Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Is Final Cut Pro X Useful for the Beginners in the Video Editing Industry?

Final Cut Pro X is one of the the most popular tools in the world of technology and video editing and no video editing software can be comparable with this and therefore it has created die hearting fans. But if you want to make an objective decision about how to use FCP X, what are some of the factors you will consider?

FCP X is a professional magnetic, single-track timeline nonlinear video editing application having optimizations which make it the likely choice Final Cut Pro X for those who want the least amount of downtime.

When combined with some of the software’s additional features, like auditions, it gives marvelous results. Final Cut Pro X does a good job of letting you do things like color from within the software through plugins.


Final Cut Pro X was made available for purchase and download on the Mac App Store on June 21, 2011 along with new versions of motions and compression. The application has been updating every year with new features, bug fixes, and with stability. Many features been added in FCP X such as: XML import and export, server support, multi cam editing, chapter markers, and monitor support. Clips are used for assigning Roles and upon Sharing a project the user could export Multi track Quicktime Files.
  • Features in FCP
  • Event Browser
  • Magnetic Timeline
  • Content Auto-Analysis
  • Synchronised Clips
  • Compound Clips
  • Multi cam  Editing Auditions
  • 3D Titles etc.
  • Technical Features
While inheriting the name from its predecessor, Final Cut Pro X is a completely re-written application . As a native 64-Bit application it take advantage of more than 4GB of RAM.
It utilizes all CPU cores with Grand central dispatch Open CL support which allows accelerated processing for improved performance for playback, rendering and Trans coding.
It is resolution independent supporting images sizes from SD to beyond 4K Final Cut Pro X supports playback of many native camera and audio formats. It transforms video clips  for improving performance.

When I talk about the world of video editing tools, there is a lot to consider when it comes to which one will be right for you. But I think this is perhaps the most important key points here: pick the one that’s best for the job you want it to do.

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