Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Common Video Editing Software available in Institutes for Training in Delhi

Film industry of India is one of the biggest film industries in the World. So in result the requirement for trained and efficiently trained video editors is far above the ground all the moment in time. Training for video editing has become a best preference for the multimedia and animation training institutes in Delhi and all over India.

Film industry is not the only industry where a video editor can go to make his/ her career. There are so many other industries too for a video editor to join e.g. gaming, news channels, advertising, e-learning, online news, higher education (college/ universities) etc.

There is a big chain of video editing institutes in Delhi and they offer training for only few video editing applications such as Apple FCP and Adobe Premiere in general while there are only few good institutes those offer training for some other video editing applications too such as Sony Vegas, Avid, Canopus etc.

Apple FCP is the best amongst all the above-explained software while Adobe Premiere is also a good tool. Apple introduced two versions of its Final Cut Pro; first is FCP 7 and other one is FCP X. While FCPX is a latest version and FCP7 is older one but still so many video editors are using both. The reason behind this is the configuration of Apple Computers; we know that Apple computers are not fully upgradable as its software upgraded time to time.

Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) and Adobe Premiere are among the best choice for professional level editing while others are good for regional films editing and family video editing needs.

Highlights and features of these software:

Apple FCP: Its dynamic video-editing interface is a revolutionary video-editing feature. Magnetic timeline is also one more intuitive feature that enables you to find and edit your clip quickly. Few more features of Apple FCP are improved multi-cam editing, clip connections, multichannel audio editing, compound clips etc.

Adobe Premiere pro: New masking, Tracking, and free draw pen tool for better tracking and painting.

Sony Vegas: It’s Sony software and has some stunning features such as drag n drop interface, work in online/ offline mode, superior editing, better collaboration, loudness meters, project archiving, surround sound mixing and archiving etc.

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