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Graphic Master and Graphic Master Plus Courses Preparing You for Graphic Design Industry

Graphic Design is a creative process used to convey a message with a specific focus on visual communication and presentation. This field as a whole is referred as Communication Design.
It essentially involves producing visual solutions for Communication Design. Graphic Design is a process that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.

What Do You Need To Become A Great Graphic Designer?

However, mind is the most important tool required in Graphic Designing Course for developing innovative design layouts and rendering. Apart from dealing with today's technology, a creative mind with real ideas, good judgment, observation, and investigative thinking are required for this course. New ideas can be found by experimenting with tools and methods.

Responsibility of a Graphic Designer

In this world of Design and technology, everything goes together with art. A Graphic Designer is responsible for planning and using in a innovative way different elements related to different types of media.

Elements of Graphic Design

The main instruments used for the act of creation include images and typography. The field of Graphic Design is related to disciplines like art and journalism.

A Graphic Design learner can become a good Designer by focusing on integrating the different tools and techniques of other disciplines such as Science, Medicine, Engineering and Information Technology so observation and then implementation are two important keys to be a great graphic designer.

The Graphic Master Course at ADMEC is a advanced diploma program covering all topics of typography, editorial and publication design, information design, illustrator, photography and packaging.

Who Should Take Graphic Master Course?

Anyone who is versatile in Graphics like magazine design, books, comics and print design etc can opt for this course. The point of choosing Graphic Design school is to figure out what area of design you like best so that one can apply them in order to show them in a better way.

Moreover, if you're good at Graphic Design, you could illustrate your own books, or even try your hand at comics, which will provide you with some money while you're writing your masterpiece.

What’s Included in the Course?

  • Creating or improving the Graphics and film titles
  • Web and game interface design
  • Environmental and exhibition Graphics
  • Signage and pictogram systems.

How Long is the Course?

It is a unique and advanced course of 8 months duration which will give you an insight about how to nurture your intellectual ability and skills, through educational training and become an expertise in creating designs or images . 
On the other hand, Graphic Master Plus Course is a advanced industry design course involving your creativity, technical and managerial activity. This requires the work and talent of a Graphic designer. Graphic design has become indispensable part of our daily life. It is the creative process which combines art and technology to communicate ideas visually. 
From a small thing like a toffee wrapper to huge things like billing websites, mobile apps, and packaging, everything is the work of a designer, who makes it look effective and introduce the idea to the customer.

Who Should Take Graphic Master Plus Course?

From browsing websites on your PC and smart phone to buying phones in cool packages, we want designs that are appealing and satisfy all the above needs.

Anyone who’s interested in creating or improving their visual designs like visual grammar, user experience design and adobe Photoshop can take this Graphic master Plus.
  • Anyone who is very keen in determining how different Fmcg products will perform in the market.
  • Anyone who is interested in manipulating different aspects of product image to make the product visually appealing as much as possible.
  • A Graphic design student gets to learn the various aspects that play an important role in making graphic designs an effective tool as far as promotion of a product is concerned.

What’s Included in the Modules?

  • The Digital Illustrations, Advanced Digital Imaging, Layout for Publication Design, Prepress & Production,Visual Art, and Illustrations
  • Editorial Design
  • Various types of techniques which are required in web and art editorial designs, product packaging, logos, and branding of the product are some of the aspects that students of the program are taught.

How Long is the Course?

Graphic Master Plus diploma course of 12 months duration after completion of which one can apply critical thinking, experimentation and evaluation in Graphics and move forward towards service-oriented design solutions which are involved in generating services, information visualization, and visual experiences.

Probably the most important thing you get out of a Graphic Design Course is "knowledge". Actually having the know how to get the job done is a huge plus. It seems that Graphic Designing has become an part and parcel of the professionals who have got a great hold on Photoshop and now they expect to be paid for anything they churn out. Being a Graphic Designer requires in depth knowledge of vast areas of skills, and undergoing a Graphic Design Course from ADMEC is a right way to fire outside world for showing their learning abilities. 

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