarded with the ISO certified certificates and diplomas. Apart from the training facilities candidates will get strong placement support from the institute too.

Web Development Classes Ideal For

  • Desired users looking to gain more knowledge to find their dream job .
  • Working professionals who want to polish their existing skills and portfolio.
  • Starter looking to discover career options in the IT industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gradually students will be able to handle the complex programming and coding of website development.
  • By using programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, Node.JS, PHP, etc. they will be able to build complete responsive websites and web applications.
  • Integrating advanced features on website for instance pop up, image gallery, video gallery etc.
  • Uploading and maintaining a website when needed.

Career Options

One who has gained such an advanced training from best web development training institute will surely get success in their life. After the completion of the courses students will get the opportunity to build the career in the following prospects:
  • Web Developer
  • PHP Programmer
  • CMS Developer
  • Node.JS Developer
  • Mean Stack Developer
  • Database Designer
  • Magento Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Drupal Developer etc.
To ensure your prosperity in IT industry you should choose Web Development Institute as your dream platform. The main advantage of selecting the WDI is that participants will gain essential skills while working on live projects and creating rich featured web applications and websites. Through the easy way candidates will unravel the important concepts of programming. 

I hope this blog will provide you with essential information regarding the web development courses. 

For more course details I would recommend you to visit our institute once.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Learn Top 5 Adobe Applications from Best Video Editing Training Institute in Delhi

If I talk about the video editing it plays an important part in processing and finalizing a video movie. The art of video editing is no longer a hidden art as it was the case before. It is now a very well known fact for the essence of Film Making. It is the video editor who makes the final decision about what is essential and what is not while making a film. It is through art of video editing that enables you to control the rhythm and pace of a movie.

VEI is a well known institute offering numerous video editing courses in Delhi and NCR. We are a renowned name in the field of providing top-quality courses from Adobe and students who can really trust upon us. We trained students in Adobe courses by enhancing their skills and helped them to shape their career in the field of video editing.

Students at VEI have trained professionally and also artistically so that they can think what part of the movie should be included or what part should be excluded. Students will be taught the basics to advanced video editing for film and televisions.

Different Adobe Applications Used in this Industry 
1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the professional video editing applications which is used by professional video editors in the industry. 

By learning this application one can enhance his video editing skills and can pursue a good career. But to be the master of such powerful application joining a renowned video editing institute is highly recommended. You'll be learning every concept efficiently throughout the Premiere Pro course

During the course, you will be getting hands on both Windows and Mac operating systems which will help you to develop a versatile personality.
2. Adobe After Effects
It is a renowned software related to adding motion graphics, adding 
virtual reality effects, creating animation titles, mind-blowing results. One can make cinematic film titles by using different types of transitions available in this application. VEI is offering an advanced certificate course in After Effect for aspirants like you. Check out it to know more about the course.

3. Adobe Photoshop
It is the most popular image editing software required for enhancing best imaging and design app where one can create illustrations, 3d artwork through this software. 
Make your image come true because the creative world runs through Photoshop.

4. Adobe Illustrator
It is a vector graphics related software where one can create logos, icons, drawings, icons, typography, illustrations for web, print and videos.

5. Adobe Lightroom
A software application which allows you to easily edit, organize, store your files through by editing in full resolution which will make your photos lovable.

Who can Learn These Adobe Applications?
  • Beginner video editors
  • Final Cut Pro/Sony Vegas/iMovie/Windows Movie Maker users
  • Creatives looking to get into video production
Offered Training in Adobe Applications from Best Video Editing Institute
We've created brand new courses on Adobe applications using the latest versions. Check out these courses which are designed on the contemporary needs of the industry which are 2 months in duration.
Learn from someone who is currently working in the industry, who knows most current and advanced editing techniques in this field.

Start Editing Your Videos Professionally with Adobe Applications
If you are looking for a video editing application that will allow you to edit videos you want them, pursuing Adobe Premiere Pro Course from our institute is the best to answer.
Premiere Pro is used by professionals to jump right in editing across the world for different types of production houses from the marketing of audio and music videos, to documentaries, feature films etc. 
Is our Institute Qualified to Teach You?
We are one of the best video editing institutes in Delhi for imparting video editing training with Adobe Premiere Pro for over a decade. We are one of the world's most popular video editing institutes having a track record of training more than 15,000 students by industry experts and have 5-star ratings on google.

To know about our courses in detail, visit Video Editing Institute in Delhi or contact us at 9911-7823-50. 

Call us now, you can always request us for a free demo or contact us directly.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

How to Design Poster in CorelDRAW

Introduction to Poster

Poster is designed printed paper. It includes both textual and graphic elements. But poster can be designed in both wholly graphical or wholly text. Poster design is different than any other design. Poster is basically used for advertisement of any company or event to communicate massage. 
If you are pursuing graphic designer and trying to make poster, so CorelDRAW is best option. 
First thing that you should know is that your poster should be very eye- catching and informative. Secondly lack of guidelines can really open to the possibilities to show creativity in the process. 
So now here are some points you need to know before making a poster in CorelDraw:
First of all you should make a rough layout of your design.
Then secondary choose the grid system, layout and color scheme. If you have logo of company or event for which you are designing poster, so choose the color scheme according to logo. 
Then collect the required content of event or company such as logo, names, date, website, and other information. Then thirdly when these entire thing are done, then before designing your poster digitally you should finalize all the design on paper.

Now once all these things are done you so start designing your poster. So there are things you can use in CorelDraw for ,making poster. 
You can use shapes combine with fountain fills, drop shadows that can give outer glow or shadow to your graphic or text, then with blend tool, custom pattern fills, various blending modes, image if company or event needed any original image of any model or event. 
First of all we will open a new document, set the name of poster and the standard page size. Then let’s begin. For example it is the poster for yoga studio. 
So the first thing do is to set the background, choose a rectangle shape then you can choose fountain fill for color and blending modes. You can choose the triadic color scheme like orange, yellow and green. 
Take a rectangle tool same as your page size and choose fountain fill or you can also make rays through shape tool. Take rectangle tool and make thin long boxes, copy and rotate it. Then fill the color according to logo or color scheme. Then as background is set, choose the image of yoga pose and set in the center I have chosen silhouette image. 

You can use drop shadow on your Image if needed Then if you have chosen shillihoute image you can place your punch line on image but if you have chosen the image of model you can place your punch line in bottom. Then place your logo on right or left side. Event information in bottom website name phone number or any other information. Then after all those are done your poster is completed. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Photoshop is an Undisputed Leader for Designing Graphics in the Video Editing Industry

Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced and one of the most powerful applications that has now days turned out to be a milestone for the different applications that are competing to meet the golden standard that Photoshop has set in the video editing industry to create graphics.
If one want to showcase laurels in his field, Photoshop is best the answer to your search because some beginners and enthusiast users might be better off working with a simpler program in order to know wonderful video editing techniques.
Many Photoshop users will barely start working from the surface of what it can do, but if you want to work with the industry standard, this is ideal for professional users who can take the time to learn it properly.

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the oldest photo-editing programs developed in the late 1980. It was originally purchased by Adobe and finally released to the public in 1990. Photoshop is a huge program that handles image editing, and there are so many features that even most professional users don't take advantage of all of them. There has been number of updation in the Photoshop and its latest version is CC which stands for 'Creative Cloud'.

Why Photoshop is an Undisputed Leader?

  • If I compare the editing capabilities, Photoshop is the best software.
  • Photoshop has made the design interface simple that allows users to get what they want which make it a unique software. Adobe has solved this problem in Photo shop in a unique way:
  • The entire interface is almost completely customizable.
  • Tools in Adobe Photoshop give excellent response and with some practice and the results are amazing.
  • Color techniques, masks, artistic filters, textures possibilities enhances your creativity.
  • It is integrated with traditional instruments. Activate the time line, drag the tracks, and start editing your masterpiece.
  • Create panoramic photos in Adobe Photoshop.
Photoshop has increased the ability for working with video and 3D objects, and even have printed those objects to support 3D printers.

What We Offer in Photoshop

  • Introduction to Interface, Basic Tools, Layers
  • Utilization of various Brush, Masking
  • Concepts of Vectors and Raster, Usage of Pen tool
  • Blending Options, Typography
  • Filters and other Tools (Gradient, Blur, Burn, Clone, etc.)
  • Managing color profiles, Pre-press for Print and Publishing
It is undoubtedly a powerful tool, and one cannot become good photo editors without pursuing this Photoshop course from a premiere training institute. If you want to become the best picture editor in terms of creativity, difference and efficiency I would personally recommend pursuing this course from the best videoediting training institute in Rohini whose teaching methodology is based on increasing a student competency in terms of knowledge, creative skills, and attitude. So, do visit our website or call us on for more course information to know more about our different courses like Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro or FCP etc. to get best in terms of the best contemporary editing capabilities at best prices.

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