Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Interview Questions and Answers on Layouts in Design

Q1. What is a layout in Graphic Design?
Ans: Layout is a process through which text and pictures are set out on a page it generally involves organizational principles of composition to achieve specific communication objectives.

Q2. How many types of layouts are there?
Ans:- 10 types of graphics layouts are there.
  • Mondrian layout
  • Circus or Montage layout
  • Multipanel Layout
  • Silhoutte Layout
  • Big-type Layout
  • Alphabet-inspired Layout
  • Copy Heavy Layout
  • Frame Layout
  • Rebus Layout
  • Picture Window Layout
Q3. What are the Elements of a Layout?
Ans:- The elements of layout are given below.
  1. Headline
  2. Sub-headline
  3. Images/visuals
  4. Body copy/text
  5. logo
  6. Slogan/punch line
Q4. What are the differences between Mondrian and Multipanel layout?
Ans:- Difference between Multipanel and Mondrian Layouts: Multipanel layout is divided into various sections or theme in same shape such as rectangle, square, cube but mondrian layout is a layout style named after a dutch painter and characterized by emphasis dividing the space into abvious sections. Mondrian layout refers to the form square landscap or portrait.

Q5. What are the differences between Big Type, Alphabet Inspired, and Copy Heavy Layouts?
Ans:- The differences between Big Type, Alphabet Inspired, and Copy Heavy Layouts in graphic design are:
Big Type layout emphasizes on the font style and big font size so as to grab the attention of the audience. Big Type layout are usually used for creating headline but alphabets inspired layout focuses on the arrangement of letters or numbers in an appropriate sequence or forms a word or enhanced to give an impression of story but the copy heavy layout is concentrated to the copy writing as: Newspapers Magazines Brochures Online journals, Brochures etc....

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