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Commands and Terminologies used in AutoCAD to show the Home Screen of AutoCAD

There are the following commands and terminologies shows the Home screen of AutoCAD is: 
  • Application Button: These buttons displays command for printing, saving, utilities etc
  • Quick Access Toolbar: This id for access to command like New, open, save plot
  • Search bar: Search for text in our drawing
  • Ribbon: The Ribbon has most of the commands that we can use while working
  • Tabs: A series of Tabs make up the ribbon (Home, Insert, Manage etc) and organize the tools into common groups.
  • Panel: Contain group of tools
  • Tools: These are the icons that start the commands use to draw, modify etc 
  • Drawing Space: This is where you draw yours design.
  • Command line: This is the place where we can type a command, AutoCAD uses this space to ‘prompt’ you for information. This also helps to tell us what to do next while using the command.
  • Status Bar: This allows seeing the change different mode of drawing such as Ortho, Osnap, Grid, Otrack etc.
Workspace: This program will allow us to work in different work spaces depending upon what we are working. Like its look different while we are doing 2D and 3D modelling.

Basic Drawing Tools used in Drafting:
  • Construction Line: It’s a line of infinite length which will be prepared on X-axis or Y-axis. “XL” is a shortcut command for the same.
  • Poly line: It is made of numerous line/arc/or both segmented together into one selectable object. “PL” is a shortcut for the same.
  • Polygon: They are regular, multi sided shapes such as pentagons, hexagons etc.
  • Rectangle: This is a quick way of drawing a four segment poly line with four right angle. “REC” is a shortcut command for the same.
  • Arc: An arc is a circle segment. When using this tool the we can define the arc by selecting three points through which software generate an arc.
  • Circle: The only variables are radius and center point.”C” is a shortcut command for the same.
  • Spline: They are a particular form of curve generated by specific mathematical equation. We can select as many vertices as we wish. Splines are generally used for cosmetic purposes, as their mathematical complexity makes them hard to define from technical design. “SPL” is a shortcut command for the same.
  • Ellipse: It is oval in shape and requires a radius to be defined for both their vertical and horizontal components. “EL” is a shortcut command for the same.
  • Hatch: They are area fills. They can be made up of solid color, a gradient or a specific pattern. It can be applied on any enclosed area.
  • Text: AutoCAD uses two forms of text entry, single line and multi line. These are known respectively as DTEXT and MTEXT.
AutoCAD save file in DWG format but import and export from different formats like DXF, IGES etc.3

The drawing can be prepared with the help of layers as it can be a large piece of clear plastic on which or a part or whole drawing is made. It can be controlled by the layer properties manager button located on the object properties toolbar.

We can also modify drawing by use Cut, Copy, Erase Array command.

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