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JavaScript Training Institute in Delhi

ADMEC is one of the leading Web Design and Web Development Institutes in Delhi. Among the several professional courses it offers JavaScript Master Course which covers advanced JavaScript concepts. It provides a scholastic atmosphere for both national and international students. The course would help web development students to learn how to write JavaScript code in order to develop dynamic and functional web pages in web development.

JavaScript is the most popular, light and open source scripting language mainly used for creating dynamic websites. Website design is done using most basic technologies, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. These technologies are supported and preferred by search engines to increase the ranking of web pages. Java Script adds the behavior to the static website to make it more attractive and meaningful.


ADMEC is providing advanced level JavaScript certificate course for Web designers and UI developers.

1. JavaScript Master Course

JavaScript Master Course is a short term 2months long certificate course. This course is for students and professionals who want to gain advanced level training using advanced JavaScript's procedural and object oriented (OOJS) approaches. It will cover every method starting from script setup to advanced DOM and manipulation of HTML and CSS.

Duration: 2 months

Training Mode: Both classroom and online

Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of HTML and CSS

Topics Covered:

Course content can be broadly classified into below topics:
  • Introduction
  • JavaScript Core Language Reference
  • Document Object Reference
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Events
  • Exercises & Projects
          a. Form Validation using JavaScript
          b. Development of Navigation 
          c. Basic Games Development   
          d. E-learning Applications
          f. Image Galleries
          g. Slideshows
          h. Attractive Pop-up windows
          i. Theme Changer with JavaScript’s cookies
          j.  Accordion, Tabbed Panel, Go to Top Feature

2. JavaScript Master Plus Course

JavaScript Master Plus Course is a 3 months most comprehensive and advanced certificate course of JavaScript for JavaScript enthusiastics. This course is for students and professionals who want to gain advanced level programming with JavaScript language for building interactive user interfaces or UI for web pages and apps. It will train web designers and UI developers for the use of JavaScript and related debugging tools in the browsers, advanced functions, DOM manipulation, events, Object Oriented JavaScript, JavaScript Design Patterns, Ajax, JSON.

Duration: 3 months

Training Mode: Both classroom and online

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of HTML and CSS, Someone who wants to know all the nuts and bolts of Object Oriented JavaScript or OOJS and Design Patterns too along with all the basics of JavaScript.

Topics Covered:

Course content can be broadly classified into below topics:
  • JavaScript Basic Concepts
  • DOM & BOM
  • Events
  • Date & Cookie
  • Document Object Reference
  • Advanced JavaScript
            a. Object Oriented JavaScript
            b. Design Patterns etc

For any further information regarding our web design and web development courses, feel free to get in touch with our counselors at or call +91 (0) 981 181 8122. For a free demo, please note down the following details.

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