Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ten Essential Traits of a Successful Graphic Designer:

Graphic Design is the art and skill of communicating an idea and information through interactive designs. The term “Graphic” represents artistic which focuses on visual presentation and communication. If you are creative one, then you can search you career in the field of graphic design.

There are plenty of courses available to be a professional in graphic design. You can select certificate, degree or diploma courses. If you have decided to achieve profession in graphic design, then you must have a clear vision about the different profession.

Graphic Design as a Career:

The advent of technology and information has become huge and the internet has further fulfill the need of everyone to be present on the web. Lots of information available on the internet as well as computer. So, the demand of better designs, layouts, logo, banner etc, has grown in many area. And this directly led to rise in the demand of quality graphic designers.

Scope of Graphic Designing:

The scope of graphic designing is huge and it's covers everything from designing, logo, banner to art works, advertising designing, brochures and web pages. Graphic Design field where in one can make a good living by working home or freelance. The demand has increased, but still there is a rush in the market. Unlike the other professionals, graphic designers can often trade on their creativity, ideas, talent, and portfolio as much, if not more, than their formal qualifications.

How to become a successful graphic designer:

To start a career in graphic designing, one needs a degree, diploma or certificate from a decently reputed institute. There are lots of training institute which offers graphic design courses. You can manually search graphic design institutes in Delhi, using internet and join best one from them. Apart from these a professional graphic designer needed special characteristics, qualities and mindset in today's ever changing creative industry.

Ten essential traits of a successful graphic designer:

  • Communication
  • Curiosity
  • Passion and Drive
  • Openness
  • Ability to Take Criticism
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-doubt
  • Patience
  • Reliability
  • Evolution

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Short Term and Long Term Courses in Image Editing, Video Editing and Post Production

ADMEC offers a various range of short, long term, customize post production image editing and video editing courses for complete beginners, working professional, filmmakers and anyone in between. We are based in Delhi along with our associated partners video editing institute and post production institute to deliver high quality training.

Our courses are two months to 24 months long depending upon you whether you are looking for certificate course or diploma course. Our courses explores critical, media, visual, and digital literacy and develops participants' skills in using digital imaging technologies across multiple screens.

Our Short Term Courses:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Premiere pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Flash
  • Apple Motion
  • Autodesk maya
  • AutoDesk 3Ds Max
Long Term Courses:
In addition to our basics courses in animation and post production we offer specialist courses for sketching, drawing, social researchers, advertising designer, film producer and students interested in film industry and post production industry. We also provide special classes and workshops, for our diploma students who want guidance on developing their ideas in film industry, advertising industry, post production industry etc.

Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the course students will be able to:
1. Understand critical media literacy, visual literacy and film grammar.....
2. Use a range of digital screen technologies
3. Understand and engaging in the process of film making and film study in the classroom..
4. Learn, how to work with real time project...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Develop Rich Featured Websites Using Drupal CMS

With so many CMS available free of cost, it is important to make sure, how to start with best CMS that provides rich features and themes for your website. In today's fashion, if you are a developer or want to develop a website in Drupal which stands out among thousands of others??? For this, your website needs to be attractive, responsive, user friendly, and SEO friendly too. But more than that, your website design needs to speak to audience.

There are more than one million websites in more than 200 languages currently using Drupal CMS. Approximate 25000 developers constantly building and offering massive themes, resources and modules to make Drupal as a viable alternative for developing your website on an free of cost open source CMS and platform.

So, do you need to know how to start blog and website that are unique, attractive and search engine friendly for that? Below are some most important SEO related modules in Drupal.
  • Page Title
  • Path Redirect
  • Global Redirect
  • Metatag
  • Search 404
  • XML Sitemap
  • Site Verification
  • Google Authorship
  • Links Checker
  • Taxonomy Title
  • HTML Purifier
  • Menu Attributes
  • Footer-map
  • Pathauto
  • Sub-Pathauto
  • Content Optimizer
  • Site map
  • Google Analytics
Doing programming in Drupal is not different from any other kind of programming. If you learn it from professional trainer. Drupal has it's own architecture, API's and modules, along with programming standards and best practices. So learning Drupal with API's, architecture and modules will be best way to avoid mistakes.

Advantage of using Drupal:
  • It incorporates all basic features that you may need to manage content effectively. The Core version of Drupal offers basic utility features such as RSS-feeds, user sign-up, page customization, menu arrangement and system administration.
  • It offers us various modules, which can be used for creating building blocks for websites. Using this modules we can create and manage content and rules quickly. Using built-in themes and templates to create user friendly, responsive and attractive website.
  • It facilitates many easy ways for better organization of content.
  • More than 8000+ plugins allow us to add new capabilities to our development forte. Most of the plugins are available free to download and easy to use so that we can use as many plugins as we feel like to enhance the functionality of our websites.
    If you are looking to learn or enhance knowledge in Drupal, you can visit ADMEC Multimedia Institute. We have two courses called Drupal Master Course and Drupal Standard Course, you can choose any of these courses according to your requirement. 
Source:  http://www.sooperarticles.com/internet-articles/cms-articles/develop-rich-featured-websites-using-drupal-cms-1514603.html

Monday, August 8, 2016

Job Oriented Courses in Animation, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development

We at ADMEC Multimedia Institute provide wide range of job oriented courses and prepare student to make their career in the industry of animation, post production, advertising, graphic design, IT etc...

ADMEC is a leading animation, multimedia, post production, graphic design, web design, web development training institute established 10 years ago. The institute has one decade of successful history in education sector and well-known as the trend setter in animation, multimedia, post production and IT related courses and training.

There are lots of training institutes across the world, but ADMEC is one of the best institutes for candidates who are looking for animation, multimedia, graphic design, post production, web design and web development institute in North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi and Delhi-NCR. Availability of highly experienced trainers with the huge specialization in their respective fields, who provide full support to all the students are the inspiration for many students in our institute. They share all essential concepts which really help students to implement their concepts in their real world projects.

Institute believes in conducting various activities at the center for 360 degree grooming of its students. The academic calendar includes special classes, workshops, quizzes, events, design competitions, best student of award, best student of year and various extracurricular activities which give students ample exposure.

ADMEC offers various short term certificate and long term diploma courses in animation, multimedia, post production, web, graphic, architect etc… Both diploma and certificate courses are based on latest technologies and design applications as per the current trends which make students compatible for the professional front.

Diploma Courses:
  • Graphic Master Plus
  • Graphic Premium
  • Web Master
  • Web Premium
  • Animation Master
  • Post Production Master
  • Post Production Premium
  • Multimedia Master
  • Multimedia Standard Course
We have a special practice lab, sketching room, well organized library, high-end infrastructure etc. These are some top reasons which listed us in top animation, multimedia, post production, graphic design, web design and web development institutes. Apart from these facilities students can find a perfect blend of creativity and modern technology along with study materials and proven skills to prove them on professional level.

To ensure quality, ADMEC Multimedia Institute rigorously focuses on research, development and creative skills of students and prepares them for industry level through project based training. We provide online and classroom training as per the students choice in India as well as for international students.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Latest Up-dated Courses in Animation, Multimedia and Post-production

Using animation we make sense of the world: doors swing open, birds flying in the air, little girl lips curl into smiles etc etc. Even we can represent all the things that fell instantaneous, like rain fall on the tree, light striking, instant collision between cars etc... It's all possible through motion, which clarify how objects relate and do functions e.g. they are light or heavy, soft or hard, connected or disconnected, sticky or slippery.

In real life we can easily analyze the effect of animation on the web in the blink of the eye. A single click is enough to analyze all effects.

If you are interested to learn animation and improving animation skills then you must visit once ADMEC Multimedia Institute. We have designed professional courses in animation under the guidance of industry expert trainer. You can improve your career under our best global trainers in 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, FCP, Maya, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc....

Our Different Animation Related Courses are:
  • Animation Standard
  • Post Production Master
  • Post Production Premium
  • Multimedia Standard Course
  • Autodesk Maya
  • 3D Max Course
  • Cinema 4D
  • FCP Master
  • Adobe After Effects Course
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
After the turns of the century, the animation industry has become democratized and it is gaining a high rank in all aspects. Lots of applications are developed during this duration, and due to this software limitations have delimited completely. Using high end software anyone with any imagination and creative ambition can create high quality video and then be shown to global audience in an extremely extra ordinary way that wasn't achievable few years ago. In last decades animation encompasses motion graphics, short films, featured films, advertising, mobile games, TV cartoons etc. 

According to a recent research 55% Indians like to watch movies and videos using their phones while there are approx 22 crore (220 M) mobile users. Smart TV is going to be a new revolution in India soon and expecting more views in coming years. Animation has undoubtedly become more accessible.

Whether you are just looking career in the industry of animation, films, post production, advertising, and IT or working as freelancer but lacks a little or heavily in some of the software or languages, then ADMEC courses will be a perfect option to give your career a shape. Now it's time to grab your ultimate knowledge about video editing and image editing applications. 

Training Mode:
    Weekends (Sat/Sun)
    Only Sundays

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Latest Up-dated Web Development Courses

The web is a continuous changing platform, which play host to tons of amazing websites. If you don't have a complete knowledge to show of your work, then you are one step behind towards latest technology. Because when you start creating a website, apps, software, or portal for web, you need to have a solid command over primary languages and latest updated tools of web development.

ADMEC Multimedia offers more than 50 dedicated courses to help you in learning and applying latest web related knowledge according to the need of a website. These courses are the perfect starting point for your web development, web apps development, software development, and any type of portal related development. You will learn everything from basics to advance level and will be pro in no time.

Some Important web design and web development courses:
  • Web Master
  • Web Premium
  • Web Standard
  • JavaScript Master
  • JavaScript Master Plus
  • AngularJS Master Course
  • Advanced E-commerce Course
  • AJAX Master Course
  • Advanced WordPress Course
  • Web Development Master Course
  • E-commerce Standard
  • Web Development Standard Course
  • Magento Master
  • Software Development Languages
  • PHP Master
  • PHP Standard
  • Advanced Python Course
  • jQuery Master
  • Bootstrap Master
During the course of the day you will learn lots of tips and techniques, from all important aspects such as working out on real time web project, how to create layout of website? Which website will be user friendly and how to create them? and how to promote websites and apps in SERP? You will also learn, where to focus your attention in order to achieve desired output?

Some Salient Features:
  • Special Classes
  • Workshops
  • Quizzes
  • Design Competitions
  • User Experience Classes
  • Commercial/ Applied Art Classes
  • Best Placement Assistance
Whether you are just looking career in web development or working as a freelance or in IT industry but lacks a little or heavily in some of the software or languages, then ADMEC courses will be perfect way to give your career a boost.Now it's time to grab your ultimate web development knowledge, you can visit our website right now www.admecindia.co.in.

Training Mode:
    Weekends (Sat/Sun)
    Only Sundays

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

jQuery vs. JavaScript: Which One is Better

In beginning many web developers were confused about the term jQuery and JavaScript. And they are aware to know what is actually difference between jQuery and JavaScript. But they may surprise to know that both are same. Generally jQuery is a set of JavaScript API, which is designed to simplify HTML document traversing, animation, event handling and Ajax interactions.

But according to our choice to be a professional developer you must have a solid command over JavaScript. If you are not aware about using JavaScript for website development, check out Javascript MasterCourse. Once you aware about JavaScript Language, you might analyze that jQuery Master Course fulfill most of your requirements and it's requires less coding than conventional JavaScript may require.

Introduction of JavaScript

JavaScript is scripting language which is developed to use within web browser. It is widely used for interface interactions. Slides show and another interactive components can easily done using this language.

JavaScript also widely used in creating game development, web applications, server side programming etc. New standards in JavaScript forces all web browsers to implement JavaScript formally, which reduces developers time and frustration trying to debug code for a specific web browsing client.

jQuery Introduction:
In early days when jQuery was not developed, web developer created their own frameworks in JavScript. These frameworks allowed developers to work around some specific bugs without wasting of time. Later a group of developers created JavaScript libraries, which was open source and free of cost and generally called JavaScript libraries.

So jQuery is a library of JavaScript developed by John Resig. It is easy to use and extremely powerful in comparison to other JavaScript libraries.

Which one is better?
Developer spend lot of time debating whether jQuery or JavaScript is best???? But the truth is that there is no correct answer of this question.... Either can be selected for development point of view, because whatever effects we perform using JavaScript, that effects can achieve using jQuery.
Some web development projects require traditional JavaScript, however jQuery is sufficient for most web development projects. Although jQuery may be preferably a choice for experienced developer, but as a fresher web developer should still take the time to learn both JavaScript and jQuery.

One biggest difference between jQuery and JavaScript is that jQuery has been optimized to support variety of browsers automatically. But Unfortunately JavaScript still has some issues with cross-browser compatibility due to poor JavaScript implementation.


$ (‘body’) .css (‘background’, ‘#ccc’);


Function changeBachground(color) {
document.body.style.background = color;
document.bgColor = color;
window.onload= “changeBackground (‘red’)”;

A single line of code accomplishes same result in jQuery, what it take 4 lines of JavaScript code.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

11 Feature's to be a Creative & Professional Artist and their Correspondence Institute

Creative artists play an important role in the post production industry, film industry, game industry, advertising industry, IT industry etc. They are fully responsible for making sure that the final art designed is either follow or not design pillars, that have been defined early on.

A professional and creative artists face exciting and fun challenges every time. They don't only embrace the technology changes according to digital painting process and learn latest software, but they are also excepted to regularly improve traditional drawing and painting techniques.

Lets try to discuss the role of professional and creative artist within various industry and their significant role to give final look.
  1. Knowledge of all pillars of art
  1. Share your thought process to the director of art
  1. Always develop your concepts with photo reference
  1. Design Sketch up when require
  1. Always stay in touch with the lighting department
  1. Always prefer 3D tools when developing concepts
  1. Never forgot the deadline
  1. If any doubt, discuss with colleagues are your best advisers
  2. Always share art with VFX team
  1. Always takes feedback's from your colleagues are your best advisers
  1. Understand the production value
If you are interested to improve your creativity, then you can join ADMEC Multimedia Institute to become more creative, innovative and great artist. Layout artist essential course at ADMEC is a wonderful program within 2 months to be a successful artist. This course fully suited for design media professionals who have better understanding of graphic designing skills but lack in immense visualization and sketching skills.

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