Wednesday, May 23, 2018

10 Important Points Never to Skip While Learning HTML

You might be thinking that can I be a good HTML programmer. Of course you can, you just need to make a proper planning that how to start so that you can understand the lessons and the concepts being taught because when it comes to practice you find it quite difficult. So here are some important points that should be kept in mind when you are learning HTML course either from an institute, from a book, or from online.

1. First, Work on Basics: This is the very first thing when you are a beginner you need to know what are the basic points to be kept in mind so that you can go through easily. It usually happens that few questions comes in our mind that form where to start, whom to listen and what to ignore. Just to keep these questions away follow these steps.
2. Learn Making Mistakes: It sounds little tricky but there is a famous saying that one should learn from his mistakes. Keep your mind open for trying out new things and keep learning by doing. Don't be hard on yourself, learn through trials and errors.
3. Understand What HTML is and What We can do with: HTML is the mother tongue of the web browser we can say. All the web pages are written in HTML. Basically you can say that HTML which stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language is the foundation for all the web pages and web sites. Without HTML you will not be able to organize the text, images and other content of your web page. It is used to describe the structure of the web page. We use elements in HTML which are the building blocks of web pages. HTML elements are represented with tags and are highlighted with angle tags. Browser doesn't display HTML tags rather it uses them to render the content to the web page.
4. Choose Suitable Text Editor and Build Something: There is a variety of text editors available such as sublime text editor, notepad, notepad+, text mate and many more so choose whichever is suitable to you. But here for the beginners we will prefer to use plain text editor that is notepad so that they can perfectly understand the basic structure. And now is the time to start the working so lets get started:
<title>My First HTML Page</title>
<h1>Hey! I'm using HTML</h1>
So, this is the basic structure  we follow, whatever we write in the body section is displayed on the browser.
5. Working with Tags and Elements: In HTML a tag describes the element and highlights it with angular brackets. Tags are of two types:
▪    Opening Tags: This is the opening tag <p> of an HTML element. These tags are used to kick off the document and also we can describe the properties of the element in the opening tags.
▪    Closing Tags: these tags are as same as the opening tags but with a little bit difference of a forward slash i.e. </p>.
6. Check Your Work: Now is the time to check what you have coded in your text editor and for that you have to save your file first so press Ctrl+S and them save your file with the extension .htm or .HTML both are considered as same eg. Index.HTML. Now right click on the file and click on the button open with and choose your favorite browser and click on it and the file you have made is in front of you.
 7. Speed Up Your Workflow: Now you have learned the basics of HTML. All about the structure and what HTML is and what you can do with so explore your knowledge go through the details and speed up your workflow. Lots and lots of content is available on different websites so what you have to do is study more and gain knowledge from it.
8. Stay Focused and Practice Everyday: If you want to become master in a language that stay focused one it, clear all the necessary concepts because it becomes easy to pick up another language when you become master on one language otherwise you will mess up all the concepts. As you all know Repetition + Focus + Consistency = Key of Success. So for a smooth transition you need to practice on continuous basis. 
9. Apply Your Own Skills: Whatever you wish to create... start it as soon as possible. Now you have learned all the basic terms so start building with your own skills whatever comes in your mind by doing this you will ask more questions to yourself and will try to answer them and in this way you will find new ways to solve the problems.
10. Keep Learning: By tracking your learning you will get more focused and will also get self -motivated. The best way of being a good programmer is to be a good learner. So keep learning and keep exploring your skills and wherever you get stuck don't lose your hope, just keep fetching the same until you get the desired results.

At last here we can just say that keep learning, keep practicing and keep exploring. All the time you will spend in learning will pay you back sooner than you have thought of. Join ADMEC Multimedia Institute a renowned platform where you can enhance your web designing and development skills at advanced level for accomplishing a successful career.
Always remember that you will never be done with learning, you can enhance it more and more by joining advanced web designing courses.

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