Monday, July 6, 2015

Differences between Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The basic difference between Apple's Final Cut Pro X and Adobe's Premiere Pro CC is the user interface, which is also the major difference between two software. Both are the products of high-end companies, which provide many other competitive products as well.

Apple's Final Cut Pro X has been evolved completely since the last version. The user experience has changed completely and many options have improved or removed which were tedious in the previous version. In earlier versions, one had to make the settings before starting any project on FCP 7, but in the current version, one does not have to bother about any settings except the file settings, that are the file size, custom settings etc. Otherwise, whatever is been created or changed is saved automatically in the folders. One does not have to bother about saving the file rep eatedly.

Adobe's Premiere Pro CC has not really changed much from its previous versions. Even the quality of render is different in both the softwares. However, Premiere Pro CC is struggling hard to match the render quality of Apple's Final Cut Pro X but still there is a minute difference between the final outputs, with Final Cut Pro X ahead as usual.

One also has the option of exporting each other's files for further editing in the alternative editing software with the extension of XML project. Apple's Final Cut Pro X has better templates and an amazing workspace. The pleasure that one gets editing a video in FCP X is somewhat beautiful. One who starts working in Final Cut Pro X can never shift to alternate software, unless there is financial constraint. Of course, switching to Premiere Pro CC is a good alternative when you cannot afford to buy an Apple machine for which one needs a higher budget. In addition, Premiere Pro offers all the editing tools that one requires. One would not feel any less or deficient working on this as well.

There are many amazing third party plug-ins, which are available for Premiere Pro CC, which may or may not be available for Final Cut Pro X as that has completely different interface. One major advantage that Adobe has over Apple is that Adobe has many other designing types of software that are used professionally worldwide. Moreover, because Adobe has a market in designing world of professionals therefore Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe after Effects files can be easily imported into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It is because of this reason that professionals at times prefer Adobe Premiere Pro CC to Apple's Final Cut Pro X as Apple doesn't have established designing software in the market. Compatibility and easy transfer of files among the softwares of Adobe makes it easier for working professionals to output a work.

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