Friday, July 15, 2016

Difference Between Animation and Multimedia

The terms graphics, animation and multimedia have very common relation with slight difference. These terms have the definition that sometimes confuses the beginners. So it is very necessary to know the differences in these three terminologies.

When motion is generated in the graphics, it is the animation and when sound is added in animation, it becomes multimedia. So it forms a cycle from the process of converting graphics to multimedia. Commonly if we talk about '3D animation movie', it have graphics, animation and sound so why audience does not call it as multimedia, as we discussed above. The main reason is the use of the word 3D. We call it so, because the word 3D describes its USP that differentiates it from the multimedia.

Multimedia is further divided into linear and non linear. Linear means one sided, no interaction like in movies where the audience have no control over the video. Video games are said to be non-linear multimedia as user participates in the game and controls the action.

The job opportunities in this field is increased from last few years. To cover this career requirement many professional training institutes are offering their educational services in multimedia. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the leading ISO certified institute in North Delhi giving quality education in animation and multimedia continuously from past ten years. Get the best 3D animation courses in Delhi by our expert trainers. Our multimedia professional have dedicated knowledge and expertization in multimedia and animation tools.

Both short term animation courses and weekend classes facility is available. After completion of the course, multimedia artist can work in publications, advertising agencies and production houses either part time or full time.

Offered courses in Multimedia
  • Multimedia Master Course
  • Multimedia Standard Course
  • Advertising Design Course

Offered Courses in Animation

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