Saturday, April 30, 2016

Divide and Measure Command in AutoCad

Point- Points can explain as nodes which can snap objects. We can use it by applying command as P + ENTER. We can use it to specify different sections of the object . Example in electrical circuits where two or more wires connects together then there we use point to highlight it

Divide:- Divide is a command to points several partitions or segments on a line by pointing with different type of point styles . We can choose it as from


Or we can use it by command as DIV + ENTER

In divide command first we apply command and then select the object that we want to divide and then we give the value of mo. of partitions or segments and then press enter . There is no need of giving the value of length on which we want to perform divide operation. We can also use blocks instead of points to divide the object in partitions .

Measure :- In measure command we can perform same operation for divide the object in partitions but the difference is that in divide command there is no need to insert the value of the length of the object on which we want to perform divide operation but in measure command we have to give the value of the length of the object on which we want to preform the divide operation . we can perform measure command from:


Or we can use command as ME + ENTER 
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