Friday, July 10, 2015

Importance of HTML5, CSS3 and PHP in E-commerce website…

In past year India has evolved itself as knowledge-based based economy from agriculture based economy. In result IT industry has been instrumental in changing face of India's economy on global platform. The IT sector’s contribution to India's GDP has increased from 1.2% (in 1998) to 7.3% (in 2015). th of IT sector’s has led to growing demand for technically qualified IT professionals.

Recently a news has been published by HT that IT Industry is about to hire approximate 1,80,000 professionals. This demand of IT industries has led to transformation in the structure of education in It industries. So, IT education has becoming the need of the hour.

AMDEC Multimedia is such institute that provides training in the courses like web design, web development , Java, PHP, MySQL, web master, that are in demand in the industry. The institute is equipped with nice infrastructure, well trained and expert faculty, syllabus and curriculum in tandem with the industry norms and provides 100% placement assistance.

Now a days E-commerce has become a backbone of the industry or company. Lots of products and services decisions are being taken over Internet for the purpose of buy and sell. This facility reduced the psychological distances to a great extent and the transactions are being faster and saving the time.

This E-commerce is basically one of the applications of PHP, hypertext Preprocessor, which is discuss as HTML-embedded server side scripting language used for the carry out transactions on  Internet in integration with MySQL which is used to save the data so manipulated. Thus PHP when used in integration with MySQL can be of immense use, making it important to learn the language and the database. This has led ADMEC Multimedia Institute to initiate a course in PHP and MySQLin Delhi , Rohini.

The rapidly growth in IT sector has also led to coming up of many technologies some of which get extinct while some are evergreen like html5/css3/PHP/JAVA/C/C++/word-press/joomla. Going with the flow and learning new technologies is what is necessary for a professional to survive in the IT industry and hence need to go in for courses like html5/css3 PHP/JAVA/C/C++/word-press/joomla/MySQL, etc that are in top..

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