Sunday, June 12, 2016

Introduction of CorelDraw and it's Features!!!

Corel is marketed by Corel cooperation of Ottawa, Canada. This Corel cooperation developed & released a program which is called CorelDraw. This software was originally released in January of 1989. In present time, this software is used by so many people in the world with the latest version & this was the first graphics design software for the windows operating system.

CorelDraw, which is a PC-based graphic design vector drawing program; we can use for a wide variety of projects like especially for logo creation or to create brochures. When I talk about LOGO, I simply say that “Logo” means information about something which is received to the people. So, when I design a logo for any Company Keeping in mind its policies & its target audience.

In CorelDraw, We can also make or draw shapes, work with the text, also add colors & effects. In this sense, CorelDraw is a very flexible vector package. We can also do so many things in this software. We can make pattern designs from basic shapes & lines to complex ones which are used to make vector illustration, logos etc. We can also import images or text & trace them to vector formed files. Here, first I would like to explain the term “Vector”. So, vector images have no pixels. They are displayed or printed by using mathematical position. Vector files are usually considerably smaller than a image. In this context, images however lose quality if they scaled to a larger size. In another words, I say that a vector image breaks down into a mathematical formula. A vector looks like an illustration. CorelDraw is used for vector graphic design.

This is the reason that vectors have no quality loss & no file size increases. Basically logo designs & print work like posters, visiting card, and brochures should be designed as vector images using vector drawing software like CorelDraw. Whereas "Raster images" are made-up of a set grid of dots called pixels where each pixel is assigned a color value. Unlike a vector image, raster images are resolution dependent. When we change the size of a raster image, we stretch the pixels themselves which result is that the clarity of the image is loss & very blurry image. Raster editors like Photoshop is great for photographs as well as to adding effects, shadows & textures to design. So, a raster image is made of pixels, each a different color, arranged to display an image where as a vector image is made up of paths, each with a mathematical formula that tells the path how it is shaped & what color it is filled or bordered by.

So finally I must say that Unlike "Raster image", "Vector images" cannot be used for realistic image. This is because vector images are made up of solid color areas & mathematical gradients, so they cannot be used to show continuous tones of colors in a natural photograph. So, we must have noticed that most of the vector images have a cartoon like appearance. The reason behind it is the same vector graphics cannot display continuous variation in color. Therefore, the vector graphics technology is fast. So, this is the difference between "Raster images" & "Vector images". Therefore, CorelDraw is vector drawing software which is made up of paths. So Vectors are always used with making a Logo. 
So, Now I talk about the Features of CorelDraw. First, I would like to explain CorelDraw in terms of the “Object” which is an element in a drawing such as a shape, image, line, text, curve or symbol. Secondly, “Drawing” which means to create logos, posters, visiting cards, artworks & newsletters. Thirdly, “Vector Graphic” which means an image generated from mathematical descriptions that determine the position, length & direction in which lines are drawn. Fourth, ”Bitmap” this includes a image which is composed by grids of pixels. Fifth, “Fly out” means a button that opens a group of related tools. Sixth, “Artistic Text” which we can apply on special effects, such as shadows. Seventh, which is very important is a “Paragraph Text” which we can apply formatting options, & which can be edited in large blocks. Therefore before we design anything we must know about these terms.

In Corel Draw software users can do special effects to images, alter their contrast & color. CorelDraw also can help users to develop anything from invitation cards to business cards or visiting cards. CorelDraw offers many practical applications and features to its users. In present times, the new version of CorelDraw, known as X6, is a popular choice for so many buyers, as it can be used in many ways. This graphic software is a comprehensive solution for designing visual communications for any medium. Whether we are experienced or an aspiring designer, its workflow will help us to efficiently our creativity. So, CorelDraw is designed to edit two-dimensional images such as logos & posters. CorelDraw software providing many features for users to edit graphics. These features include contrast adjustment, color balancing, adding special effects like border to images, and it is capable of working with the multiple pages.

So, CorelDraw is a vector drawing tool. Therefore, we can create our designs by using CorelDraw. It is fantastic software as any other software. So, CorelDraw is robust graphics software. In this context, this is known as a Vector graphics editor. 
Therefore, CorelDraw Software has mainly purpose is to create Logo Signs & to vectorize the images. This is why vector graphics are always used with creating a logo. A designer can create the vector logo & that logo can then be applied to anything from a business card to brochure with no loss of quality. Therefore, this is the reason that CorelDraw is not only for logo creation software, but also to create web-graphics or multi-page marketing brochures.

Written By:  Karuna Kukreja
Course: Graphic Master

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