Monday, January 25, 2016

Layout Design in Graphic Design

Design Layout:

Layout : Layout is an aesthetics arrangements of all elements given space.
Process of setting of materials of page.
Page Layout is the part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement of visual elements on a page. It generally involves organization principle of composition to achieve specific communication objectives.

Importance of Layouts:

Establishing the overall appearance.
Managing the relative importance of the elements.
Controlling eye movements of maximum effectiveness or impact. 

Types of Layout:

There are ten types of layout design in Graphic design as follows:
  1. Mondrian Layout : This a layout named after a Dutch Printer and characterized by emphasis dividing the space into obvious sections.
Mondrian layout refers to the forms : square, landscape or portrait.
Mostly it has many images of different sizes with big margin in between but related to one topic.
Examples : Film multi-scene poster
  1. Circus Layout or Montage : It refers to the irregular composition elements in a single design.
Examples : Comic Books and children activities design books.
  1. Multi Panel Layout : Multi panel layout design are divided into various settings or theme in same shapes as rectangle square, cubes.
Examples : Webpage
  1. Silhoutte Layout : This design layout refers to the layouts in the form of illustration of or photographic techniques highlighted through shadow.
Examples : Parallax webpages, Novels Cover designs.
  1. Big Type Layout : Big types layout emphasizes on the font style and big from size so as to grab the attention of the audiences.
Examples : Syllabus / Technical book cover
  1. Alphabet Inspired : This design based on typography style and design. It use alphabet or design generated by using alphabet.
Examples : Food rappers designs
  1. Copy Heavy Layouts: This design based on text, normally used simple headlines and normal text in small size to ease of reading. Normally used to convey message or information about the related topics.
Examples : Newspapers, Magazines
  1. Frame Layout : It is frame based design. Its tell the story, what is in frame.
Examples : Certificates, Authority Letters.
  1. Rebus Layout : It is the design to express text by using shapes or symbols.
Examples : Dress, T-shirts Design.
  1. Picture Window : A vertical layout style characterized by large image on top of the page with or without headings.
Examples : Food, Fashion Magazines.
Elements of Layout
  • Heading
  • Sub Heading
  • Images / Visuals
  • Body Copy / Text
  • Logo
  • Slogan / Punch Line

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