Tuesday, August 2, 2016

11 Feature's to be a Creative & Professional Artist and their Correspondence Institute

Creative artists play an important role in the post production industry, film industry, game industry, advertising industry, IT industry etc. They are fully responsible for making sure that the final art designed is either follow or not design pillars, that have been defined early on.

A professional and creative artists face exciting and fun challenges every time. They don't only embrace the technology changes according to digital painting process and learn latest software, but they are also excepted to regularly improve traditional drawing and painting techniques.

Lets try to discuss the role of professional and creative artist within various industry and their significant role to give final look.
  1. Knowledge of all pillars of art
  1. Share your thought process to the director of art
  1. Always develop your concepts with photo reference
  1. Design Sketch up when require
  1. Always stay in touch with the lighting department
  1. Always prefer 3D tools when developing concepts
  1. Never forgot the deadline
  1. If any doubt, discuss with colleagues are your best advisers
  2. Always share art with VFX team
  1. Always takes feedback's from your colleagues are your best advisers
  1. Understand the production value
If you are interested to improve your creativity, then you can join ADMEC Multimedia Institute to become more creative, innovative and great artist. Layout artist essential course at ADMEC is a wonderful program within 2 months to be a successful artist. This course fully suited for design media professionals who have better understanding of graphic designing skills but lack in immense visualization and sketching skills.

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