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Is there any Short Term Course to learn Android App Development?

Many students are interested to take training of Android App Development as summer training but they have a lot of questions in their mind like; is Android very difficult, is duration very long, and is this course beneficial to them in future apart from their college requirements. When I heard this questions from many students who are either new to programming world or just in their 1st or 2nd year of engineering then I decided to write a blog on this. So lets start with intro of Android App Development.

What is Android and Android App Development?

Android is an operating system which is used in almost all phones and new applications and apps are introduced day by day. You will learn development of various apps in Android App Development training. To do this you should learn programming language and some designing part to give a beautiful look to your app.

To develop an Android app you must have knowledge of Java (for Back-end Development) and XML (for the User Interface). Different libraries of Android are there which provides different features and functionality to your app. An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is also there to make the Android apps and that's name is "Android Studio". Emulators are also provided by this IDE to have a look on output of your code or you can see the output on your own phone.

Short Term Courses in Android App Development

There are many institutes which offers short term courses for Android App Development. But everyone wants to join the best place to learn and it is very difficult to find out. To take you out from this difficulty I will tell you the best place to join for learning Android App development. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the best institute to learn App Development as it offers training from industry experts with real time projects.

Is short duration enough for Android App Development

Yes, you can do very well in short term courses. It depends on some cases that how effectively you can learn.

If you have prior knowledge of core Java then Short term Courses is fine for you because Android uses Java as basics and you can learn kotlin (new official language for Java) easily which is very similar to Java.

If you not have knowledge of Core Java then you are going to have a bit hectic schedule to learn the App development because short term is defined as 2 months for you but if you have 4 months to learn then you can easily learn it.

Courses for Android App Development

Some different courses are listed here for you. Let's have a look.
1. Android Master Course
Duration: 06 Months
In this course, you will start learning from the beginning. You will learn in this course designing of GUI, Core Java, and Android development framework. This course is spread over 6 months.
Read more : Android Master Course

2. Android Premium Course
Duration: 04 Months
Don’t know core Java! Don’t worry, we have a course for you which will cover all the required content from scratch to make an Android app.
Read more : Android Premium Course

3. Android Standard Course
Duration: 03 Months
This course is for you if you have prior knowledge of core Java and a little bit knowledge of GUI. It spreads over 3 months only.
Read more : Android Standard Course

Select the best course which is best suited for you or visit our center to discuss with our counselor.

Android App Development is interesting and have a wide scope of making career so you must go for this course. Scope of career in this field will be very bright because users of the Android phone increases daily and requirements of new featured apps are also increasing with growth in users of Android.

If still you have some query please comment below.

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