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Know The Major Differences Between C and C++

C and C++ are the world’s most popular and few of very first programming languages. C is the very first language which is not in the form of machine and assembly language. Low-level languages are difficult to understand and read because they are in binary form i.e. 0 and 1.

C is introduced in 1972 in AT&T Laboratories by Dennis Ritchie. C++ is an extended form of C language. Basically, you can say that these are different because of some new features to C++. C++ is named as C with classes in starting because it is very much similar to C language but still both are different from each other. Knowledge of both languages is truly essential for building career path to the arena of Web designing and development. Acquiring advanced training in C++ and C courses in Rohini from any premiere institute will make your dream true. But before going for training you need to comprehend some basic factors that separate both lagngugaes with each other.

Have a look at the factors given below for more clarity on this subject.

Differences between C and C++
It is a procedural (focused on procedure) language. It is object-oriented language and also supports procedural approach.
It does not support class and objects. It supports class and objects.
Its programs are saved with .c extension. Its programs are saved with .cpp extension.
It is developed by Dennis Ritchie. It is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup.
It does not support the object-oriented programming so polymorphism (hiding the data), inheritance abstraction etc. are not supported. It supports features of object-oriented programming so it supports features such as polymorphism, inheritance (use of existing classes), class and objects etc.
Data can be changed by any outside code so data is not secure in C language. Data is most important in C++ so it allows securing the data by using different features. It can't be changed by outside code.
It does not support operator overloading. It allows us to overload an operator which means to change or update the meaning of an operator.
C uses functions for input/output. It uses printf and scanf functions for i/o purpose. C++ uses objects for input/output. Objects used in C++ are cin and cout.
It provides malloc, calloc and free functions to manage the memory. It imparts new and delete for the memory management.
It does not provide exception handling. It allows handling the exceptions i.e. Exception Handling
It does not provide string (a bunch of characters) and boolean (can take two values only either it is true or false) data types. It introduces two new data types and that is string and boolean.
It follows the top-down approach. It follows the bottom-up approach.
It does not support function overloading. It supports function overloading (function with the same name but different parameters).
Calling of the main function is possible by other functions. It is not allowed to make a call to the main function by other functions.
It is a middle-level language. It is a high-level language.
Virtual functions are not supported by C. It allows making virtual functions.
It is a subset of C++. It is a superset of C.
It focuses on method or process of solving the problem. It focuses on data instead of a method or a way they adopt to solve the problem.
It contains 32 keywords. It contains 52 keywords.
It does not allow to use the functions in a structure. It allows using the functions in the structure.
It does not allow namespace which is a reason for collision of names. It allows namespace which removes the name collision problem.
It allows declaring a global variable multiple times. It does not allow the declaration of global variable multiple times.
Variables must be declared on the top of the scope. Variables can be declared anywhere before its use.

C and C++ both are the base of any programming language. If anyone wants to learn to programme then C and C++ are recommended by the programmers to begin. New programming languages are introduced but still, C and C++ are in use and popular also. C and C++ are the ideal languages to understand the basics of programming. And to learn these programming languages with perfection joining an ideal training institute for advanced training in C and C++ courses in Rohini is really advisable.

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