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How XD is better Than Photoshop For UI Design

Introduction of XD


Adobe XD is a prototyping tool which is vector based. It is developed and published by one and only Adobe. It is a stupefying tool for building web and mobile apps with user experience. It is available on all the major OS such as MAC, Windows, iOS and Android.
It was earlier named as "Project Comet" according to the Adobe MAX conference in October in the year 2015.
Its beta version was released for MAC operating system and named as Adobe Experience Design CC on 14th March 2016.
Whereas, Beta version of Adobe XD was released on 13th December 2016 for windows 10.


Why Adobe XD ?


Now the question rise why XD, why we go for XD over a software or application which is not only in market for 2 decades, but this was a revolutionary software when it launched and since then ADOBE is updating it every year to make it more advance.
Then Why?.
Why anyone should go for the new software ?
Because if a firm go for a new software they have to change so many things in their firm, that’s it is easy to work on something which is already in market for years?

Know more about Adobe XD

First of all it’s not appropriate to compare Adobe XD to Adobe Photoshop.
So the choosing XD over Photoshop is not a right way to ask or not right way to put it.
Why I am saying so?
I am saying this because if you just read the name of both software you will find the difference between them one is develop for the photo editing and other is develop for user experience.

Now the question rise that why company need to required the launch a new why don’t just add some features in old software?


For answer to this question let’s have a look to the digital market or designing market.
Over the year the market is evolved and the needs of firms are changing now these days the companies are focusing more about user experience, every firm wants their client to stay and now there are any companies which deals with online business or they do half of the work online now for that most of the companies prefer their own website or online platform and they want to attract as much as traffic on their website because its good for the business.
And there are many companies who develop their website or online platform from other firm or company.

Now here the game changes with the software selection.

Let’s understand it with example.
{ Lets imagine
My friend Sachin have a pharma company and he want to make a website and online platform for it and I he gave me that contract or work.
But he offer this work with a condition he said he will only give me this contract when he see what I will make for him or in very simple words a design of the software.
Now if I make my design my website in photoshop I can just show how it will look like nothing else. I have to make presentation of that website to show how it will work and even then it’s probably a chance that my client won’t be satisfied with the presentation there is going to few doubts in his mind which is not good for my business.
But If I make same design in Adobe XD not just I can show them how it will look in the same software I can show them how it will wor I don’t have to make separate presentation for it.
And my will get much more satisfaction with this software because he will feel like he is using his website. }    

Now let’s see more technical view about these software apps.

Lets see the Technical differences between Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop


Adobe XD has been designed in such a manner that it has made the job of UI/UX designers to large extend.
The most common tools and features are available on the screen we don’t need to look for them into menus or panels.
Adobe XD is core web and app design software and additional benefit we can do prototype in XD.
The best thing about XD which I like is it is very light software as compare to Photoshop it will start in seconds, it can handle dozens of art board and never slow down.
With Adobe XD each and every functioning seems so fast and smooth. The reason behind this is XD is developed for designing website and application it has only those features which required for the designing a website. On the other hand the photoshop based on old codes and packed with lots of other features which is not required for designing a website or application.
If we design same website or application in XD and Photoshop then the Xd file will going to take 60 to 50 percent less space as compare to Photoshop.
Most important thing is the Adobe XD is totally work on pixel not like photoshop which work mostly on pixel but when its come to text it works on points which will became a problem when its come develop the design in HTML.
When it comes to design a website or application we will work on grids and in XD this is a very big time saver all we have to do is enter few digits and our grid system is on our screen.
And last but not least the prototype feature in XD. This can be the only reason for many organization to use this software. We already talk about prototype previously but what is exactly this prototype is.

Let’s see with a live example:

I design this app in XD. Now when some one open this file and click on play my design will almost work like an app.


Now if I designed this in photoshop the only I could do with it is slide over and change the layer or I have make separate file of Jpg file and then show to the client.
But not all of this with XD all I have to do is click on LOGIN or CREATE ACCOUNT.

After just clicking on Login page the Login page is going to open.


And if we click on create account then this page will open.


Off-course we can’t actually create an account in this but it will give the same feel as an app and any client will be more happy to see my work in prototype rather than some Jpg file or any other presentation way.

Conclusion : 


I am Keshva Kumar, this blog was part of my project on Adobe XD, which I submitted after the successful completion of the Adobe XD software at ADMEC Multimedia Institute. I am pursuing Web Master Course from this institute. They have the best course content and is according to the industry needs.

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