Friday, January 31, 2014

Career in Web Design

Presently web design is one among the most demanding profession in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Wide use of internet for social media marketing (for promotion of their products and services) by big corporate houses or multinational companies has increase the demand for professional web designers and developers within the digital media industry. Web design is of the most sophisticated and complex method to support communication in today’s world. Web design is the composite profession of designing web pages and sites using programming language such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more. If we put it simply, web design is a proficient art of designing web pages using text, color, animation, photography, and sound to create an intuitive interface. Work of Web designers and developers is usually considered complicated because they are expected to work in a digital environment and their professional expertise requires aesthetic combination of creative disciplines of art & design with the technical aspects of computer science and computer system design. The work of web designers and developers involves conceptualization of an idea, designing, construction, maintenance and identifying issues related to the web site through regular testing and user’s feedback. Individuals holding degree, diploma or certificate in website designing & possessing artistic skills in them will have bright future prospects in this field. Being a demanding profession the field offers several promising career choices for professional web designer and developer.

Following are some of them:
  • Web Graphic Artist
  • Image Editor
  • Template Artist
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Presentation Artist
  • Web Developer
  • Audio Editor
  • Flash Designer
  • ActionScript Programmer
  • E-learning Content Designer
  • Game Developer
  • AJAX Programmer
  • PHP Programmer
  • CMS Developer
  • Wordpress Developer
  • Drupal Developer
  • Joomla Developer
  • SEO- Expert
Remuneration: Web Designing is a field of applied science; therefore the remuneration earned by these professional web designers and developers depends on their proficiency level, hardwork, dedication and projects undertaken by them. However an entry-level web designer will simply easily earn upto Rs. 120000 per annum whereas a professional web designer or developer will earn upto Rs.300000 per annum.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Career in 3D Animation

Presently Animation is one among the fastest growing industries of the world. Rapid technological changes and on-going research and development have revised the entire outlook of the animation industry. Right from the 2D/3D cartoons on television commercials to animated movies, video games, and mobile technology, 3D graphics techniques is wide used. Application of computer animation techniques in films like Avatar, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall.E & Cars has been appreciated world-wide and is presumed to have generated the superb quality of 3D computer animation. Additionally cartoon channels like Pogo, Disney, Hungama, Cartoon Networks, etc., are showing high TRPs and bottom lines by showing such programs based on 2d/3d animation techniques.
Having emerged as one of the booming industries of the world, the animation industry is providing various career opportunities and also attracting many young talent & aspirants who wants to get enroll themselves in an exotic career of creative thinking and planning. In the recent past, outsourcing of computer generated animation, have shown an incredible increase of 40% in India. This has raised the demand for animation professionals within the Indian market.
Promising career options in 3D animation
Anyone who wants to pursue a professional course in 3d computer animation should have passion and artistic talents in them so as to experience success. A complete 3D animator should have knowledge of all the computer animation software like Max, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Z-brush, RealFlow, Pulldownit, etc. The animation industry is offering following career options/prospects to the amateur as well as professional animators. 
Modeling Artist: Modeling artist is one who creates gray scale models using 3D modeling softwares.
Texturing Artist: Texturing artist is one who is responsible for developing textures for digital media, typically video games, films, websites, etc. Texturing refers to giving coloring to gray scale models.
 Lighting Artist:  Lighting artist is one who makes use of lighting softwares/tools to get static & dynamic lighting effects. A lighting artist ought to have sound knowledge of varied kinds of lights and shadow.
Rigging Artist: Character rigging is equivalent to a digital skeleton applied to static 3D mesh. Rigging primarily refers to bone setup creation to 3D character and a rigging artist is responsible for the same. 
VFX Artist: A visual effect artist is one who is responsible for giving visual effects to a personality or scene. VFX primarily forms the part of post-production stage.
Rendering Artist: After doing modeling, texturing, lighting & rigging, render artist compiles and give final shot to the creative image/stuff.
  •    Game Designer
  •        Concept Character Artist
  •     Story-Board Artist
Apart from the above an animator can also designates himself as Pre-visualization artist, Key-frame artist, Layout artist, etc.
The animation industry offers higher pay packages to people who democrats wonderful work in the industry. However a beginner can able to fetch simply 120000-150000 bugs per annum while an experience animator will roughly earn from 220000 bugs per annum.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SEO Training Institute- Best way to Enhance your skills in Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is gaining popularity nowadays. Almost all business enterprises whether or not small, medium, multinational, non-profit organization, etc. are making use of SEO technique for the online promotion or marketing of their website. Search Engine Optimization is neither software system, nor a tool but is a proper planning to enhance the ranking of a website in search engines. If your website appears higher within the search engines for instance Google, then it’s a greater probability that it will be visited by sizeable amount of users. SEO is classified into On page SEO and Off page SEO. On page SEO relates to web-page content and coding whereas Off page SEO relates to the acquisition of links. Recent development in mobile and internet technology, have given a dramatic shift within the demand for web designers & SEO professionals and subsequently for SEO training Institutes.
Someone who wants to learn, acquire or enhance his or her skills in online marketing and promotion, SEO Training Institutes is the most suitable choice for them. Such institutes can provide the necessary learning and training in SEO to their students and that too at advance level. In Delhi there are number of training institutes which offers quality training. But which one is appropriate to suite your requirements could be a tough question. Every institute differs in its learning techniques and course program. One ought to be very careful while choosing an institute for SEO training.
In the foregoing discussion, we’ll discuss some points/factors that one should keep in mind while looking and seeking out for SEO training institute. 
Points to consider for SEO Training
           One cannot become SEO professional without going for proper training. Although various tutorials are available on the internet on basic SEO practices, yet they are not sufficient for bestowing advance training and learning on the subject.

           Training in SEO can give you in-depth knowledge and understanding on each and every aspect of search engine optimization viz…fundamentals of search engine, web page layout and external ranking factors, On page and Off page optimization, SMO (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn), SMM, Blogs/Micro Blog for business, tags & tagging, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) etc..

       SEO training should additionally include training on Pay Per Click (PPC) i.e., Introduction to Online Advertising, Benefits and features of Ad Works, creating and editing a Campaign, Google analytic and Webmaster tools. While searching for a SEO training institute one should verify that all the above topics are covered by the institute’s course program.

§        Training from the institute should equip the student with all the fundamental terminologies that are ordinarily utilized in the market. Being a Web Designer and certified SEO professional, one can render better services to their clients.

§        It is highly recommended that if somebody goes for SEO training then he should have prior knowledge of HTML and should go through basic tutorial of SEO so that he can put up queries while searching for good SEO Training Institute.  
ADMECMultimedia institute is one of the premier institutes in Delhi that offers quality training in Search Engine Optimization.

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Web Design.

You are fortunately chance to read our blog because in this blog all sort of information like form top to bottom that you must need in your life as a professional, even if you don’t have any idea about this topic you can find out everything about the topic. We update our blog a daily bases and make reader more interest and top quality on every topic we are writing. Once you read our blog you will gain the knowledge and skills about what topic you are reading and it will allow you to get more opportunities for your professional work with high quality. I will give you an information that what you can fine from here.

If  you are totally fresher, you can go ahead because when we bone as a baby, we don’t know alphabets, when the time comes we learned all those things,  like that you can go ahead and check basic section where our experts put work together step by step  tutorials. The Web Design section brings you to the main rules of the designing. It tells you that color theory and designing concepts make more interesting and you feel really want become a web design master or web design guru. We also include the Typography section because Typography is one of the most important parts of the web designing.
Another most significant section is Photoshop because you cannot be an expert without learning this amazing image editor software. Pay your full attention to our Photoshop tutorial and article section, this section is especially for beginners and learns about Photoshop easily, you will be able to take virtually any design related jobs like logo design, graphic design etc.
Being a skillful in graphic layout design in Photoshop, we must be needed to know the basics knowledge of both HTML and CSS. You will find out HTML and CSS tutorials in our blogs, so you can study everything on these rules from begin to the end. The next step is that you must learn how to do web programming with the help of the PHP, JavaScript and jQuery to build a functional and nice looking website.  We hope and sure that our experts tutorials bring you from zero to 100%.
In cause of the CMS, a bunch of online software and easy to follow how to work with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, you will learn how to use CMS and also how to customize it’s theme as you want to see you web and improve to better performance and show your creative work to the world.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Why PHP is so popular than ASP ?

PHP ( Hypertext preprocessor) and ASP (Active server pages) are the two most popular server-side and web programming languages because of their unique benefits over other web development languages. They both allow building of complex and sophisticated sites. ASP was launched in 2002 by Microsoft and PHP was launched in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. They are used in command-line scripting and writing desktop applications. Both ASP and PHP are developed to provide support to dynamic database driven websites but both are very different. These two languages are similar in that they code in HTML, and so the logic can be quite similar.
There are other web programming languages to choose, however PHP is the language of choice for web development for most web programmers as web development industry has been moved in open source application development. PHP is best for this as it an open source, flexible, inexpensive, secure, fast, and reliable.

Open source platform
PHP is an open source platform, which means anyone can access and edit the source code and contribute to future development. It gives an opportunity to create a website with your own requirements as there are no restrictions in customization. Being open source also guarantees that there are very few hurdles in PHP. As ASP is owned by Microsoft, its development team is responsible for responding to support query which could take a while to make fixes.

Server-side scripting
PHP is server-side language which means that processing is done on the web host’s server, rather than on your machine. This allows you to access various sites which are developed using PHP, such as Facebook from any computer, enter your username and password, and access your account. The user does not need any special browser or plug-ins to see the PHP in action.

PHP programs run faster than ASP programs as PHP code runs in its own memory space whereas ASP utilizes server space while running. PHP code doesn’t use a lot of the system’s resources and doesn’t tend to slow other processes down.

Easy to learn
PHP is a comparatively simpler language to use than ASP. PHP was written in the C programming language.  That is the reason why coding in PHP rest simple even today. Many developers find themselves to be more at ease with the user-friendly nature of PHP when it comes to coding. ASP is a comparatively new development, has a lot of options when it comes to languages. Here, you can use languages such as C#, J#, C++ and

Platform Connectivity
PHP has the unique advantage of multiplatform compatibility over ASP. PHP codes can be linked with all major different platforms such as UNIX (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), LINUX, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and probably others. But ASP only works smoothly on Microsoft products and it can be used with only IIS (Internet Information Server). ASP codes are usually run on Windows platforms but if you install ASP-Apache on the server than it can run on a Linux platform as well.

Support and Resources
LAMP is a software bundle that includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These are all inexpensive, scalable, and secure web applications. The bundle is a popular way to distribute these applications. Additionally, there are more support resources and developers available for PHP and LAMP Platforms. ASP relies on an available number of developers at Microsoft for making improvements and updates. There are less support contributors available to solve ASP challenges.

Database Connectivity
PHP is having much better support for the database management system, MySQL. It is extremely flexible which can also connect to various other databases, such as Informix, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL. WordPress uses a combination of PHP coding on MySQL for its content management system. 

Time to Deploy
It takes a larger amount (more lines) of code to accomplish complex features and functionality with ASP compared to PHP, adding more time to the development process. Additionally, PHP is interpreted at the server, so when changing a functionality, no additional steps are required to see the changes. On the other hand, ASP needs to be compiled each time the code is modified which means the development process is more time-consuming when using ASP.

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HTML 5 and CSS 3

The Hyper Text Markup Language was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Today we can see that html has been developed to html 5 and it becomes very easy and beneficial for the development of websites. Though HTML 5 has been known since years but this standard came in use around April 2010. The first version of HTML came in 1990 and after so many revisions HTML 5.0 came as the fifth version of HTML standard.
What is HTML5
HTML5 is not new software to be installed but an advanced version of html.HTML is a mark-up language that makes use of various tags and attributes for presenting the contents of a webpage. HTML 5.0 is a result of the combined efforts of two organizations- World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). The HTML 5 features are supported by the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. The logo for HTML 5 is
Basic Structure of HTML5:
<! DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset=”utf-8” />
<title>HTML5 Apprentice</title>

HTML 5 cannot alone be put to any work for interactivity purposes. It is often supplemented with CSS 3.
What is CSS3
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) plays an important role in the look and presentation of the website content. CSS 3, a latest incarnation of CSS is continuously gaining popularity although it is not supported by many browsers. Various additional features are provided by CSS3 which enhances the appearance of website. The effects can be much easily achieved by CSS3 which could require a lot of efforts and time if created with another application. These features may not be related to functionality of a web page but might make a design look more clean and interactive. The most interesting feature is that it gives an opportunity to the user to know more about a page before getting the time being wasted in loading. Various other features are :
1.      Text shadow effects underneath text elements.
2.      Appearance of shadow on events like hover etc and also to decide the space of work area when events are applied.
3.      Allows images to be uploaded with border.
4.      Use of round corners is possible without applying an image.
5.      New font can be added easily by uploading your file to the server, linking it to CSS file and create a new font family.

New Features of HTML5
Some of the new features that can even run on low-powered devices include:
1.      Requires a very simple doctype to be defined like <!DOCTYPE html> which was very complicated to write in previous versions.
2.      Easy to add various audio and video elements for media playback
3.      Feature of canvas element that supports two-dimensional drawing surface.
4.      Helps to support web applications when we are offline.
5.      Provides various new form controls like – calendar, date, time, url etc.
6.      Provides new semantic elements like footer, header, navigator, article, section etc to enrich semantic content of documents. Some previous elements like <a>, <cite>, <menu> have been changed and standardized.
1.      Provides more flexibility in creating and implementing websites.
2.      HTML5 implements web sockets, therefore it is very easy and quick to load the documents than its previous versions.
3.      It gives us the opportunity to create universal mobile phone applications rather than of a specific kind. Therefore, these applications will be much easier to access.
4.      Various audio and video elements can be added without the need for external plug-ins.
5.      HTML5 has error handling capabilities to detect syntax errors to be effectively and gracefully handled by browsers.
6.      It also defines the processing that needs to be done for invalid documents.
HTML5 and CSS3 have given a great boost to web designing/developing sector. They are much advance and easier than previous versions of HTML and CSS. HTML5 along with CSS3 can provide us with serious design credibility. They help us to create more powerful, easy to maintain and future proof web pages. This language is progressing at a faster rate and will result in more new and better features that will make old websites look outdated. These enable us to handle the multimedia and graphical content very easily without having to resort to external plug-ins and API’s.

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