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Best Projects Ideas to create after C++ training from an institute

Are you desiring to be a C++ master and want to boost your career in software development industry? If yes then learning C ++ is really helpful for you to develop amazing software and games. C++ training from a professional training institute will impart valuable knowledge as well as confident which support an aspirant while facing interviews. Advanced C++ course training from an ideal institute in Delhi will provide you right guidance to learn this language more deeply and to create awesome projects in it. 

C++ :- An Introduction

So, here I'm going to introduce you a simple and easy language by which you can change your dream into reality by developing your own software and that is C++ language. 

It is an object-oriented language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in1979. C++  is the extended form of C language. It has some extra features than C language that’s why it’s called C++. It is also known as C with classes. Classes provide the encapsulation feature which gives importance and secure to data. If one know C very well then C++ is very easy and simple for them.

Features of C++

  • Data hiding is a feature which provides security which is very helpful for projects like banking systems.
  • Polymorphism is a feature of object-oriented language which provides easiness to programmer where a programmer can make several methods with same name but different parameters.
  • It provides Dynamic memory allocation by using different keywords like malloc, calloc, new, pointers etc.
  • It is safer than C and uses a large collection of predefined libraries which is a plus point of it.
  • It is a compiled language so it can be run on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc. But the best operating system for C++ is Windows.
  • Many software and games are there which is developed in it.

Advantages of C++

  • It is a secure language because it provides object-oriented approach.
  • Different features are there for memory and security management like inheritance which provides the facility of re-usability.
  • It saves the time of programmer and save the memory also and features like encapsulation and abstraction give security.

Some projects you may create after learning C++ easily that are mentioned below.

Some Useful Projects

After taking C++ training from any institute, we can make numerous projects which are interesting and useful too. We can make games, software using this language. Have a look at most common C++ projects.

You can create games like:-

You can develop a game which is played by you in childhood for time pass with your friends. That's amazing that you can create the game which you love. 

You can make fascinating games like Snake, Tower of Hanoi etc. which came when mobile launched the first time.

You can also make software like:-

Library Management system:- 
You can store all the information regarding the library like how many books issued and how many total books are there in the library with a Library Management System.

Banking System:- 
You can manage every transaction of each customer either customer deposit the cash or withdraw the amount in the bank and can also maintain the record that how much cash is there in the bank. 

Telephone Management Directory System:-
You can create a telephone management directory system which stores all the directories records.

School Management System:-
Like library management, you can develop School management software too.

Notepad:- A simple and regular working applications which use to write some notes.

We can also create some simple and easy projects like:-

Check Palindrome Number:-
Through this, you can check a number you entered is palindrome or not.Not a fixed but that number can be any random number.

Count words of a string:-
You can count that how many words are there in a string, counting of vowels etc. which are very easy and simple to develop.

So, as we saw above that C++ is a really an amazing programming Language which is object-oriented and essential for making different types of projects. Now-a-days C++ have a wide scope for a good career because there is much software which can be created with the help of this language. There are so many ideas to make a project in C++. Keep exploring...

If you also want to make such types of amazing projects then you need more advanced training which will be fulfilling after joining any finest institute. According to me, one such training institute is ADMEC Multimedia Institute which is a leading C++ training institute in Delhi. It imparts advanced level of courses which are well planned and suitable for industry need.

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Become a VFX Expert from Best Training Institute in Delhi

Hello, Want to be a expert in VFX then I will tell you that how you can make it possible, what will be the roles of a VFX artist in animation industry and which which institute would be best for you? In today’s growing scenario, visual effects is the most widely used process by which different images are created and manipulated outside for the context of performing a live action shot. So basically, anything that’s difficult for filming we apply visual effects for achieving it. For example, if we are shooting for a video in which aliens are coming to the earth, we apply visual effects.

Giving Insight to Visual Effects

Visual Effects is a blanket term referring to any method that makes one possible for creating a scene by applying regular photographic techniques required for different videos. From various Hollywood movies to Bollywood, visual effects artists have drastically changed the film industry for the better. VFX made films what they are today, and you could be a part of creating that movie-magic. One is responsible for creating different creative and fantastic scenes for changing different characters in the film scenes and characters.

Roles of  VFX artist in Animation Industry

  • Working with a team of animators and artists.
  • Researching upcoming projects to help create realistic designs or animations
  • Developing storyboards that map out key scenes in animations.
Why you should choose VFX

 It has a huge scope in the entertainment industry as compared to any other post production concept. There are numerous benefits of learning visual effects from an expert. Visual effects industry is growing at a rapid and enormous speed, so it is the best way for you to boost up your career in it. Careers opportunities for you will double up and you will be experiencing immense success and creative freedom along with that. If you want to succeed in this field you must opt a VFX course in Delhi from best training institute. 

  Skills needed to become a VFX Artist

  •  Must be creative
  •  Ever ready to change your imaginations into visual graphics.   
  • A unique blend of technical 
  • Analytic skills 
  • Creative powers for turning complex concepts into life on the big screen.
Steps to be an expert of VFX

Whether you are interested in VFX for a while or you are a beginner in this field,  this guide is a quick glance to know more about how to become a VFX artist and the path that lies ahead.

If one want to be tech savoy and imaginative movie fanatic, then you must follow these steps to become an expert of VFX.

  • Figuring out how entire procedure of video generation works – from idea and wanting to conveyance. 
  • Find the mysteries of successful video and sound preparing utilizing , impacts, and movement graphics.
  • Compositing which is just the beginning which will add to your graphic design aptitudes, make vivified visual impacts, and utilize the force of today's creation instruments to genuinely change reality. 
  • Take an appropriate guidance to complete your dream and for guidance you must join an Institute which gives best training to you.
All of us requires the best training institute to do specialization in VFX course so that you can build your profession as an Visual Effects expert. Let me help you in finding an institute which gives best training of Visual Effects course in Delhi. 

VFX Training in Delhi

There are many training institutes in Delhi which offers Visual Effects courses but Post Production Institute is one of the finest place where you get a platform to stand out and show your hidden talent. Our institute has intact certificate and diploma courses in 3d Animation and Visual Effects. 

VFX Courses offered by Our Training Institute

Visual Effects Master Course 

It's a well designed diploma course of 12 months which imparts specialized learning of visual effects by our skillful mentors. It is not only combines the artistic but also technical aspect of integrating computer created imagery with live action footage in VFX.

Check out the comprehensive course details of Visual Effects Master Course

Why should you join us

There are many reasons which makes us one of the best training institute in Delhi for 3d animation and VFX courses. One such reason is our well designed courses which makes our students completely deserving candidate for industry.  After completing the course from our training institute 

you will be able to perform following activities:-
  • How to change different crude footage into a masterpiece 
  • Expert the aptitude for creating a decent creation. 
  • Produce a show reel to exhibit your capacity
  • Prepared to present yourself for a scope in parts of the different media. 
  • Make your characters move, pass on to different considerations and feelings and react in the environment. 
  • Develop complete virtual shots
  • Making and changing the foundation
  • Changing performing artists
  • Evacuating objects
  • Clouding objects, eye impacts
Post Production Institute offers advanced training in VFX, 3d Animation, Video  etc. Now it’s your turn to make your own dreams of becoming a VFX artist comes true by joining our institute for proper guidance. You’ve already got the passion and curiosity, and you likely want to  have some of the necessary qualities. Then Let's start without any delay. 

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Latest After Effect Interview Questions and Answers for 2017

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe.
It is mainly used in the post-production process of film making and television production houses. It can also be used for
  • tracking
  • compositing and animation
It also functions as a very basic non-linear editor, audio editor and media trans coder. 

There is a common problem at the time of facing an interview. Most of the Job seekers stumble through interviews as if the questions asked are not related to their field. The main reason behind it is lack of preparation. To sort out this issue we have prepared a list of latest After Effects Interview Question and Answers which helps you make you ahead of time so you will be ready to answer them with confidence.
Ques1. Name the file extension for After Effects projects?
Ans. .aep The file extension for Adobe After effects projects.

Ques 2. What is the purpose of key frames in After Effects?
Ans. The purpose of key frames are to:
  • set parameters for audio, motion, visual effects and many other properties for any image, object etc.
  • used for animation purpose, by setting key frames and adobe after effects properties, image can be moved as if it’s a video.
Ques 3. What is the full form of CTI and how does it function?
Ans. Full form of CTI is Current Time Indicator
Function of CTI: To control the time line of the footage in the composition panel. With the help of CTI, the footage can be moved forward or backward.

Ques 4. What is the key used for knowing how much area will cut out from the footage?
Ans. By pressing apostrophe (!) key on the composition panel, will show the area that will cut out from the footage.

Ques 5. Explain the function of scale? What are the control keys in the tool bar?
Ans. Function of Scale:
  • It makes a picture or an object, grow or shrink.
  • Once the picture is selected, a scale menu in the composition panel will appear. Click on the tab in front of the “scale” bar which is known as stop watch, and now the picture is ready to grow or shrink.
To control the size of the picture, on the right hand side of the “Scale bar” there is a number, for increasing and decreasing. With the help of numbers one can grow and shrink the size of the picture.

Ques 6. How to delete the previous time frame from the time frame panel?
Ans. The time frame will be indicated with a yellow dot, by clicking on that yellow button and pressing the delete button, previous time frame will be deleted.

Ques 7. Explain ‘ease in’ and ‘ease out’ in after effects?
Ans. Slowing down the speed of moving picture is termed as ‘ease in’. To bring it back to its original speed is known as ‘ease out’.

Ques 8. What is graph editor?
Ans. It appears in the corner of the composition panel on the right hand side. Graph editor can help in changing the rotation speed and the degree of rotation. 
Ques 9. What do you understand by motion sketch?
Ans. Motion Sketch is an important feature in Adobe After Effects which allows to record keyframes for the movement of any layer with mouse in real time. This is reason it is called ‘Motion Sketch’: one can literally sketch the motion of an object in the scene.
  • For motion sketch, click on the window tab in menu bar and select Motion Sketch option from the window bar.
  • Now one can draw the path and make the image move accordingly.
Ques 10. What is a mask in Adobe After Effects and what is the short key used to select the image?
Ans. The mask is a technique by which one can select the specific area within the image or picture which needs to be modified while leaving the rest of the image steady Short key to select image in mask is Ctrl+T(Windows) and Command+T(Mac). 

Most of the Job Applicants believe in the notion that being called in for an interview is being guaranteed a position. Employers will hire a suitable candidate only on the basis how a candidate performs in a job interview. This is the reason we have prepared above list of After Effect Interview Question and Answers which can help you crack any interview. 

To become a After effects Master join ADMEC Multimedia Institute for advanced After Effects training. Our institute imparts industry based training to the students so that they will be able to crack any interview without any problem. 

To know more check out our After Effect Master course.

If you have any other question which you want to discuss with us, then feel free to mention it in comments section and we will surely help you by answering it. 

Boost your career with PHP Courses from best training institute

If you are a web designer or UI developer and feeling confined then you should definitely learn PHP course to become a full stack web developer and designer. Learning this language would be very beneficial for you to boost your career in IT industry.

It is mostly used in today's industry to make Websites and CMS(Content Management System). There are  many CMS which are PHP based and very much popular now-a-days.

Why learn PHP?

PHP is very simple and popular language today. It is much more easy in comparision of java, C++ and other programming languages. It can be easily embeded with HTML and CSS. By combination of these three(HTML, CSS, Server side scripting language), an amazing and very beautiful website can be develop. Another plus point of this language is that it is Server side scripting language. It has a simple set of rules to do work in this which can easily learn by beginner also. Many career opportunities are there after doing PHP course in Delhi like Full Stack Developer, Web Developer.

Features of PHP
  • Simple and easy language to develop Web applications. 
  • Very popular and many CMS are there which are based on this language.
  • Platform independent means you can execute its source code on any machine. 
  • Gives fast speed in comparision of other scripting language.

Many training institutes are there in Delhi which offer advanced courses so we get difficulties in selecting one from hundred. Solution of your problem is here because I will tell you the best training Institute where you can complete your PHP courses with high level training.

ADMEC is one of the best PHP training institutes in North Delhi. This Institute provides industry based training from professional having 10+ years teaching experience. Our institute gives many opportunities to our students through design events, quizzes, and competetion so that they can showcase their hidden talent and can enhance their skills.

PHP Courses offered by ADMEC

Basically we have 2 certificate courses which one can easily learn under the guidance of our experts. Here we are giving our courses.

PHP Master Course
Duration- 2 Months
It is an advanced certificate course which covers 
  • Core and advanced PHP
  • MySQL integration
  • Object oriented concepts
  • Integration of PHP with Ajax
  • MySQL Database

These are some essential topics which we covers in just two months. Within 2 months you'll be able to develop a web application. If you are interested to be a master of this langugae then definitely join this course. To know more about this course go through our PHP Master Course.

PHP MySQL Premium Course
Duration- 1.5 Months
This course is a combo package of server side scripting language and mysql  which you can learn within 45 days.This course is perfect for those candidates who are sound web designer and want to enhance their skills in web development. Through this short term course one can easily lean essential web development concepts in a very short amount of time.

Who can join Our courses

Anyone who have good knowledge of web designing languages such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jquery and Ajax as these will help the candidates to understand this server side scripting language more quikly.

Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities after PHP training from a training Institute. A web designer can be a professional full stack web developer with the knowledge of this language. Many other options are there like:
  • PHP Programmer
  • Web developer
  • Data-driven Application Developer
  • CMS developer 
  • MySQL expert etc.

This is true that this is very simple and popular language but this is also true that right training at right time is necessary. So without wasting your time to search the any training institute in Delhi,  join ADMEC Multimedia Institute a renowned PHP training institute in Delhi to utilize your time and efforts and make a bright future in Web development. 

Latest and Most Advanced Video Editing Courses from our Training Institute

If you are looking for latest most advanced courses in video editing to establish your career in this industry then you are at right place. Through this blog, I will tell you its scope, top most software and where you can take advanced training? It is a part of post-production which is also known as NLE(Non-Linear Editing). It is very popular in market and students have craze to create their own videos and upload these to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 

Why You Should LearnVideo Editing?

It is very interesting and popular which is used in Television programs like news channels and in serials, movie editing etc. It is also used to edit the real video in order to look more effective and impressive to the public. There is also demand for professional video editors because today's world is digital and many persons are there which are looking for video editors to advertise their business. 

Facts about Video Editing

  • Part of post-production
  • Non-linear editing
  • Knowledge of any programming language is not required 
  • Many software are available

Most Advanced Video Editing Courses in Delhi

In View of its wide scope and increasing market, there are many institutes which imparts video editing training. So this is very difficult to choose a good institute. When you go to the market you can see that lot of scope is there for you. You may join any company or be an owner of your own business. But to make these things true you need specialized training. 

Why join our Institute

Our institute is one of the best training institutes in Delhi to learn video editing.We provide high-level training of latest and advanced software such as  Final Cut Pro (FCP), Final Cut Studio  (FCS), Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe after effects etc. through which you can easily enhance your skills and can be a master.

Courses offered by Video Editing Institute

Adobe Premiere Pro
Duration- 2 Months
In this course, you will learn Adobe Premiere Pro which is the latest software and provides advanced features to edit the video. This course would be perfect for those who want to learn video editing within 2 Months. 

Final Cut Pro(FCP) course
Duration- 2 Months
This Apple FCP  course is spread over 2 months. It is led by experts imparting hardcore training. This course will make you able to perform various editing tasks while working on live projects.  

Final Cut Studio (FCS) Master course
Duration- 3 Months
FCS course is spread over 3 months which covers three important parts such as Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and compressor. It is used widely in the market. And you can learn this software in just 3 months.

Adobe after effects Master Course 
Duration- 2 Months
Adobe After Effects course is a short-term certificate course specially designed to create motion graphics and VFX videos. It's a motion graphics based software which has a wide range of 2d and 3d tools to create awesome motion graphics and VFX videos.

Go through our all video editing courses more complete details.

Who can join These Courses 

Anyone can join these course who is interested to create awesome videos using different editing software. 

Career Opportunities 

       After doing these course you can establish your profile as a:
  • Video Editor
  • FCP professional
  • FCP editor
  • Audio-visual Designer
  • Video Specialist
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Presentation Specialist
  • Video Producer etc.

Video Editing Institute is the best training institute in Delhi which provides training on latest and advanced software. 

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TOP 10 Reasons of PHP Popularity

PHP is one of the most popular language in the world which is used for web development. It is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It an easy and fast server side scripting language. Many CMS(Content management System) are there which are PHP based. Its files can contain text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. One can learn advanced PHP course in Delhi to become a full stack web developer. Let's have a look on the reasons of its popularity.

Top 10 Reasons of PHP Popularity

1. Simple and Easy
It is very simple and easy to develop websites, management applications, dynamic video and image galleries etc. It's programming is just like writing an article in English and you can write its codding on notepad too. It is very easy to learn because no much rules are there like Java. For instance there is no rule in PHP to declare the variable whereas Java have a set of rules for that.

2. Free of Cost
It is an open source programming language which is free of cost. It has a huge community which assist every beginner or developer who is exploring this vast language. It provides built in software like apache server and MySQL database.

3. Platform Diversity
It can run on many platforms or operating systems like Unix, Linux, MAC OS and Windows.There are many tools and editors which support this language and some of them are Netbeans, XAMPP, WAMP, Dreamweaver , Notepad etc.

5. Flexible
This is  a flexible language that's why we can update the websites without rebooting the server. You can update your website without reboot. That's why the most popular Facebook which is a social media website uses PHP.

6. CMS 
There are many CMS(Content Management System) which are PHP based and very popular and that are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe, Cake PHP, Modx, Concrete5, PHP Fusion, CMS Made Simple, PHPWiki etc. Because of many CMS , its websites are fully customizable.

7. Embed Capability
It have the capability that we can mix it with HTML(the simplest language) whereas other languages like Python can't mixed up with HTML.We can also use Javascript and CSS in PHP file. It can involve Ajax too by follow some steps.

8. Security
It has many layers of security which can escape the website from threats and malicious attack.That's the reason why e-commerce sites are developed on its frameworks.

9. Speed
It can run more faster than other programming languages as it does not use the system's resources. Hosting of it is easier and faster in comparision of other languages.

10. Easy Integration
It can be easily integrate with other systems like MongoDB, Memcache and Pusher. There are many websites, applications and CMS which  are PHP based like Facebook, WordPress, Drupal etc. It also supports many databases like MySQL, Oracle, Informix , PostGreSQL etc.

I'm sure now you understood the reasons of popularity of this programming language. If you are a web designer or a programmer who is looking for a successful career then knowledge of this language can would be beneficial for you. You can go for PHP training to enhance your skills and career. 

To become a pro of this language you can join any training institute in Delhi. As per my knowledge you can go for ADMEC Multimedia Institute an ideal PHP training institute which offers advanced PHP courses training in Delhi. 

You can make a bright career and become a full stack developer after completing your training from ADMEC.

Have a look at more advanced web development courses.

How to Create Matte Painting in Adobe Photoshop

I, Kirti Bagaria, a student of Post Production Institute (ADMEC Multimedia Institute) if you are learning Adobe Photoshop and having problems in making matte painting then you have landed on right blog. Today I will assist you in making simple and easy matte painting in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop- An Introduction

Adobe photoshop is a Raster based(pixels) and graphic based(pixels) software, that works both in Mac as well as in Windows. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is photoshop cc, Photoshop can edit images in multi-layers and support different editing mode, Blending mode. Photoshop is used in different industries / fields according to the requirement, film makers, photographers and designers they all use photoshop.

Professional Photoshop masters use this multi-tasking application for many tasks. One such is matte painting. 

What is Matte Paining

Matte paintings are one of most usable technique which used in video editing, film making etc. It helps us to create an original image by combining 3-4 images together by giving it an actual realistic effect. And it helps to create the illusion effect that is not present in the image, Matte painting is mostly used by film makers, video editors and photo editors. 

Where we can use Matte paintings?

Matte painting in photoshop, it is mostly used by film makers and video editors to change the background and give it an actual realistic view that we want to create. Matte painting is an important part in photoshop.

 Some Matte Painting Ideas


Some of the most commonly used tools of matte painting are:
  •    Move tool
  •    Brush tool
Using these tools, one can create the perfect digital matte image.
Let's have your look at the steps to create the matte painting.

  •     Select a picture. 
  •     Drag it in photoshop.

  •    Remove the unwanted objects using clone stamp tool   
  •  Drag the picture(s) that you want in your actual image and also change the blending mode.

    Adjust the layer using vibrance, saturation, brightness, contrast, levels and curves.

⦁    Now, to create the shadow effect, copy the image and flip it.
⦁    Then, reduce the opacity of the image to give the realistic shadow effect.

Example of Matte Painting Created by Me.

I hope my blog would be helpful for you while making beautiful matte paintings.  I've tried to share my knowledge with you through this blog.

This blog is a part of my Adobe Photoshop classes assignment. 
Want to become an expert Image or Photo Editor then explore our complete Adobe Photoshop Course.

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