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Why we choose Multimedia Courses After 10+2

Why we choose Multimedia Courses After 10+2
Why we choose Multimedia Courses After 10+2

In the endearing world of media coupled with growing popularity of internet, brings a tremendous increase within the demand of multimedia and its technologies across the globe. Presently the term multimedia has emerged as a career discipline offering wide range of highly paid career options worldwide.
Multimedia refers to optimum combination of text, graphics, animation, audio, video, interactivity and presenting information in an eye catchy manner. The main purpose of multimedia technologies is to amplify the quality of information to be conveyed to the target audience. Multimedia encompasses various sub streams in its orbit i.e. Animation, Web, Graphics, Post Production, CAD, etc… All these streams are interlinked and can even be taken up as independent subject or career option. Students can gain proficiency either in multimedia or any of its sub-streams. And the best part is aspiring candidates can begin these courses right after their 10th or 12th.  Even a non-technical person can register himself/herself in multimedia courses or any of its branches. 

Scope of Multimedia

In essence the scope of multimedia isn’t only confined to entertainment industry but can be found everywhere, be it education sector, web, medicine, print & advertising industry, news, public awareness, etc…In-fact multimedia has boosted all these areas with thousands of job opportunities.
A qualified multimedia designer can designate himself as a freelancer Multimedia Professional, Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Image Editor, Web Designer, Advertising Designer, 3D Animator, Audio/Video Artist, Walkthrough Designer, etc…    
With the improved technology and flexibility to express ideas in several ways, Print and Advertising industries are growing at a faster pace. N variety of color combinations gives freedom to the designers to think out of the box and create inventive designs for printing materials. With the advent of Animation in film & entertainment industry, one of the biggest industries of the world has changed the total state of affairs. The field offers thousands of job opportunities for creative professionals.  
The world has shrunken over cyberspace and Web Design & Development is the most amazing gift of multimedia technologies. Web combining with different elements of multimedia technologies such as sound mixing, videos & animation attracts millions of people over internet every day. In this fast-paced life, internet provides an unbelievable network of online searching and shopping covering almost all sort of goods & services that one can imagine. 
Next major field is that the Education. Speedy technological up gradation and use of excessive multimedia technologies has opened a broad range of career options in the respective field. Educators now shift from traditional blackboard teaching to smart class technologies. These smart class technologies comprise of audio-video presentations, 2D & 3D animation movie, films etc… 

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