Thursday, April 7, 2016

Career in Graphic Design Industry

Graphic Design (or Print Media) Industry is perhaps the most promising and challenging industries of the world. The Graphic design industry is highly competitive and offers endless career options in the designing industry worldwide. Essentially Graphic designing is a dynamic process of communicating ideas through optimum combination of art & modern technology.

The graphic designers are often referred to as visual communicators’ that works on allied designing software in order to form a message for the target audience. Such designs will probably have long lasting impact in the minds of the audience. Therefore the profession of graphic designing calls for immense passion, creativity and high visualization thinking. Furthermore the graphic design industry & careers is presently undergoing various changes because of wide use of electronic media within the field.

Now let us discuss what skills are necessary to become a graphic designer, what career options, salary package, etc. are available in the graphic design industry.
    • In-house Graphic Design Firm
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Production House
    • Education
    • Print Markets
    • Publication House
      Additionally graphic designers can work as a freelancing graphic designer (self-employed) while engaging in some other industry or sector.

      What are the Career Options available for graphic designers?

      Graphics being a challenging and demanding profession offers incredible job opportunities/ careers especially for qualified graphic designers. Each year thousands of new jobs emerge across the globe for both the amateur and professional designer. Some of the promising career options are:
            • Creative Director
            • Art Director
            • Art Production Manager
            • Package Designer
            • Brand Identity Developer
            • Visual Image Developer
            • Visual Journalist
            • Broadcast Designer
            • Logo Designer
            • Interface Designer
            • Illustrator
            • Web Designer
            • Multimedia Designer
            • Content Developer

          Skills necessary to Build a Career in Graphic Design Industry

          Salary Package for Professional Graphic Designers in Graphic Design Industry

          Salaries of graphic designer as exhibited by graphic design industry can vary according to person to person and depends upon number of factors (skills, potential, type of organization, etc.). However, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a competent graphic designer in the graphic design industry would be around $ 50,000 per month whereas for a fresher it would be $ 10,000 to $ 20,000. Additionally graphic designers holding a master’s degree in one hand and dynamic graphic design portfolio in other hand can fetch higher remuneration package form the others in the graphic design industry and make promising career through their hard work & dedication.

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