Friday, March 4, 2016

Difference Between 2D Auto-cad Drawing and 3D Auto-cad Drawing?

Two Dimensional(2D) Auto-cad Drawing : 

Its support only two dimension in Computer Added Design such as Height and Width. It’s not support thickness of object.

2D objects have two dimension such as:

  • Rectangle,
  • Circle
  • Square,
  • Triangle etc.

2D Auto-cad Drawing can be divided into three important groups or parts:

Product Drawing”-
2D Auto-cad drawings which is used by the industry of fabricators & manufacturers. Even most of the 2D drawing which is made by 3D CAD model. The information of work about manufacturer or fabrication is based on the 2D drawing. In this context, a drawing has all the information in it when we print out on a paper.

Construction Drawing”-
Architecture drawing, builders, floor plans, installers, M&E drawing, these type of drawings are included in construction drawing. So, this is also a part of 2D CAD drawing which we can print out & can be easily readable floor plan, Elevations & Pipe runs these type of drawings either create in 3D. But on the other side M&E drawings are show through the symbols like switches & sockets on a 2D floor plan.

Line Drawing”-
These type of drawing is basically included Schematic, Map drawing & simple layout drawings. So, these drawings are made in CAD packages like AutoCAD or Assault system drafting.

Three Dimensional(3D) Auto-cad Drawing:

3D” which known as “Three dimensional Model” basically 3D display a picture in a form that appears to be physically present with a structure of design is necessary that it allows pictures which appears easy to the human eye. So, this can be also explain in a sense of items, which is display in a form that allow for different dimensions to be represented. Therefore, height, width and depth are also included in 3D dimension.
  • Any object in the real world & another example is Our body which is also in 3 dimensional.
  • In other words, an image which provides the Perception of depth is also described by the 3D.
When 3D pictures or drawings are create interactive so that audience feel involved with the scene and the experience is called Virtual Reality. Usually, we required a special plug in viewer for our web browser to view and communicate with 3D images. 
Tessellation, geometry & rendering are 3D image creation which is viewed as a ‘Three-Phase’ process. So in a ‘first Phase’, models are made up of particular or individual objects using link points & that created in a number of individual tiles. After this phase, means in a ‘Second Phase’, the tiles are transformed in a so many different ways & we can also apply light effect on it. Then, in a last ‘Third Phase’ of this 3D model, the transformed images or drawings are rendered into objects with very fine information or a good detail.

Therefore, popular products which is made by 3D Effects are included extreme 3D & virtual reality which is very important. This “Virtual Reality Model Language”(VRML) permits the creator to specify images or drawings and rules for their display. Textual language statements are also used by this communication or a good interaction.

Major Difference between “2D & 3D Auto-cad Drawing":-

2D” is display as Two Dimensional geometry which is expressed in length & height on flat planes but have no Depth. One of the example is ’Shadow’ which is two dimensional. So, in this way, 2D shapes are typically measured in square units like cm2. Whereas 3D which is defined as 3 dimensional drawings or models they described objects with ‘Depth’. This depth of the object should not be confused with weight, as two objects can be the same depth but here notice that one can be much heavier than the second object like a gallon of milk have less weight than any other heavy object. So, 3D measurement includes cubic unit cm3, quart liters and also tablespoon. So, this the major difference between 2D & 3D.

Therefore, when we apply 3D to physics, they can be seen as three spatially enumerable vectors. Even though there could be several more compatified physical dimensions which are so small that we cannot detect them. There is the concept of the tesseract or hypercube which bears the same relation to a cube that a cube does to a square. An actual tesseract would not be possible to construct with our 3D bodies, but we can build a 3D representation of it. This concept of 3D is different from 2D drawings in this way.

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