Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why AngularJS is so popular for UI development?

For the creation of the dynamic web applications AngularJS is today's one of the most important client side frameworks. In HTML, AngularJS is being used as a template and extended HTML syntax is used to develop applications components. It supports data binding and dependency injection within the browser. Developers use AngularJS widely because, it allows us to apply standards and best client side practices to accelerate front end development. All this task can be performed in HTML and JavaScript.

AngularJS works with model view controller(MVC) or MV* (MVC, MVP, MVVC) for application designing.

Model: It is used to store data which represents the current position of applications.
View: It shows the data and handles the presentation of data.
Controller: It maintains relation between model and view.

New Features of AngularJS 2.0:
AngularJS 2.0 is Faster than 1.x: AngularJS2.0 will be more faster than AngularJS1.x with modern browser, which will support initial loads through server-side per-rendering. We can believe that AngularJS2.0 allow short and compact code that would simplify the AngularJS app development process.

It offers better Mobile Friendly environment than AngularJS 1.x: AngularJS supports us tools to develop apps taking mobile into consideration. We can use it for develop mobile apps but generally face performance issues. AngularJS2.0 might be new angular version, which help us to develop mobile specific features.

Best Features: The web has changed and there is no doubt that it will be also changing in the future. Some time, current version of AngularJS can't work properly with latest web components like: shadow DOM, HTML imports, custom elements etc. We believe that this issue can be resolve with AngularJS2.0 and we can develop applications for web supported.

It is easy to Upgrade a 1.x application to 2.0: Upgrade API provides a most flexible way to upgrade your 1.x app to 2.0 by mixing AngularJS 2.0 components, pipes, services, directives and more.

Better Performance: AngularJS was initially developed for designers not for developers, but in latter there are evolutionary improvements made in design to complete the developer’s requirements. But it is not fulfilling the requirements of UI developers and that we can expect from AngularJS2.0 as it has come up with overall improvements and it is a UI developer centering and updated framework.

Easy to Use: Understanding and implementing concepts in AngularJS is not an easy task at all. For the knowledge of it's core features such as directives, filters, services, and controllers etc... is compulsory for a developer and we can consider that AngularJS 2.0 will be little bit easy than the 1.x.

Improved and Better Dependency Injection: Dependency Injection is an important feature of AngularJS. This feature of AngularJS differentiates angular from it's competitors frameworks as it enables us to write genuine code rather than tedious code for applications. The recent version of AngularJS has issues like: implementation of minification and features common to cutting-edge service available in java and .NET framework. We can overcome such types of issues in AngularJS 2.0.

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