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Importance of AUTOCAD in Architectural Designing

Now a days AutoCAD is a popular name in the field of 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD). Basically, AutoCAD is a commercial software application which is used in the designing of 2d drafts, but it can create the 3D view too. In today’s scenario, AutoCAD is being used in architecture, construction, mechanical, civil, electrical designing and lots of other professional projects are being development with the help of this drafting software. You can acquire required skills and knowledge at professional level by joining any best AutoCAD institute in Delhi. Only joining any AutoCAD course would furnish the sufficient and hardcore practical training that is most important. You will comprehend the expert’s methods and techniques that will create your foundation for architectural designing.

AutoCAD – A Brief Understanding

Autodesk is the company who develop this drafting software named AutoCAD, which stands for Autodesk's computer-aided design.

It's a drafting and designing software. There are several software for drafting and designing available in the market, out of them AutoCAD is best, because it works on co-ordinate system that helps in survey drawing and drafting.

Why Select AutoCAD for Starting Your Career in Architectural Designing?

Use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) system is increasing day by day and become more popular to overcome the complexity attached with the storage and management of paper-based architecture drawing. CAD architectural designs are always at low risk of damage as their storage is easy (on hard drive and external memory device less prune to deterioration unlike paper) and can be easily communicated among the members involved in the building construction. Using computer aided architecture design and drafting you can effectively visualize how a building or specific portion of it will look after completion. You can also visualize the structure from various angles.

So, it is necessary for a professional interior or exterior designer to have proper knowledge of AutoCAD, so that he/she can do better planning of the colour effects, space, design, fabrics, and styles etc. Along with these things a main important thing is Budget which is most important for anyone during the designing of house. A person who can furnish a better look in a very low budget is the professional architect designer.

What an Architect can do in AutoCAD
  • Basic Geometry
You can create basic geometry in Autocad. There are many geometric objects like Lines Grid Display Circles, Polylines and Rectangles, Hatches and Fills.
  • Creating Text in AutoCAD
You can create single line and multi-line text in this software which is used to give proper information to client. With the help of text anyone can easily understand the Design.
  • Isometric Views
To see the design in details and for a better design you can create isometric views like North-east, North-west, South-east and South- west. It helps you to prepare the exact design or model.
  • Elevation in AutoCAD
You can create elevations means different types of views like Front- end view, Back-end view, left-view and right-view of an object.
  • 3D Basics, 3D Operation
You can give a 3D look to your designs by using Extrude and Subtract commands and many more commands are there. You can use 3d template, 3d workspace, coordinate systems, 3d viewing, view control toolbar, and visual styles.
  • Rendering
Rendering give finalize look to your design by adding lighting, shadows etc. It is possible in 3D designs only.
  • Export & Import 3D Drawing
In AutoCAD, you can export and import 3D drawings which provides you the ease while you are creating a design.
  • Drafting Settings in AutoCAD
You can customize the drafting by going through the Drafting Settings which is very important to draft very well.
  • Using Specialized Drawing Commands of AutoCAD
There are some special commands for drawing which provides you the extra features.
  • Motion Path Animation
You can control the motion of camera by linking it with its target by point or a path.
AutoCAD is the best software to make models or designs of the building or machines for architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical purposes. It is useful for every candidate who is interested in making his career as architect designer or in any other areas such as mechanical, civil, electrical etc. If you want to be a professional in AutoCAD Master then join the best Institute in Delhi. And joining CAD Training Institute will be best decision for you to learning AutoCAD course.

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