Monday, August 31, 2015

Most Important Frameworks For JavaScript-based Websites And Apps?

If we talk about the framework, then first thing is to notice that there is a lot of framework available out there, allowing developers to choose the right to suit the task at hand. In these framework some framework contains lots of features- which make developers work relevant for a full-blown application workflow.
Increasing the demand of the JavaScript, most of the JavaScript development is happening based on MVC-style framework(model, view, Control). Some well known and famous framework that a developers might consider is Backbone.Js, Ember.Js, and Angular Js. Each of these framework has its own building blocks and MVC style with JavaScript.

Due to the availability of the models with key-value binding and custom events Backbone.Js gives structure to web applications.

It is built for productivity. It is also Extremely rich templating system with composed views and UI bindings. It's friendly API'S help us to work our job fast.

It is a JavaScript framework from Google for application development. AngularJS is a toolset for building the advanced single page application (SPA) UI. It is fully extensible and works with other libraries. For a unique development we can modify or replaced feature of AngularJS according to necessities for unique development.

In last couple of years, JavaScript has made strides in mobile devices. Lots of features of mobile space are being developed using JavaScript. Using HTML5 and JavaScript, Cross Platform application can be developed with audio, vedio, and geo location. If we talk about mobile browser then the latest mobile OS (Operating System) like android 4 and ios 5, have boosted the demand of JavaScript. The latest web apps called chrome beta release for android 4 and iOS also further improves performance of web apps. This apps provides an impressive user experience and also fast.

JavaScript micro-libraries, like: Zepto.js and jQuery mobilerapidly-expanding mobile-specific helps mobile developer to use JavaScript micro-libraries, that has been optimized for mobile and excludes irrelevant desktop operations.

Pros and Cons of using a framework:
When we use well-known framework, it's boosts the development process. Most of he framework are open source, which means we can update the code and develop according to our choice.

On the negative side, if we are not understanding or handle the framework correctly and we are still changing and updating then framework can be slow or it's slow down the development process respectively.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scope of Animation in Future

In last few years professional field of animation has brought great extent and innumerable improvement in the animated movies, games, cartoons and videos in the world and I would say specially in India. It has earned its own importance and significance in cartoon industry, gaming industry and film industry a lot again. As a result of the propagating opportunities, lots of multimedia training institutes offering professional animation courses to young aspirants to explore fruitful prospects in this field.

According to the report mentioned by FICCI-PWC Entertainment and Media projected the Indian animation industry earn approximate USD 0.31 billion in 2007, and the continuous growth of Indian animation industry reached USD 0.94 billion in 2012.

The scope of animation witnessing the growth in lots of the animation studios those are catering through cartoons, advertising, TV, and cinema etc. Due to the success of different-2 types of cartoons, online advertising, and movies etc; demands of the animation in future are legal.

Here's some brief discussion of the usage of animation in various professions:
  • Medical
  • Architecture
  • Online education
  • Film industry
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Advertising
  • News and Communication
  • Automobile
  • Fashion and Textiles

Now a day animation has become an important tool in medical apart education. Practically it is not possible to demonstrate each and every process of the body and it is also not easy to accompany medical students to operations, therefore an animated video would explain everything and would simplify the whole process.

It's a very typical task to depicting the right surrounding, in which we with our family or members would be investing in order to live and work, in this situation animation is used for creation of architectural presentation. Animation is widely used in Photo Realistic Rendering, Architectural 3D Design, 3D Walkthrough (flythrough), 3D Illustration comprise Architectural 3D Presentation and Video.

Online Education:
Now a day it is understood fact that everything is getting online and in the age of online education system animation will reconstruct classrooms. Using animation we can facilitate in explaining many study materials that is only possible through classroom study. So animation has become an important tool for both learning and teaching.

Film Industry:
Animation has become a popular tool in media and entertainment sectors. Animation is used in lots of film industry for the creation of 2D and3D animated movies.

Apart from this usage of in various professions, it is also used in cartoons creation, advertising creation, architecture visualization, mechanical designs and forensic etc.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to create theme changer using Cookies in JavaScript?

What is the theme?
Website theme determines the overall look of your site. Your theme is the layout or blueprint of your site, it helps structure your website, giving you to areas to place pictures and text, or things like navigation bars and other widgets.
A theme requirements the look and style of your website. Your theme is made up of a range of things, such as font types and sizes. Your theme helps to reflect your identity through your site, and helps to improve your customer’s experience.

Simply put, the layout and themes are the same as decorating a room in your house.
What does the theme control?
Website themes control the following elements of your website:
       Default colors and shapes
       Default site background and background image library
       Text style choices in the content editor(e.g. Heading 1, heading 2)
       Master layouts
       Customization option that appear on the colors and styles screen
       Menu location (vertical and horizontal) and the menu are static and dynamic.
Step to adding a Style Sheet change in JavaScript:
Let’s suppose that we have the following style sheet defined in our HEAD section.
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="web-css/theme1.css" title="theme1">
<link rel="alternate stylesheet" type="text/css" href="web-css/theme2.css" title="theme2">
Create a Button:
<form method="post" class="left">
            <input type="submit" value="theme1" onclick="change_style('theme1');return false;" name="theme" id="theme1">
            <input type="submit" value="theme2" onclick="change_style('theme2');return false;" name="theme" id="theme2">
When the visitor clicks any of the button, the javascript onclick handler, change_style(), will run. The function will be passed either theme1 or theme2 as its parameter, depending on which button is clicked. The words theme1 and theme2 correspond to the title attributes for the link elements referencing the style sheets.
JavaScript Function to Change Style Sheet: 
The actual JavaScript code needed to implement css style changing can be found below.
<script type="text/javascript">
var scname = "style" ;    //Global variable declaration and initialize a value
var scduration = 30 ;      //Global variable declaration and initialize a value
function change_style ( css_title )   // let’s create a function Name
{           //css_style is used to pass  a value
  var i, tag ;   //local variable declaration
  tag = document.getElementsByTagName("link") ; 
/*getElementByTagName is a method and link is representing the name of elements. */
  for (i = 0; i < tag.length ; i++ )  //for Loop execute a block of code
    if ((tag[i].rel.indexOf( "stylesheet" ) != -1)&&tag[i].title)
      tag[i].disabled = true ;
      if (tag[i].title == css_title)
        tag[i].disabled = false ;
            /* The above code checks the value : If value is exact equal(==) than condition is true and put the Boolean value false. */
/*The above code checks the value: If value is NOT EQUAL -1 (!=-1) and tag(array) of I value are same than condition true then after tag[i] is array and disabled is method and put the Boolean value true.*/

    set_cookie( scname, css_title,scduration );

function set_style_from_cookie()   //Another function
  var css_title = get_cookie( scname );
  if (css_title.length) {
    switch_style( css_title );
function set_cookie ( cookie_name, cookie_value,
    lifespan_in_days, valid_domain )  
    var domain_string = valid_domain ?
                       ("; domain=" + valid_domain) : '' ;
    document.cookie = cookie_name +
                       "=" + encodeURIComponent( cookie_value ) +
                       "; max-age=" + 60 * 60 *
                       24 * lifespan_in_days +
                       "; path=/" + domain_string ;
function get_cookie ( cookie_name )
    var cookie_string = document.cookie ;
    if (cookie_string.length != 0) {
        var cookie_value = cookie_string.match ('(^|;)[\s]*' + cookie_name +
                        '=([^;]*)' );
        return decodeURIComponent ( cookie_value[2] ) ;
    return '' ;
Onload Cookies Change: 
The visitors style sheet settings remain when they visit other pages of your site, as well as when they reload the page, you will also need to add an onload attribute to your web pages body element.
For example:
<body onload=”set_style_from_cookie()”>
This article finish the series on creating a theme changer, to change style sheets, using both CSS and JavaScript. Above explanation will surely help you in understanding Theme Changer in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Practical use of For Each Loop in PHP

The for each loop provides an easy way to iterate over arrays. For each loop works only on arrays and objects. As we know that other loops like for loop or while loop continue until some condition fails but in case of for each loop it will continue until it has gone through every item in the array. For each loop only used when we have an array, without array it will not work.
There are some advantage of using for each loop also, when for each first start to executing, the internal array pointer is automatically reset to the first element of the array. We do not need to call reset() before a for each loop.

There are two ways to write for each loop:
Syntax 1:
foreach ($array as $value)
Code to be executed;

Here the value of the current element is assign to $value and the internal array pointer is advanced by one.

<!doctype<!DOCTYPE html>
                <title>foreach loop testing</title>
                foreach($web as $value)
                                echo "$value<br>";
Syntax 2:
foreach ($array as $key => $value)
//code to be executed
In this form it will additionally assign the current element key to the $key variable on each iteration.

<!DOCTYPE html>
                <title>foreach example</title>
                $studentinfo=array (
                foreach ($studentinfo as $key => $value) {
                                echo $key.":".$value."<br>";

Age: 18

Some more examples of for each loop in PHP

Using for each loop on multi-dimensional array:

Suppose we have a courses array and that have three more arrays inside it.
$courses = array(
                'graphics'=>array('Photoshop', 'GIMP', 'Illustrator', 'CorelDraw'),
                'web'=>array('HTML', 'JavaScript', 'PHP', 'Python'),
                'animation'=>array('Maya', 'Cinema 4D', 'AfterEffects', 'Final Cut Pro')

What if we want to print all the courses in table with serial number in each course group. We must understand the use of list() function of PHP.
list() function lists all the values from the concern array one by one.
See the below given example please.

foreach ($courses as list($a, $b, $c, $d)) {
    // $a contains the first element of the nested array,
    // and $b contains the second elements and so on
    echo "A: $a; B: $b; C:$c; D:$d";

If you want to use the list for multidimensional arrays, you can nest several lists:

$array = [
    [1, 2, array(3, 4)],
    [3, 4, array(5, 6)],
foreach ($array as list($a, $b, list($c, $d))) {
    echo "A: $a; B: $b; C: $c; D: $d;<br>";

Will output:

A: 1; B: 2; C: 3; D: 4;
A: 3; B: 4; C: 5; D: 6;
$array = [
    [1, 2, array(3, array(4, 5))],
    [3, 4, array(5, array(6, 7))],

foreach ($array as list($a, $b, list($c, list($d, $e)))) {
    echo "A: $a; B: $b; C: $c; D: $d; E: $e;<br>";
Will output:
A: 1; B: 2; C: 3; D: 4; E: 5;
A: 3; B: 4; C: 5; D: 6; E: 7;

Here in this article you learn how to use for each loop of PHP with single and multi-dimensional array.
The for each loop statement only works with array and object. If we try to use for each loop with other data type we will get an error message.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why Drupal is the best fit for a rich featured websites

If we want to develop any type of website  personal website or community web portals, from e-commerce website to social networking website then Drupal offers us one of the most powerful and flexible CMSs (content management systems) to develop any type of complex website. It works well with complex websites that require many different custom content types and features such as a membership based website. We can use it as a CMS and also as a broader web development platform as Drupal is not only a  but also it is CMF (content management framework).

In Drupal there are more than twenty-five thousand modules and also more than two thousand themes available to be used in just no cost. According to survey hundreds of thousands of developers use it for making custom websites for their clients worldwide.

Reasons why Drupal is the best fit for a rich-featured websites:

1. It's a free of cost and an open source software: In Drupal large number of themes, modules, plug-ins and core software functionalities are available free of cost which reduce web development cost.

 It is Customizable: In terms of block creation, slides creation, layout creation, and design etc, it is very useful. It enable us to provide lots of choice to develop and design a website as per clients requirements. If you are a developer with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, MySQL etc then it is like a PHP framework for you, seriously you can code in PHP here using its advanced APIs to create own modules and themes.

It is fully enterprise -class software: In terms of features like: reliability, scalability, security, manageability and availability of resources it's a better software. Its CRON service is one of the best features that I like most. CRON is an automated service which runs after an interval every time and checks for the updates and various issues to make your website secure and bug free.

4. It also supports extensive API: In Drupal an extensive API support like: facebook, twitter, youtube, linked-in, Google apps, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, etc. We can create own modules by using well-documented API too.

 It's also SEO FriendlyAs we know search engine optimization is playing an important role for the promotion of websites and online marketing strategies for any website or company. Drupal enables us to develop SEO friendly websites. It provides enormous facility to display website content as per search engine like.

Helpful in developing Responsive or mobile friendly websiteDrupal also provides enormous flexibility to develop mobile friendly websites. Drupal has great themes of today's most popular responsive website designing frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, and Skeleton. So, if you are a UI developer then you can customize it at its fullest and if you are not then you have ready to work themes in Drupal for you.

Best modules which make Drupal a super heroic skill CMS: Few modules of Drupal are the pillar of success for it. I want to name out here for you, and they are Ctools(Chaos Tools), Views, Token, Path Auto, Meta SEO, Panel, Rules, CKEditor, Views Accordion, Views Slideshow, IMCE, Views Carousel etc are just few names those making Drupal a leader to developer rich-featured websites without writing a single line of code for most of the websites.

Really Drupal enables us as a developer and designer to develop rich featured, high quality, and quality website that fulfil all the requirements through a website of our client. We can get an attractive and innovative website to attract or entice the users using Drupal.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Practical Differences in Opacity and Alpha in CSS3

Both Opacity and Alpha refers to the same feature: the level of transparency. However, their usage and effect is very different.

1.The “Opacity” means the transparency of an element. “RGBA” stands for Red Green Blue Alpha. RGB will set the color of an object and “Alpha” sets the level of opacity.

2. Opacity is a property. Alpha is the one of the components of RGBA.

3. Opacity affects the entire element (including child elements) on which it is applied, whereas Alpha value will affect the color and level of transparency of the object where it is applied. This can be further explained with below example.

 If a square is made and text is written inside the square and Opacity property is applied, then depending upon the opacity values, transparency effect will be reflected on entire element i.e. both on the shape as well as text. (See Figure 1.)

                                                 Figure 1. Opacity Example

Whereas if the same square and text is made and “Alpha” effect in RGBA is applied then only square will be affected and square color will be changed depending upon the alpha values. Text will remain unaffected. (See Figure 2.)

4. The value of Opacity and Alpha can be an integer or decimal depending upon the values taken between 0-1.

Element would be fully transparent
Any value between 0 (eg. 0.5) and 1
Element would be translucent.
Element would be fully opaque

Learn more about HTML5 and CSS3 at ADMEC Multimedia Institute.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Contribution of IT Training Institute for better Career

Due to the increasing population of India unemployment and underemployment have become quite common today. So, the demand of better career and secure job is also increasing day by day. According to the survey approximate 12 lakhs, students completed technical degree per year. But according to survey 10 to 15 % students get a job after completion of a job.

Here a better training institute pitch in to fill the gap. This type of institute provides required skill to the trainee and make industry ready. Keeping the demand of industry, a well reputed training institute provides a comprehensive training in web design, web development, AutoCAD, Revit, animation, digital marketing, and architect etc. They also partnering with company or industry for offering specialized training and placement. This tie-ups helps training institute to offer other value added services like live project training and certifications to the trainee. 

There are lots of training institute in all over the country which provides excellent , web development, Revit, animation, digital marketing and architect courses to the student. These type of institutes offers short term and long term courses in both classrooms and online mode. Further, they also conduct quiz competitions, workshop, events and all other activity to encourage trainee-industry interaction and also make them ready for face interview.

Let's Consider over some important factors to evaluate before selecting best IT training institute:
1. Evaluation of personal interests and skills: It is necessary evaluate our personal interests and skills before joining any training institute. Some people are proficient in web design, web development where others prefer to acquire software knowledge. There are lots of training institute that help students to achieve their dream career. But few of them also help as a career guidance counsellor to provide adequate career by assessing students strengths and weakness.

2. Evaluation of present industries demands: It is also necessary to understand the latest ongoing demands for professional skills and related job opportunities. A best it training institute instructor always aware about latest industry demand and skills requirement for professionals.

3. Evaluation of institute of accreditation: Completing training from an accredited institute is its own importance. So, before joining the institute it is essential to know is that institute is accredited or not?

4. Evaluation of Fee structure: During the consideration of it training institute, It is important factors to considered the fee incurred by an institute. Some institutes charge hefty amounts while some charge reasonable amount for training courses which can be paid in installment.

5. Evaluation of placement assistance: There are many institutes which that also provide placement to its trainee. It is necessary to analysis the placement record of the training institute.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers careers courses and also provide skills requirement for the trainee. It is one of the well known it training institute, which is ISO Certified 9001:2008 and also provides 100% placement to student. We always trained student using the latest technology and most up to date software, so that student can aware about latest technology which is adopting by industry. 

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