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Latest Jobs and Careers in Search Engine Optimization

SEO is Search Engine Optimization is a process of maintaining a proper position of a website, application, document, audio or video in the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The main motive of this process is to optimize the web pages according to the search engine rules and regulation. This online technique for lead generation comes under Digital Marketing. SEO plays an important role to reach in the market quickly accelerating the growth of complete online business.

SEO is the only key success behind company online business. It is a very long and never ending process, so it has a very good scope in digital marketing industry to increase the visibility in the search engine.

Reasons for Growth in SEO Industry

  1. Growth of Internet. Everyone is searching from a small item to big one. User did not uses his mind in thinking. He just go to search engines and type the query there.
  2. Organic results (non-paid) is more to believe than paid ones.
  3. Direct marketing websites are increasing day by day.
  4. Google ranking algorithms are fast evolving and advanced targeting local as well as geographic results.
Reasons to Choose SEO as career
  1. High Demand of SEO Services: More the websites are made, more the demand for SEO will increase. It has become the need of the companies. Therefore one can expect more job opportunities in digital marketing industry.
  2. Only Web Designing is not enough: Many companies that have a website thinks that their website is SEO friendly, so if one having good SEO skills with good web developing skills too then he will be a true SEO professional.
  3. Learning with Earning: SEO also have a lots of scope for learning purpose there is no limit to learn. If you belongs to some technical field and feel that SEO is non technical then its wrong, by joining this field instead of downgrading you are upgrading your skill packages.
  4. SEO is already a booming Career: There is a clear indication of demand and future growth in this field. With the growth of online marketing, marketing spend is shifting from traditional means like newspaper, Television and telemarketing.
Now a days the reason for rapid web development increases due to the evolution of CMS platform. Every 2-3 companies out of 10 is making their websites in Content Management System because of ease and less technical skills. So every one is making websites especially e-commerce websites through this platform. So ultimately demand of SEO will increase with increase in such websites. SEO is also a great career for BBA, MBA and passionate writers.

SEO Job Categories:
  • Analytics
  • Link Bulding
  • Event Management
  • Organic search engine optimization
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Offline Marketing
  •   Content Writing and blogging
SEO Certification and Training
  • At present there is no governing bodies for SEO certification. There are several best institutes for SEO training to offer certifications in this field for completing the course. Taking the advanced training from these institutes one can increase the resume value.
  • SEO have a great future if you have a good analytical skills an have a passion to do the research work and be able to plan cunning and inventive advertising system to beat your rival, and have an edge over all others.

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