Monday, December 14, 2015

Artboard in Illustrator

Like many other designing software program, the Adobe Illustrator also have working area for make design & other work. The working area of Illustrator is called Art board.
You can add up to 100 nos. of art board in Single file of Adobe Illustrator. 
Creating new file using Art board
When you can create a new document in Adobe illustrator, from File menu as follows :
File → New or pressing Ctrl+N.
A window will appear on the screen after that as follows :

There are many option in this plate as follow :
  1. Name : By this you can set the name of the document as you want, default name is “Untitled”.
  2. Profile : By this you can set the properties of the file like device, print, web etc.

  3. Number of Art boards : By this can set the number of quantity of art boards in your document. 
    On the right side of this button are some alignments button to set the orientation of the art board, how they will appear in the file (like to right, up to down in Z position of or vice versa).
  4. Spacing : By spacing you can set the distance between two art boards
  5. Columns : By this we can set the number of columns of art-board in the documents.
  6. Size : By this option we can set the size of the art-board, some preset size are given in this sub-menu like A4, Letter, Legal, Tabloid and custom. By selecting custom we can set the Width and Height according to our requirement.
  7. Orientation : There are to orientation first is Portrait and second is Landscape, we can choose any one according our requirement.
  8. Bleed : This can set the print margin to your document.
  9. Advanced : By using advanced we can set the color profile of our document.
  10. Templates... : By this can load any per-defined stored templates in the computer.
By choosing all these options, Now press OK button, the new document will created in the illustrator.
Adding/Decreasing the Art-board:
We can increase or decrease the number of art board after creating document, from Window menu as follows :
Window → Art boards

A panel will appear on the screen. By using the option we can add or delete the art board.
Changing the size of the Art-board
There is Art-board tool with soft key Shift+O. This tool work like the crop tool in the Adobe Photoshop, by using this can change the size as well as position of the art board.

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