Thursday, June 30, 2016

WordPress Master Course Institute in Delhi, India

WordPress is an open-source content management system, used to develop website or blog. ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers WordPress master course in Delhi, In which you will learn installation and configuration of WordPress for SEO friendly website, E-commerce website, business website etc.

This course is valid for both freshers and working professionals because our training starts with basic and ends with advance level. After completion of course, you will have enough knowledge to create an SEO friendly website, E-commerce website, business website etc. This course provides flexibility to plan, build and launch any types of websites. 
During the course, we cover each aspect of website development, including domain names , hosting, and working with WordPress dashboard to maintain plugins and website look. Our course is designed from a beginners perspective to provide a step by step guide from basic level to advance level. Our course not only covers conceptual framework of a WordPress based system but also covers practical aspects of developing a modern website or a blog.

After completion of WordPress master course you can start with building blocks and installation. After working with building blocks, you can also work on major building blocks of the admin panel. In next step you can create posts, pages, forums etc, easily. Availability of Plugins in WordPress helps a lot to make our website attractive and user friendly. Using plugins, one can add cool gallerias, testimonial, like box, videos etc. Lots of relevant SEO plugins provides facility to develop search engine friendly website. One can choose SEO plugins as per their requirements and uses. 
How Long will this course duration:
  • This course take 2 months to learn, because it’s very easy to understand and is for absolute WordPress master.
Training Mode:

  • Fast-Track (5 classes/week and duration would be 1 month only)
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Only Sundays (Duration 3 months)
  • Online
  • Others 
  • Regular  
  • Wednesday, June 29, 2016

    Learn the Final Cut Pro Software at Reputed Training Institute

    Final Cut Pro is most used in post production process in film-making used for non-linear video editing that a video editor must know. This advance software have all the tools included to work quickly with software with customization options available that gives user full flexibility and control. Multi camera editing tools present in it allow user to cut and edit video from multiple resources.

    If you want to make your dream career in video editing then Post Production Institute is the right place to make your dream true. This institute is the best FCP Training Institute in entire North Delhi region giving quality training in this field. Thousands of students got training here and have positive results in their career. What makes us different from others is the dedicated and distinguished teacher having enough experience.

    Our advance FCP Training methodology not only train you on working over the software, instead it customizes your training according to the workflow.

    In our FCP training institute you will learn to marking clips, using insert, drag and drop editing, audio editing and many more important concepts to know in this training module. Among the other FCP training institutes, our institute focuses on giving practical training, that why we have a updated computer lab with latest version of software installed. We continuously encourages the students at various stages of training and also looks forward for counseling if needed.

    Students have the facility to take our free demo classes who are interested to join this institute. International students also came to PPI for learning video editing techniques on FCP and Adobe After Effects. Students in PPI have made several projects in the mean time of their training schedule and also after the completion of the training.

    Tuesday, June 28, 2016

    Delhi’s “Premier Animation Institute” for beginners as well as working professional

    Are you looking to get advantageous and bright career in the filed of 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, graphic design etc, then visit at least once ADMEC Multimedia Institute for career counseling or training point of view. At ADMEC we inculcate students perfect vision and concepts while offering the rigorous training programs and other activity to improve skills. This process deliver fascinating outcome and consequences within the students.

    Our tremendous training methodology at ADMEC, imparting the best knowledge via quality skills and leading tricks. It helps students to achieve marvelous and glorious careers with wide scope. We offer the best training in 2D & 3D Animation, FCP, VFX, Adobe Premiere Pro, Multimedia, Post Production etc, being the best animation institute in Delhi.
    Latest and updated animation courses offer wide scope of job opportunities in the filed of animation, VFX, multimedia and post production industry. ADMEC offers latest animation training, well expertise trainers and world class environment to students to provide best animation knowledge which shapes the career and bright future of the students.

    Our advanced educational training enable our students to achieve aim. Individual can obtain accurate, best and precise vision of perfection and precision in the animation, VFX, multimedia, post production, graphic design, web design, web development, web promotion, AutoCAD, software courses etc, at ADMEC Multimedia Institute. During the course we motivate and guide all remarkable and glorious careers with latest and real time educational training in Delhi. 

    Smart features of ADMEC Multimedia Institute:
    • Good Track Record
    • Inspiring and Unique Features
    • Industry Experienced Faculty
    • Good Placement Support
    • Real Time Project
    • Portfolio & Resume Development
    • Special Workshops
    • Special Classes
    • Best Student Award Every Months
    • Best Students of the Year
    • Career Counseling etc..

    • In last decades students of ADMEC, Rohini have efficaciously managed to impress some well known industry with their robust subject knowledge and professional capabilities. Hence, over the years, the Delhi’s “premier animation institute”, ADMEC has been going beyond the expectations of students by providing job placements in renowned IT, Animation, Post Production industry. At ADMEC, there is a great platform and a huge source of opportunities for the students to learn and develop strong foundation.

    Best Video Editing Courses in Delhi

    A video editing is done in film-making for post production. In this a video editor do a number of implementation in video and gives a final touch to it. A video editor is only responsible for what we see in the film from starting to end. All the work in this is done through the software's like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and other software's and tools.

    Video Editing includes the following things to do:

    1. Editing the picture

    2. Sound dubbing

    3. Adding visual and special effects

    4. Adjusting the color quality etc.

    The video editing courses mostly involves the training and gaining knowledge in latest trending software's that are used for this purpose. With the demand in this field various institutes starts the specialized video editing courses for professional training and offering video editing concepts to give specialized knowledge over it.

    The availability of various video editing software's has made the editing job easier. So the requirement is only to gain a perfection over these software's ones from reputed training institute.

    Video Editing Institute in Delhi promises to provide best video editing courses that would be beneficial for the student in his growing career. The institute is dedicated to provide a quality education that will add a advance skills to face the world of competition. Where getting a desired job is going to be difficult.

    Our training methodology differs from other educational institute. We ensures that we provide the best and up to date teaching and techniques to our courses.

    Monday, June 27, 2016

    jQuery Introduction and it's Uses

    Hello friends!

    My name is Naresh Pal and this write up is all about the fundamentals of jQuery and I am glad to share my experience and knowledge with you. I am learning it in ADMEC Multimedia Institute, Delhi and I was asked to explain what I learned in my class so I am writing here.
    jQuery is the milestone for the beginners. It is simple and easy to learn. jQuery is good to add front-end-interactivity to web page. It reduces the large codes of JavaScript seamlessly.
    Mr. John Resig is an American software engineer and entrepreneur, best known as the creator and lead developer of the jQuery a JavaScript library and its released by jQuery team in August 26, 2006. jQuery is free, open-source software licensed under the MIT License. 
    What is jQuey?
    jQuery is light weight JavaScript library. Where we write less and do more. The purpose of using jQuery is to make JavaScript code easy. jQuey have a lot of common tasks for a web page in a single line of code, which required many lines if working in JavaScript. We can say that jQuery has the ability to wrap JavaScript multi line code into a single line code.

    jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.
    It is a inbuilt library for JavaScript. So we have to need just basic knowledge of JavaScript (Core & Advanced) like Operators, Conditions, Loops, Objects, function, Array etc. and we can have good command in jQuery then easily.

    Why we use jQuey?
    When we want to develop a dynamic website, we have a need of at least these three primary tools to build it i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    We can create data structure and presentation using HTML5 and CSS3, but if we want to add some logic's or behaviors to our web page for good front end interactivity, we will accomplish such tasks using JavaScript.

    When we code a program in JavaScript to perform a simple event to our web page. We have to write many lines of code for very small task after having a good command over JavaScript Core and Advanced. Large code takes more development time and diminish the performance of application or website. Writing in plan JavaScript involves various cross browser issues too and seriously that sucks badly.

    jQuery is a complete solution for this. jQuery is the library of JavaScript means developers of jQuery simplify the JavaScript code. The purpose of jQuery is to make JavaScript code as much easier as it can be with all the cross browser solutions so jQuery purpose is “write less, do more”.
    How to use jQuey?
    We just have to follow some steps as given below:
    STEP 1 : First we have to download jQuery file from we have to keep this file in our root folder.
    STEP 2 : At the end of body section of HTML page start the script tag and place the source of jquey.js file as follows;
                    <title> ...........</title>
        <! – Write your HTML code here -->
            <script type="text/javascript"  src="(path)/jQuery.js"></script>
        // your Query goes here
    Getting Started with jQuery
    jQuery or $
    Both of them are same so you can use alternatively. $ is mostly used for 'jQuery' because it is short and fast to write.
    Note: Don't use $ if it is conflicting with some other libraries being used in same app.
    Example: Say “hello world”
    alert(‘Hi ! here I am getting start with jQuery’);
    Result :

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