Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Role of Sketching Classes Improve Graphics Designing Skills

Designing is a creative art or skill of combining different areas of sketching, so if you are a good sketcher, then you already as creative as a graphic designer could be. But Graphic design is a profession, not a business. So while being self-taught and learning on the job can get you a long way in life, there’s really no substitute for a formal design education. But as far as creativity and innovation is concerned, sketching skills can take you a long way.

For a long time now it’s been evident that soon technology will rule the world (if it doesn’t already). It seems as though every day surprising amounts of new electronic gadgets are introduced, and the good old pen and paper get forgotten in the attic to collect cobwebs and mold. This article will address why you should turn off your laptop, put away your tablet, and go back to the basics during your design process, as well as provide some of the best tips to getting started with effective sketching.

The benefits of sketching in the design process

1. Creativity starts with a pen and paper:
Sketching and drawing is a great way to improve your creative skills and start thinking in a different way. Art shows you that there is normally more than one way to solve a problem. Art encourages open ended thinking and creativity. These can be really helpful in graphic designing. Skills you learn through sketching can be applied in a number of different areas in designing. 

For example, if you were creating a jersey for a football team, the first thing that will going to strike is the logo and colors the team represent. While the logo will probably end up having something to do with an jersey, what can you do to present this jerseyin a new and unique way? Use sketching to find out.

2. Anytime-Anywhere:
These days you can take a laptop almost anywhere, but taking a sketchbook and a pen is even more convenient. So sketch the fictitious environment in your sketchbook and bring it up on your screen through your designing skills.
3. Get in touch with your artistic side:
There’s something about holding a pencil in your hand that gets your creative juices flowing in a much different way than holding a mouse. You may also start seeing some ‘artistic’ influences in your design work.

The more you practice sketching, the more it will help you in designing.

4. Develop a skill set:
As a designer, it pays off to have a varied skill-set. Developing a strong ability to sketch will allowing you to present ideas instant and easily on paper – for yourself, your art is director or for your clients.
5. Know why you’re designing:
One of the most important benefits of art and sketching classes is that it gets you in touch with your design work on a whole new level. By spending so much time developing a solid concept, you have a stronger understanding of the elements that go into your design, and you’re able to explain it more persuasive to clients and defend it more successfully if disagreements arise.

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