Thursday, March 17, 2016

Use of Painting Tools with Brush Settings

As we know a brush is an important to an artist to represent anything, In the same way the ‘brush tool’ is very important for any graphic designer. Photoshop offers a plethora of different shapes of brushes, and to add more convenient to it. An artist can either add more kinds of brushes available online or he can even create his own kind of brush and add it to the brush type list using brush preset command. The brush tool is present in the Tools tray, it can be either selected from there itself or by simply pressing ‘B’ on the keyboard. These can be selected and their opacity and hardness can me altered giving different effects.

This tool can be used for many purposes like:
  • For drawing straight lines just by clicking on two ends simultaneously pressing down the shift key.
  • For adding color to a photograph using the blending options in the layers panel.
  • While adding a layer mask to an image the brush tool comes in very handy, white color reveals the masking image and black color conceals it.
  • For basic drawing just like it is done on a real canvas, and many more.
If the user is not satisfied with adjusting hardness and opacity of the selected brush type then he/she is open for various other options too life scattering, shape dynamics, texture, color dynamics, etc. Various kinds of visually appealing effects can be created using these settings that add up to the beauty of the design being made.

Graphic designers can be seen using the brush tool quite often, different shapes, colors, application methods add different and unique styles to the project at hand. The brush tools gives a very different kind of freedom to the designer wherein he/she can let their imagination loose and draw whatever they feel at that very moment. Just as an artist is free to adjust his hand pressure and texture in a real canvas the same way the brush tool also provides every such option.

In the end it is safe to say that brush tool in Photoshop is on of the most important tool which gives the designer to experiment. which is at the core of any kind of art, with different shapes and color combinations. It is also said that brush tool is one of the most favorite tools for any graphic designer because it does what governs the laws of creating.

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