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Divide and Measure Command in AutoCad

Point- Points can explain as nodes which can snap objects. We can use it by applying command as P + ENTER. We can use it to specify different sections of the object . Example in electrical circuits where two or more wires connects together then there we use point to highlight it

Divide:- Divide is a command to points several partitions or segments on a line by pointing with different type of point styles . We can choose it as from


Or we can use it by command as DIV + ENTER

In divide command first we apply command and then select the object that we want to divide and then we give the value of mo. of partitions or segments and then press enter . There is no need of giving the value of length on which we want to perform divide operation. We can also use blocks instead of points to divide the object in partitions .

Measure :- In measure command we can perform same operation for divide the object in partitions but the difference is that in divide command there is no need to insert the value of the length of the object on which we want to perform divide operation but in measure command we have to give the value of the length of the object on which we want to preform the divide operation . we can perform measure command from:


Or we can use command as ME + ENTER 
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Control Statements in JavaScript

A conditional statement is a set of instructions that executes depending upon the condition is true or false.

As per MDN, JavaScript supports two conditional statements if…else and switch case.

JavaScript is a computer language mainly used for making Interactive websites under Web development. 
if statement:
Statements inside if will be executed if the expression is true. If the expression is false then no statements will be executed. We will be using comparison operators to evaluate the expression.
if (expression)
          statements will be executed only if the expression is true
      <script type="text/javascript">
         var age = prompt('Enter your age plz');
         if( age >=18 ){
         alert("Qualifies for driving");

Enter your age plz: 25
Qualifies for driving.
If we enter age greater than 18 then it will execute the statement otherwise will come out.

if ….else statement
It is the next form of control statements which allows to execute statements depending upon the expression is true or false.


if (expression)
           statements will be executed only if the expression is true
else {
          statements will be executed only if the expression is false
      <script type="text/javascript">
      var age = prompt('Enter ur age plz');
      if( age >=18 ){
      alert("Qualifies for driving");
        alert(“Doesn’t qualify for driving”);
Enter your age plz: 25
Qualifies for driving
Enter your age plz: 15
Doesn’t qualify for driving

If age is greater than or equal to 18 then it will execute the if statement otherwise will execute the else statement.

if else if statement:

This is more advanced form of if..else that will execute statements on the basis of given conditions. It is useful in the case of multiple conditions. In this case only the first logical condition which is true will be executed.This can also be known as nested if statements.

if (expression1){
        statements will be executed only if the expression2 is true
else if (expression2){
       statements will be executed only if the expression2 is true
else if (expression3){
       statements will be executed only if the expression3 is true
else {
      statements will be executed only if the expression is false

      <script type="text/javascript">
      var book = prompt('Enter bookname');
      if( book = ‘Kiterunner’ ){
      alert("It comes under fiction category");
      else if( book = ‘Wasted in Engineering’ ){
      alert("It comes under non fiction category");
      else if( book = ‘A history of India’ ){
      alert("It comes under history category");
     alert(‘Unknown category’);

It will display the result on the basis of the choices given. If we will enter Kiterunner in the prompt box, thenIt comes under fiction category’ will be the output. If we will enter any bookname which is not mentioned, example ‘Madhushala’, then result will be ‘unknown category’. For comparison use == (equal operator). For comparison don’t use =. ‘=’ is used for assigning values not for comparing them.

The main objective of switch case is to execute different statements given on the basis of expression given. Each case statement will be checked against the expression given until a match is found. If nothing founds default statement will be executed. Break is very important after each statement. If we will not give it then every statement will be executed.
switch (expression)
    case condition 1: statement(s)
    case condition 2: statement(s)
    case condition n: statement(s)
    default: statement(s)

<!DOCTYPE html>
           <title>Switch Case</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
      var time = new Date();
      var myday = time.getDay();
         case 0:
         alert('it is sunday');
         case 1:
         alert('it is monday')
         case 2:
         alert('it is tuesday')
         case 3:
         alert('it is wednesday')
        case 4:
        alert('it is thursday')
        case 5:
        alert('it is friday')
        case 6:
        alert('it is saturday')

In the above example, new Date() function will display the current date and date with time zone. 
In the above example, new Date() function will display the current date and date with time zone. The getDay() function in JavaScript returns the weekday as a number between 0 and 6. (Sunday=0, Monday=1, Tuesday=2, Wednesday =3, Thursday=4, Friday=5, Saturday=6). Result will be current day and it will execute the case depending upon on which day it has been executed. For example. If we are executing it today, i.e. 21st April 2016. It will find the match with Case 4 and execute it. Result will be “it is Thursday”.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Uses of Lenthen Command

    Short Cut:-LEN+enter:

    • This command is used to extend or trim the length of a line and an object.
    • If we apply positive value it extend the value of object as mentioned and it work similar to extend.
            Ex:- (5) extend value of line by value 5.
    • If we apply negative value it trim the value of object as mentioned and work similar to trim.
            Ex :- (-5)trim value of line by value 5.

    Steps to open lengthen command:

    Modify (go to ->)lengthen(if short cut command not known).
    It has four sub tools
    • Delta
    • Percentage
    • Total
    • Dynamic


    • Short cut command:-DE+enter
    • By this command we can extend or trim the value of an object
      Range{-x to +x}.
    • If we apply value in (+)x it will extend the line (+)x direction.
    • If we apply value in (-)x it will trim the line (-)x.
    • In this we doesn't have to specify the point on object line. we can click anywhere on the object line and it will increase or decrease the value.
    • If point of click is before center point than above part get extend or trim as per value given.
    • If point of click is after center point than tail part get extend or trim as per value given.


    • Short cut command :- P+ enter
    • Similar to delta command.
    • It will increase or decrease the value of line as per specified value in percentage.


    • Short cut command:- T+enter
    • It will also extend and trim the value of object.
    • But in this when we apply value positive to the object and if point of click is before center than we get mentioned value before center and if click after center than we get mentioned value in tail portion.
            Ex:-total line length 100
            We get 20 as per click of point.
    • And if we apply negative value to the object and if pont of click is before center than we get value as per our requirement and if click after center than we get required value in tail portion.
             Ex:-total line length 100
             T+ enter
             We get 80 as per click of point


    • Short cut command: -dy+enter
    • By this we can have dynamic shorting and lengthening of an object.
    • We can also enter free value by using this sub tools.
    • When we apply this command it ask 1st to select 1st point and than is ask to select 2nd point and if point of click applied i.e before of after and also value entered is positive or negative we get the result.
    Although lengthen command in AutoCad is similar to trim and extend but it has certain advantage over above command
    • Trimming and extending of an object by using same command only we have to specify value.
    • By using trimming command we can only trim intersect or overlapped area only
    • For using extend command, we have to specify some boundaries or target to the object.
    [To repeat last command again and again use “space bar”.]
    Also we can check the value of object which we increased or decreased by using DLI command.

    Monday, April 25, 2016

    Understand Core Difference between JavaScript and jQuery

    JavaScript is a computer language mainly used for making Interactive websites under Web development. It provides a rich user experience for the websites. It is used along with HTML and CSS. HTML defines the content and CSS is used to give appearance like background color, fonts etc to web page. The main purpose of JavaScript is to add behavior to the page without loading a new page. We only make a static website by using HTML and CSS, JavaScript add interaction with the visitor and improves visitor experience. JavaScript is also used not only over the web but also in PDF documents, desktop widgets etc.

    jQuery is a JavaScript library having pre-written JavaScript codes. jQuery makes the coding easy for JavaScript web developers. It is the set of codes written in JavaScript. Every thing in jQuery is derived from JavaScript.

    The core difference between them is that, JavaScript is a programming language and jQuery is library. jQuery is nothing without JavaScript. If we write code in JS it's takes time but in jQuery, there is no necessities to write much scripting.

    JavaScript is based on Object Oriented Programming while jQuery is cross platform library to make client side scripting easy. jQuery allows to focus on the problem and no need to take care about the JS code. We can do complex thing by writing a single statement in the editor that if we do same in JS needs lots of coding and debugging.

    Following are the main difference between JQ and JS:
    • JavaScript works with ECMA and DOM while jQuery has only DOM
    • Animation are possible with JQ
    • jQuery supports Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet explorer while JavaScript runs on all major browsers.
    • jQuery written in JavaScript

    Both jQuery and JavaScript have almost equal performance speed. jQuery has been tried in the course of recent years and it turned out to be quick and predictable.

    advantage to adding jQuery:
    • Wide range of plugins available
    • It is light weight compared to other frameworks of JS
    • Easy to extend an active community
    • Uses simple and powerful syntax
    JavaScript advantages and disadvantages:

    • Executed on the client side
    • Relatively fast to the end user
    • Uses extended functionality
    • Fights with security
    • Irregularity as far as usefulness and interface.
    Jquery is a good framework for JavaScript, which is easily works with compatible browser. But for jQuery one should have proper understanding of JavaScript. It is simple and have many pre-made plugins and widgets. On the other hand JS is good for client side development using jQuery.

    Panel in AutoCad

    Panel is a circuit that used to control the electricity of any building or house or in industries from a single unit which we call panel once electricity is carried beyond our meter it is distributed to lights and appliances throughout the house by several electrical circuits. The distribution center or main panel and smaller sub panels used to control the various electrical circuits .

    A distribution board (also known as panel board or breaker) panel is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclose. Distribution panel is also referred as breaker panel, circuit breaker electrical panel, fuse box. A panel basically contains following components or elements as Neutral and hot wires ,Breaker (main breaker, double pole breaker, single pole breaker, 15 amp afi breaker), Wire gauge (12 gauge wire, 14 gauge wire, 10 gauge wire, 8 gauge or 6 gauge wire), Ground wires.

    NEUTRAL WIRES :- Current flows from panel toward the load along the hot wires and returns along the neutral each hot wire’s copper tip ultimately connects to its control switch at the circuit breaker and each neutral connects to a common terminal called a bus bar .

    MAIN BREAKER :- This is a on/off switch to the entire breaker panel. A 200 amp breaker is appropriate for a home upwards of 2000 square feet. Smaller buildings can use 150 amp or 100 amp, small homes and sub panels can use a little as 50 amp.

    DOUBLE POLE BREAKER :- Uses the entire 240 volts available to the panel. The 15 amp and 20 amp breakers often handle base band heaters, 30 amp serve water heaters and electric dryers, 40 and 50 amp are for electric ranges and 70 amp could serve a large air conditioners or a sub panel.

    SINGLE POLE BREAKER :- The 15 amp and 20 amp are all purpose breakers running everything from lights and outlets to garage door openers.

    15 amp AFI BREAKER :- Arc fault circuit interrupter breakers can prevents fires caused by accidental electrical discharge.


    12 GAUGE WIRE :- Common for low demand connections to light switches and outlets attached to either 15 0r 20 amp breakers.

    14 GAUGE WIRE:- Too thin for everything other then 15 amp breakers under small loads.

    10 GAUGE WIRE:- Appropriate for a two pole 20 amp breaker or a single pole 30 amp breaker.

    8 GAUGE OR 6 GAUGE WIRE :- Used for 40 , 50 and 60 amp two pole breakers, large appliances also used for sub panels.

    GROUND WIRES :- Grounding prevents a conductor not meant to carry current ( such as the metal side of a cloths dryers ) from causing injury if it’s emergized by a frayed hot wire . In a properly grounded system appliances and metal boxes connect back to the grounding bus of the breaker panel from there the system is grounded to the earth via buried ground rods .

    Hope, you understood all the concepts related to panels in AutoCAD. 

    If you want to be a master of electrical AutoCAD then joining CAD Training Institute would be the right option for you. CTI is one of the leading AutoCAD training institutes which offers professional training under the guidance of industry experts. 

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    AutoCAD Design Overview and it's Specialization Area

    • Computer designing software used for 2D, 3D and drafting.
    • Developed and marketed by Autodesk.
    • First released: - December, 1992 on microcomputer with internal graphics controller.
    • Available 
      • Desktop application:-1982.
      • Mobile application:-2010.
    • Used: - By Industries, By architects, Project Managers, Engineers, Graphics Designers and other Professionals.
    • Five most common specialization areas are:-
            A. Mechanical Drafters: - Plans for machinery and mechanical devices.
            B. Architectural Drafters: - Plan for residential and commercial buildings.
            C. Civil Drafters: - Plan for use in design and building of roadways, bridges, sewer, systems and major projects. 
            D. Electrical Drafters: - Prepare diagrams of wiring electrical system layouts, panel designing cable designing electrical project designing, switch yard and sub-station designing. 
            E. Electronics Drafting: - Wiring diagram for use in the making, installing and repairing of electronic gadgets.
    • Native file format (extension): -
    [ dwg.]
    AutoCAD DXF drawing exchange format, allow importing and exporting drawing information.
    • It is:
    •          a. Available in: - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Brazilian Portuguese.
                     b. Later on: -Russian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian.
    • It supports APIs for customization and automation. It include AutoLISP, VisualLISP, NET, VBA, ObjectARX (C++ CLASS LIBRARY).
              Base For:
            a. Products extending AutoCAD functionality to specific fields.
            b. Creating products like AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical , AutoCAD Civil 3D or, 
            c. Third party AutoCAD based application.
    • Variants: -
               a. AutoCAD LT: - Lower cost version ,reduced capabilities, old version(November 1993), can’t be used on multiple machines, doesn’t support LISP, ARX, NET, VBA.
               b. AutoCAD 360:- account based mobile, web application, friendly to multiple machines, online access to drawing, flash based software (“smart pen” mode) linking to third party cloud-based storage. 
               c. Student version: - licensed for free(student and teacher)- 18th month renewable licensed.

    Overview of AutoCAD Design

    2D Drafting:-lines, circle, arcs, polylines, rectangles, polygons, splines, points, text, area hatching, lengthen, construction lines, extrude, trim, ray etc…
    3D Modeling:- surface modeling, solid modeling,3D primitives include boxes wedges, cones, cylinders, spheres.3Dimages wireframe images, hidden line images, shading and rendering images.
    Extrude and revolve solids from 2D objects and Boolean operation to 3D objects (union, subtraction, intersection). Operation to 2D and 3Dobject moving, copy-paste, mirror, rotating, erasing. View and zoom panel (UCS:-user coordinate system). Dimensioning and Tolerancing , linear dimensions, angular dimensions, radius dimensions, diameter dimensions, base line dimensions continuous dimensions, leader, sixe and geometric tolerances. Object layer, color, line types, groups, blocks, attribute, references, Plotting Generation of post Script files.

    Five primary areas of the AutoCAD graphics window:-

    • MenuBar: pull-down menus are accessed through the menu bar.
    • Status Bar: provide status information including color, layer, coordinate display etc…. 
    • Drawing Area: the centre area called drawing area, area in which we draw drawing. 
    • Screen Menu: AutoCAD original menu interface, but now primarily used for option selection. 
    • Command line: It is area where we enter command and option from the keyword.
    All menu items are organized in a hierarchical data structure.

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    Job Opportunities in Multimedia Courses

    The demand of multimedia is on pick in last few years. It has emerged as an effective medium of communication and the popularity of multimedia is growing day by day. Due to popularity of multimedia peoples are using it as tool for success of a business and services. This process has also opened many job opportunities for a peoples.

    Small, medium and large industry have been able to reap maximum benefits from multimedia for their brand building needs.

    Interactive media conversions effortlessly with electronic applications and a developing number of elements are applying sight and sound systems in their own particular sites and also offshoot locales for showcasing needs. The developing utilization of interactive media has opened a few employment opportunities in this division. A cosmopolitan spot like Delhi involves business ventures of each limit, beginning from MNCs to one man run associations and since they all need mixed media, in this manner the openings for work in a spot like Delhi is additionally gigantic. This has brought about an expansion in the interest for multimedia courses in Delhi. Delhi being the capital demonstrations like a magnet for individuals from all over Northern India.

    A complete interactive media course would include preparing on design, it would educate the utilization of programming like Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Understudies are then taught on story loading up, which is critical for synchronizing the message that must be imparted through sight and sound. Story boarding is trailed by lessons on liveliness that implants life into still pictures. Activity conveys movement to the entire procedure; there are two well known liveliness strategies in particular 2D and 3D. Interactive media understudies are likewise taught about sound, direct and non straight altering.

    There are a few types of sight and sound, when we are discussing interactive media at a bigger level it would include graphically enlivened motion pictures, recreations and laser appears. Interactive media promotions are a major hit nowadays in electronic and advanced media. There are occasions when even corporate motion pictures are made in the interactive media design. Diversions have dependably been extremely prevalent and they are likewise a part of the developing group of sight and sound. They are clubbed as non-straight sight and sound since advancement of the media is controlled by the viewer. Laser demonstrates have risen as an exceedingly diverting medium for wholesome family stimulation, the late laser demonstrate that was shown amid the opening function of the IPL 2010 stands as an illustration to this. A laser show implanted with sound and music is likewise clubbed under interactive media.

    In this manner it can be convincingly presumed that multimedia is the future and it opens a few streets for achievement.

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    JavaScript String Methods

    JavaScript will store any text inside double quotes “” or single quotes ‘’.
    Example: “My first Java Program” or ‘My first Java Program’.

    JavaScript String Methods:
    1. indexOf()
    The index of method will return the first occurrence of a particular text in a string.
    Example: var a = "My name is Arun. My father's name is Ashok";
    In the above example name is appearing twice. But it will take the position of the first time “name” and will return 3 .
    Result: 3
    1. lastIndexOf()
    The index of method will return the first occurrence of a particular text in a string.
    Example: var a = "My name is Arun. My father's name is Ashok";
    In the above example name is appearing twice. But it will take the position of the last position of “name” and will return 29 .
    Result: 29
    Both the indexOf(), and the lastIndexOf() methods return -1 if the text is not found.
    1. toUpperCase()
    It will convert the string in uppercase.
    Example:  var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    1. toLowerCase()
    It will convert the string in uppercase.
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    Result: live life to the fullest
    1. length
    It will return length of the string.
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    It will count total letters in a string and blank spaces too and return total value of
    Result: 24
    1. charAt()
    It will return character for the given position.
      Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
                     Result: v
    For Invalid values:-
      Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
          Result: Null

    1. substr()
    Syntax: substr(Begin Index, no. of values)
    Begin index will take the position of the character in a string and will display values depending upon the index value and number given.
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    Result: ve lif

    For Invalid values:-
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    Result: Nothing

    1. substring()
    Syntax: substr(Begin Index, End Index)
    Begin index will take the position of the character in a string and will display values depending upon the index value and number given.
     Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
                    Result: ve lif
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
                   Result: Nothing

    1. Match()
    It will match the value given with the string and return it.
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    Result: l
    For Invalid values:-
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    Result: Null
    1. Replace()
    It will replace a specified value with the given value in the string.
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
                   alert(a.replace(‘l’ , ‘m’));
    Result: Mive mife to the fummest
    Example: var a = "Live life to the fullest";
                  alert(a.replace(‘o’ , ‘z’));
    Result: Live life to the fullest
    It will return the string as it is.
    1. Search()
    This method will search the sting for the given value and returns the position of the value.
    Example:  var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    Result: 5, not 0 because JavaScript is case sensitive. If we will search L, then it will
    return 0.Also it will include blank spaces while counting the position.

    For Invalid values:-
    Example:  var a = "Live life to the fullest";
    Result: -1

    Regular expression is used to perform all types of text searches/replace operations on the basis of given modifiers..


    Different Types of Modifiers:
    1. i : Using this modifier will do case sensitive matching
    2. g : It will do global match which means it will find all the matches in a string rather than stopping after first match.
    3. m : It will do multiline matching.

    var str = 'admec multimedia institute';
    Result: 6, As we have used search method it will search for the given value and return the position of the given value. Also as we have used ‘i’ as the modifier it will do case sensitive matching.
    var str = 'admec multimedia institute';
    var patt = /A/gi;
    alert(str.replace(patt, 'z'));
    Result: zdmec multimediz institute, As we have used replace method and ‘g’ and ‘I’ modifier it will do case sensitive matching and replace all A with z.

    Test() Method
    It will search a string for a pattern and will return true or false value depending upon the search.
    var str = 'admec multimedia institute3';
    var patt = /[0-9]/gi;
          if(patt.test(str) == false)
             alert('valid name given');
             alert('invalid name given');
    Result: invalid name given, it will search for values between[0-9]. If it’s there in the string it will execute the else statement and will print ‘invalid name given’.

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Latest Jobs and Careers in Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is Search Engine Optimization is a process of maintaining a proper position of a website, application, document, audio or video in the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The main motive of this process is to optimize the web pages according to the search engine rules and regulation. This online technique for lead generation comes under Digital Marketing. SEO plays an important role to reach in the market quickly accelerating the growth of complete online business.

    SEO is the only key success behind company online business. It is a very long and never ending process, so it has a very good scope in digital marketing industry to increase the visibility in the search engine.

    Reasons for Growth in SEO Industry

    1. Growth of Internet. Everyone is searching from a small item to big one. User did not uses his mind in thinking. He just go to search engines and type the query there.
    2. Organic results (non-paid) is more to believe than paid ones.
    3. Direct marketing websites are increasing day by day.
    4. Google ranking algorithms are fast evolving and advanced targeting local as well as geographic results.
    Reasons to Choose SEO as career
    1. High Demand of SEO Services: More the websites are made, more the demand for SEO will increase. It has become the need of the companies. Therefore one can expect more job opportunities in digital marketing industry.
    2. Only Web Designing is not enough: Many companies that have a website thinks that their website is SEO friendly, so if one having good SEO skills with good web developing skills too then he will be a true SEO professional.
    3. Learning with Earning: SEO also have a lots of scope for learning purpose there is no limit to learn. If you belongs to some technical field and feel that SEO is non technical then its wrong, by joining this field instead of downgrading you are upgrading your skill packages.
    4. SEO is already a booming Career: There is a clear indication of demand and future growth in this field. With the growth of online marketing, marketing spend is shifting from traditional means like newspaper, Television and telemarketing.
    Now a days the reason for rapid web development increases due to the evolution of CMS platform. Every 2-3 companies out of 10 is making their websites in Content Management System because of ease and less technical skills. So every one is making websites especially e-commerce websites through this platform. So ultimately demand of SEO will increase with increase in such websites. SEO is also a great career for BBA, MBA and passionate writers.

    SEO Job Categories:
    • Analytics
    • Link Bulding
    • Event Management
    • Organic search engine optimization
    • Social Media Analyst
    • Offline Marketing
    •   Content Writing and blogging
    SEO Certification and Training
    • At present there is no governing bodies for SEO certification. There are several best institutes for SEO training to offer certifications in this field for completing the course. Taking the advanced training from these institutes one can increase the resume value.
    • SEO have a great future if you have a good analytical skills an have a passion to do the research work and be able to plan cunning and inventive advertising system to beat your rival, and have an edge over all others.

    Thursday, April 7, 2016

    Career in Graphic Design Industry

    Graphic Design (or Print Media) Industry is perhaps the most promising and challenging industries of the world. The Graphic design industry is highly competitive and offers endless career options in the designing industry worldwide. Essentially Graphic designing is a dynamic process of communicating ideas through optimum combination of art & modern technology.

    The graphic designers are often referred to as visual communicators’ that works on allied designing software in order to form a message for the target audience. Such designs will probably have long lasting impact in the minds of the audience. Therefore the profession of graphic designing calls for immense passion, creativity and high visualization thinking. Furthermore the graphic design industry & careers is presently undergoing various changes because of wide use of electronic media within the field.

    Now let us discuss what skills are necessary to become a graphic designer, what career options, salary package, etc. are available in the graphic design industry.
      • In-house Graphic Design Firm
      • Advertising Agencies
      • Production House
      • Education
      • Print Markets
      • Publication House
        Additionally graphic designers can work as a freelancing graphic designer (self-employed) while engaging in some other industry or sector.

        What are the Career Options available for graphic designers?

        Graphics being a challenging and demanding profession offers incredible job opportunities/ careers especially for qualified graphic designers. Each year thousands of new jobs emerge across the globe for both the amateur and professional designer. Some of the promising career options are:
              • Creative Director
              • Art Director
              • Art Production Manager
              • Package Designer
              • Brand Identity Developer
              • Visual Image Developer
              • Visual Journalist
              • Broadcast Designer
              • Logo Designer
              • Interface Designer
              • Illustrator
              • Web Designer
              • Multimedia Designer
              • Content Developer

            Skills necessary to Build a Career in Graphic Design Industry

            Salary Package for Professional Graphic Designers in Graphic Design Industry

            Salaries of graphic designer as exhibited by graphic design industry can vary according to person to person and depends upon number of factors (skills, potential, type of organization, etc.). However, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a competent graphic designer in the graphic design industry would be around $ 50,000 per month whereas for a fresher it would be $ 10,000 to $ 20,000. Additionally graphic designers holding a master’s degree in one hand and dynamic graphic design portfolio in other hand can fetch higher remuneration package form the others in the graphic design industry and make promising career through their hard work & dedication.

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            ADMEC Multimedia Institute Scholarship Program

            The ADMEC Multimedia Institute scholarship program aims to select and trained talented non working female, married woman and non married m...