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10 Important Features of Advanced PHP

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language which deals with all the functions on the server-side. PHP is free to use, very easy, and simple to learn. It is the best choice to make websites dynamic with the help of its outstanding features.
It is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf a Danish-Canadian programmer. It is a dynamic type language so there is no need to declare the data type of the variable and all the variables can be used with a symbol $. There are much more features of PHP which should be known by you. So let us start to know about the features of world’s most popular server-side language.

Features of Advanced PHP

1. Database Connectivity

Rather than having your database association settings scattered all over the place, for what reason not simply make one ace record that contains its settings, and afterward incorporate it in your PHP contents? In the event that you have to change subtle elements, later on, you can do it in one record rather than a few documents. This is additionally extremely helpful when you have to utilize different constants and capacities all through various contents. You will always sanitize Data That will go into your Database.

2. Web Services  

A web service is a product framework intended for interoperable collaboration over a system. A web service is characterized by a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) report, and different frameworks associated with the web services utilizing SOAP messages, exchanged utilizing HTTP with an XML serialization. A web service is a theoretical asset that gives an arrangement of capacities and is actualized by an operator, which sends and gets messages.

3. APIs

API extends for "Application Programming Interface".It is a set or decides that enables one bit of programming application to converse with another. Those "rules" includes CRUD operations. Application Programming Interface is a need since this is the lightest method to make, read, refresh or erase data between various applications over the web or HTTP convention. This data is displayed to the client in a moment particularly on the off chance that you utilize JavaScript to render the information on a site page.

4. SPL (Standard PHP Library)

The Standard PHP Library (SPL) is a group of classes and interfaces that are planned to solve the regular issues.
SPL gives an arrangement of standard information structure, an arrangement of iterators to cross over items, an arrangement of interfaces, an arrangement of standard Exceptions, various classes to work with records and it gives an arrangement of capacities like spl_autoload_register()

5. Sessions

Sessions are a straightforward method to store information for singular clients against a one of a kind session ID. This can be utilized to continue state data between page demands. Session IDs are typically sent to the program by means of session treats and the ID is utilized to recover existing session information.

6. Exception handling

Exceptions can be handled by using some keywords in PHP. Keywords for handling all the exceptions. We can use multiple catches for a try block but cannot use multiple tries with a single catch statement. When an exception occurs it creates an object of exception type and throws it to catch statement. Catch statement catch that object and handle it and helps to continue the normal execution of the program. One more keyword is used to handle the exceptions and i.e. throw.

7. Regular Expressions

Regular expressions is a pattern or sequence of characters itself. They give the establishment for pattern-matching functionality. You can search a substring inside another string by using a regular expression, also you can easily replace string by another string and can split a string into substrings. There are two types of Regular Expressions:

  • POSIX Regular Expressions
  • PERL Style Regular Expressions

8. Bugs Debugging

There are different ways by which we can display error messages and debug the bugs of the program. To display an error message in the browser, set the property named display_errors configuration directive to On. To send errors to the web server, set the property log_errors to On.  If you want to display the error messages in both places then you can set them both to On.
PHP provides some constants to set the value of error_reporting such that errors of certain types get reported: E_PARSE (parse errors), E_ERROR (fatal errors), E_ALL (for all errors except strict notices), E_WARNING (warnings), E_NOTICE (notices), and E_STRICT (strict notices).


Like HTML, you can embed AJAX in PHP to extract the information from the database easily. It is used for fast interactive communication website with a database.

10. JSON Encoding and Decoding

To encode the JSON, json_encode() function is used in PHP. This function represents the data in JSON format and returns a value on success and failure on FALSE. A function named as json_decode() is used for decoding the JSON format in PHP. It returns the value decoded from JSON to PHP type which is appropriate.
Although most of the essential features of PHP are covered in this article but still there is more to explore for you. Web development is a vast sphere where PHP has a significant position. To understand the web development more clearly you need to understand PHP first since it is the backbone of website development. If you have the desire to master this amazing programming language then joining an ideal training institute is truly advisable. 

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