Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Role of software training institute to improve coding skills of the student

Software is defined as collection of program and a set of instructions is called a program. Generally software are two types, called system software and application software. In another way we can also say that software is not a physical product and we can not touch it. For a result, in application software, we can't see the codes, but users can easily use the results of a running coded program. 

Codes are heart of program, 1st generation of codes are called called machine level language, 2Nd generation of codes are called assembly level language and the 3rd generation of codes is called high level language or HLL. For a desired output, we must have to write correct programs, because software programming languages need to be translated into machine codes, so that computer understand the instructions and provides desired output.

We can improve coding practice either by trying to write a number of new programs suited to particular applications or even by modifying existing codes of programs. But for this we must have to understand some important point mention below:
  • Which programming coding to be written?
  • How to define the software life cycle?
  • Which language is best suited for specific output?
  • How we can improve without any basic programming knowledge?
  • How to do coding in the software industry?
This is the main facts where role of software institutes occur.

There are lots of training institutes which have mushroomed in India and all over the world to address these issues. Often, these institutes help in making student employment ready, provides career guidance and offering training in a broad spectrum of software and programming languages including Java, PHP, Pyhton, Dot Net, C, C++, JavaScript, Java etc.

Some also recommend quiz competition, events, best student award, special workshops, and other activities based on the candidate's profile. With the industry experienced faculty and placement with key companies, they also deliver real time project to a student and encourage student-industry interaction. They conducted regularly Job fairs, campus interviews, etc.

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