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Diploma and Certification Courses at ADMEC Multimedia Institute

Best animation, multimedia, graphic design, web design, web development and web promotion institute in Delhi providing 100% professional and job oriented course in animation, multimedia and post production . Candidate who want to be professional and expert in the field of animation industry, film industry, IT industry, and post production industry can join us. Student having basic knowledge of computer can join our diploma courses and certification courses.

We at ADMEC provides individual guidance to student during the courses. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is a premiere training institute in Delhi Ncr, North Delhi, South Delhi etc. 

ADMEC offers varied range of short term courses and long term course in animation, multimedia, post production, graphic design, web design, web development, web promotion etc, with guaranteed job assistance in reputed company. All the courses are designed in such a way that trainees can get hands on knowledge to discover new skills and knowledge.

Below are some popular courses:

Diploma Courses:
  • Animation master
  • Animation Premium
  • Animation Standard
  • Post Production Master
  • Post Production Premium
  • Post production Standard
  • Multimedia Master
  • Multimedia Premium
  • Multimedia Standard
  • Web Master
  • Web Premium
  • Web Standard
  • Graphic Master Course
  • Graphic Premium
  • Graphic Standard Course
Short term certificate courses:
Short term courses at ADMEC are spread from one months to three months. These course includes individual Software, CMS, Software Languages etc. All theses courses are also includes real time project along with theory classes and practical classes. More than seventy courses are available in short term basic at ADMEC. Students belonging from India or outside India can complete any diploma course or certification courses in either classroom based training or online based training.

Training Mode:
  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Only Sundays
  • Online
  • Others

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Web Design and Web Development Course Details at ADMEC

Web design and web development basically deal with website creation, development and maintenance. All the web pages which we see on browser's are basically designed and developed by web designer and developer. Our courses mainly focus on the core area which is necessary for the creation of websites like: HTML5 & CSS3, PHP, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, python, javascript, angularjs, mysql etc.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute is most trusted and popular training institute for freshers and working professional to develop skills in web design, web development, web promotion, animation, multimedia, graphic design, autocad etc, from last decades.
We have trained more than ten thousand students to make career in animation industry, IT industry, Multimedia industry, Post production Industry, Architect industry, etc. ADMEC is a platform where we connect the students with the latest technology. Our aim is to provide right path and career in accordance with students' interests and qualifications.

Our Available Web Design and Web Development Different Courses:
Above courses are just highlights of web design and web development courses, apart from these courses, we have more than hundred courses available in graphic design, web design, web development, animation, multimedia, AutoCAD, advertising design, software development etc.

You can complete any course either in online by apply online courses or classroom based training after a visit our institute once.
Training Mode:
  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Only Sundays
  • Online
  • Others

Monday, July 25, 2016

Web Designing and Web Development Institute in North Delhi, India

Complete web design and web development training from industry expert professionals. IT industry is the fastest growing industry in last few years. Due to growth in IT industry's the demands of a web designer and developer are on pick. Some well reputed IT industry are ready to pay great scale for a professional designer and developer. After analyzing the demands and future in web designing and web development ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers high quality training in web designing and web development. The course is designed according to demands of IT industry with latest technology and trends.

Courses Overview:
Purpose of offering such types of courses is to provide on work knowledge to students, so that they can design and implement effective, static, dynamic, responsive websites and web-based program. All our courses are available on classroom based training as well as online.

Benefits of web designing and web development training from ADMEC Multimedia Institute:

  • All trainers are IT professional and real-time designers and developers with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Our trained students are working in well known IT Industry.
  • Free of cost placement assistance to all our students.
  • We provide all the latest trends in web designing and developing like: responsive designing, SEO friendly, web 2.O design concepts etc.....
  • our courses available in weekend, weekdays basis.
  • We provide study materials for all our courses.
  • Special workshops
  • Quizzes
  • Special Events

Adobe Premiere Course in Delhi, India

Adobe Premiere is non-linear video editing software for broadcast and corporate video. This software is especially designed for quality and effective video editing because it's includes various features. In last few years premiere pro has become the widely used software filmmakers, television broadcasters, journalists, students, and videographers etc.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers Adobe Premiere pro training in two months duration. In this course you will go through an overview of latest adobe premiere pro CC. During the course you will learn various interfaces and tools within the software to create final presentation. You will also learn importing of files, basics of editing, video and audio effects etc.

Our course is designed under the guidance of industry expert professional, which suit to every level of adobe premiere user. Whether you are fresher in adobe premiere or want to develop your skill in video editing then this course is best for you.

Course Outcomes:
  • Touring Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Selecting Settings, Adjusting preferences, And Managing Assets
  • Importing And Managing Tapeless Media
  • Shooting And Capturing Great Video Assets
  • Creating Cuts-Only Videos
  • Adding Video Transitions
  • Creating Dynamic Titles
  • Applying Specialized Editing Tools
  • Adding Video Effects
  • Changing Time
  • Acquiring and Editing Audio
  • Sweetening Your Sound And Mixing Audio
  • Analyzing Content
  • Exploring Compositing Techniques
  • Working with Colour, Nested Sequences and Shortcuts
  • Using Photoshop and After Effects to Enhance Your Video Projects
  • Exporting Frames, Clips and Sequences
  • Authoring DVDS with Adobe Encore
ADMEC Multimedia Institute is an ISO Certified Institute in Delhi, India. Apart from adobe premiere pro course, ADMEC also offers more various courses in animation, multimedia, post production, graphic designing, web designing, web development, web promotion etc, vary from one month to 36 months. All courses are available in Online and classroom. Anyone can complete this courses on weekdays, weekend and only Sunday basis.

Our Some Important Courses:
  • Graphic Design Courses
  • Web Courses
  • Animation Courses
  • Post-production Courses
  • Multimedia Courses
  • Cad Courses

Thursday, July 21, 2016

SEO Training Course in Delhi

Search Engine Optimization(SEO), is an latest emerging field having a good scope and a high paying salary. The word SEO was not known to people earlier, but with the regular development of a website, SEO is the essential part in making a website to rank at a good position in search engines. SEO field have made a remarkable growth in web development industry being a part of digital marketing.

To do a good optimization for web pages, needs a proper and up to date knowledge, because whatever you do will reflect in website ranking either it ranks or go to in bottom if not properly done. With the growth of jobs in SEO, the demand for its training is growing by leaps and bounds.

Search Engine Optimization is a broad field, before taking a step you must know what are you expecting from SEO course. There are lots of things to learn like content writing, on page and off page optimization, knowledge of link structure, meta tags, meta keywords etc. Get the best SEO knowledge by the experts, by joining professional courses. Join a training institute that gives a skill specific training in this subject.

Search Engine Optimization Training:

ADMEC Multimedia Institute is an ISO certified training institute offering the various course content in digital marketing training in Delhi. All courses at our institute focus on quality education, suitable for a working professional to a business owner.

Who can Join the SEO Course:

Before joining a SEO Training Institute, a candidate should have a basic knowledge of Windows and internet skills. Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 would be an added advantage.

SEO Course Content:
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engines and their Algorithms
  • Types of SEO
  • Keyword Research tools
  • Google Webmaster
  • Link Building Tips
  • External Ranking Factors
  • Social Media Optimization
After completing our SEO Classes you will be able to increase the ranking of client websites, working on on-page and off-page optimization and you will come to know about how search engine works and what steps is needed to optimize it according to search engine algorithms.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Advance Diploma Course in Multimedia at ADMEC

Multimedia is a rapidly growing technology that is bridging the gap real life and imaginary life. It's has revolutionized every aspect of life around people and is fast gaining acceptance in the shape of careers.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute provides 100% real-time, practical and placement focused Multimedia Training in Delhi. Our Multimedia course concentrates from basic level training to advanced level training. Our Multimedia Training program completely focused to provide training with latest techniques and trends. We also assist placement in top companies in Delhi and certification on Multimedia after completion of our course. Our expert team of Multimedia are Adobe certified professionals with more real-time experience in live projects.

Courses Offered by Us:
Our Multimedia Course syllabus is enough for anyone who wants to get Multimedia certification which meets industry expectations. In our course plan, you will learn a 2D Animation, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive website designing, bootstrap, SEO, Adobe Dream Weaver, Audio and Video Editing, 3D Animation, AutoDesk 3D Studio Max, AutoDesk Combustion, AutoDesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe premiere Pro, tests, project, portfolio development etc.

Our Training center is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide diploma and certification training for our students in Delhi. Through our reputed Multimedia Training center, we have trained more than 5000+ Multimedia students and provided placement in top companies. Our Multimedia courses in Delhi, available on online or classroom based with regular weekdays classes, weekend classes etc.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Difference Between Animation and Multimedia

The terms graphics, animation and multimedia have very common relation with slight difference. These terms have the definition that sometimes confuses the beginners. So it is very necessary to know the differences in these three terminologies.

When motion is generated in the graphics, it is the animation and when sound is added in animation, it becomes multimedia. So it forms a cycle from the process of converting graphics to multimedia. Commonly if we talk about '3D animation movie', it have graphics, animation and sound so why audience does not call it as multimedia, as we discussed above. The main reason is the use of the word 3D. We call it so, because the word 3D describes its USP that differentiates it from the multimedia.

Multimedia is further divided into linear and non linear. Linear means one sided, no interaction like in movies where the audience have no control over the video. Video games are said to be non-linear multimedia as user participates in the game and controls the action.

The job opportunities in this field is increased from last few years. To cover this career requirement many professional training institutes are offering their educational services in multimedia. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the leading ISO certified institute in North Delhi giving quality education in animation and multimedia continuously from past ten years. Get the best 3D animation courses in Delhi by our expert trainers. Our multimedia professional have dedicated knowledge and expertization in multimedia and animation tools.

Both short term animation courses and weekend classes facility is available. After completion of the course, multimedia artist can work in publications, advertising agencies and production houses either part time or full time.

Offered courses in Multimedia
  • Multimedia Master Course
  • Multimedia Standard Course
  • Advertising Design Course

Offered Courses in Animation

For more course related queries visit or call us at +91-9811818122

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Software Development Language Training Institute in Delhi, India

Software Training is the most common terminology that every IT professional want to learn. Software is basically used to fulfill the user requirement. Software is defined as a collection of program and set of instructions is called program. To be a professional developer one should have a complete knowledge about software development languages.

Software language training needs quality, good performance and excellent development schemes to develop creativity and reasoning power. A good software developer must have strong reasoning power to think about how this particular thing is possible or what can I do to make the work done. Reasoning and analytical skills is the backbone of any developer.

Training in software development languages requires innovation and creativity to discover new things. It means you must have to attend a proper training with expert guidance, no matter whether it is software development language like C Language, C++ Language , Java, C#, PHP or any web designing, web developing, graphic designing and content management system like: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. You must go through the quality training to achieve maximum proficiency in it from the basic level.

If you are looking for a perfect software development language training Institute with practical classes and theory classes along-with project , you must visit once ADMEC Multimedia Institute in which a complete software training approach is provided. The institute gives training over software's in Animation, Multimedia, Autocad, Post Production, Video Editing and languages like C, C++, Java, c# , JavaScript, php and other development languages. So we provides a complete software training solution at professional level by expert trainers.

Software Development Languages at ADMEC:
Apart from software development language, ADMEC also offers training in graphic design software, video editing software, AutoCad software etc..
 For More information you can visit us: 
call: +91-9811818122

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Choose WordPress or Joomla as per your choice to Develop Website

Are you looking to develop an SEO friendly website? Then you have to really careful, when it comes to select a real platform for SEO. It's a very difficult to choose the best platform, according to websites. Most of the time users struggle between Joomla and Wordpress. But both of these CMS have their own features and benefits. But in comparison to both WordPress has gained more popularity in recent years.

Let's try to understand WordPress and Joomla:
  1. WordPress as a Winner
Develop websites in WordPress is much more flexible an easier. The main advantage of using this CMS is that, we havn't to be an expert at HTML and developing language in order to operate it. Changes to the website can be made even anyone have basic knowledge to it, comparatively other CMS. The variety of themes and plugins available, which makes WordPress cheaper to develop the websites. Availability of plenty of tools keeps it easy to understand and maintain. ADMEC offers WordPress Master Course & WordPress standard Course, student can complete these two course either in online mode or classroom based training.
  1. Joomla as a Winner
    Some professional developer still loves Joomla to develop a website due to its working facilities and functionality. The installation of Joomla is slightly tough in comparison to WordPress but it is still convenient in a number of ways to other CMS. Joomla is developed in PHP, so there is less compatibility related issues.

    Even it's look difficult to operate, but ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers Joomla Master course to the desired students in an easier way. If a student has very little technical knowledge, they can easily operate Joomla.
By the way, Wordpress and Joomla is much popular and widely used content management system for all types of websites. These CMS can be easily learned from anyone one who have little more technical knowledge. If you have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS, PHP, etc., then he/she can develop more attractive websites. Both CMS are their own importance and useful for developing SEO perspective website.

Inheritance Introduction and It's Types in Java

Inheritance: The literal meaning of the term inheritance is to receive something by succession. This is true for the inheritance feature of java as well. It means that one class, known as a child class or sub-class, acquires the behaviors and properties of another class, which is called the parent class or super class. 
Inheritance is useful for two main reasons: code re-usability and method overriding. When a class inherits the properties of another class, then it acquires its fields and methods, and there is also the option of adding new properties. Therefore we do not need to write the code again and again. Method overriding is a feature that allows us to override the method of the main class with that of a sub-class. This is useful for polymorphism. 
The syntax for inheritance is simple. The “extends” keyword is used to show that one class will inherit the properties of the class that comes after the “extends” keyword. This is an example: 
class sub-class extends Super class

Types of Inheritance in Java:
  • Single inheritance
  • Multilevel inheritance
  • Hierarchical inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Hybrid Inheritance

Single inheritance  
This type of inheritance refers to the extension of one class by another. So there is one parent class and one child class. In the above image, class B extends class A.

Class A
   void method()

Class B extends A
   void show()
     System.out.println("Hello B");
   public static void main(String args[])
     B obj = new B();
Hello B

 Multilevel inheritance
 Multilevel inheritance is a chain of inheritance. As in the image, class C inherits from class B while class B inherits from class A. 
Class A
   void methodA()
     System.out.println("Hello A");

Class B extends A
   void methodB()
     System.out.println("Hello B");

Class C extends B
   void methodC()
     System.out.println("Hello C");
   public static void main(String args[])
     C obj = new C();
Hierarchical inheritance
In Hierarchical inheritance, one class is the parent class while there are two or more child classes. For example, in the above image, class B and class C both extend class A.
Class A
   void methodA()
     System.out.println("Hello A");

Class B extends A
   void methodB()
     System.out.println("Hello B");

Class C extends A
   void methodC()
     System.out.println("Hello C");
   public static void main(String args[])
     B obj1 = new B();
     C obj2 = new C();

Hello A
Hello B
Hello C

Note : unfortunately Java doesn't support Multiple Inheritance and Hybrid Inheritance.
Complete core java course at ADMEC Multimedia Institute in both classroom and online mode. ADMEC in a ISO Certified software training institute which offers C Language training, C plus plus language training and many more....

Monday, July 4, 2016

Drupal Training Institute in Delhi, India

Drupal is an open source CMS that provides developers an extra ounce of flexibility. It's offers a narrow framework and modules. Drupal provides such a wonderful environment that we can create using modules. Using these modules we can provide physical shape to our creative and innovative ideas.

Drupal is Free of Cost:
Drupal is available free of cost, there is no extra charge for contributing or withdrawing from the CMS.

Drupal Developers have broad API's Support:
Application programming Interface provides an extra punch to the drupal developers. They can collaborate and embed two or more programming languages in single one to utilize in websites.
Available Drupal API'S are:
  • Salesforce API
  • Youtube API
  • Google Apps
  • Analytics Drupal API
  • Ubercart Drupal API
  • Facebook and Twitter Drupal API
  • AdSense DrupaL API and many more …..
Drupal is Search Engine Friendly:
Major search engines crawl website developed in Drupal. Sitemap is easy to traverse on, the Meta tags are easy to locate, so the crawler or spider robots or Bots easily index websites. Never shocked if your Drupal website is ranking higher than websites using other CMS.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute Delhi Provides real-time and placement focused training in Delhi. Our Drupal course starts with basic and ends with advance level. This course helps individual to obtain a better career in the fields of web development. We have more than 10 years industry expert faculty. Our course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve career goal.

ADMEC, Delhi offers Drupal training with a choice of multiple options through online and classroom. Our online classes and classroom training is provided by the same faculty.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Types of Array in Java and It's Declaration

Declaration of array

A Java array variable is declared just like, you would declare a variable of the desired type, except you add [] after the type. Here is a simple Java array declaration example:
So, it follows the structure:

These are some more examples:

double[] List;
String[] Names;
int[] Record;
When you declare a Java array variable you only declare the variable (reference) to the array itself. The declaration does not actually create an array. To create an array, following the declaration, the following format is used:

ArrayName = new dataType[size];

The following syntax can also be applied to declare and create and array:

dataType[]ArrayName = new dataType[size];
For example,
String[] Names = new String[7];
int[] Marks = new int[9];
This method is simpler and more concise.

After this, the array can be initialized by storing the elements:

The syntax is for this is,
dataType[] ArrayName = {element1, element2...};

For example

double[] List = {1.9, 2.9, 3.4, 3.5};

Or it can be done in this way:

dataType[] ArrayName = new dataType[size];
For example,
int a[]=new int[5];

The position in this case can be given in three ways:
  1. Integer constant
  1. Integer variable
int x=5;
  1. Arithmetic operation
int x=5;
Types of arrays
There are two types of arrays in Java based on dimensions:
  1. Single-Dimensional Array
  2. Multi-Dimensional Array 

Single-Dimensional Array

A Single-Dimensional Array is a structured collection of components (often called array elements) that can be accessed individually by specifying the position of a elements with a single index value. They have only one subscript value and store data in a linear form.
An example of a Single-Dimensional Arrays is a list.
The syntax for such an array is the same as has been described in the Declaration of an array section. It is as follows:
The first method is:
Declaration-> dataType[] ArrayName = {e1, e2........};

int[] scores = {5, 10, 20, 50};
The other method is:
dataType[]ArrayName; -> Declaration
ArrayName = new dataType[size]; -> Creation of array


String[] Employees;
Employees = new String[2];
1D- Array Example:
class example1d
  public static void main(String args[])
    int m[] = new int[5];
    m[0] = 50;
    m[1] = 60;
    m[2] = 70;
    m[3] = 80;
    m[4] = 90;
    System.out.println("The marks for 5 students are:");
    for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++)

Multi-dimensional arrays
An array that has more than 1 subscript is known as a multi-dimensional array. A one-dimensional array stores data in a linear form however a multi-dimensional array can store more information. So it can be thought of as an array of one-dimensional arrays.
Note: The most common example of a one-dimensional array is a list, the primary example of a multi-dimensional array is a table.
The syntax for multi-dimensional arrays is:
dataType [ ][ ] ArrayName = new dataType[][];
This will create a two-dimensional array.
Note: With each “[]” added, the number of dimensions increases by one.
For example,
int [ ][ ][ ] 3d = new int[4][3][5];
This creates a three-dimensional array of integer values.
Method to Define 2D Array:
int [ ][ ] 2d = new int[2][3];
2d[0][0] = 30;
2d [0][1] = 40;
2d [0][2] = 50;

2d [1][0] = 10;
2d [1][1] = 20;
2d [1][2] = 30;
The output is:
30 40 50
10 20 30
Another way to represent 2D Array:
int[][] 2d = { { 30, 40, 50 },
{ 10, 20, 30 }
The output is the same as above.

Example program for multi-dimensional array:
class multidexample
   public static void main(String[] args)
        int[][] a = {{2,3,4},{1,3,5},{9,7,5}
        int[][] b = {{70,80,90},{56,38,59},{19,27,15}
    int[][] c = new int[3][3];  
    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
           for (int j = 0; j < 3; j++)
               c[i][j] = a[i][j] + b[i][j];
       System.out.println("Sum of the two matrices is");
       for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
           for (int j = 0; j < 3; j++)
               System.out.print(c[i][j] + " ");

Join an ISO Certified core java training institute for online and classroom training. 
Course Duration: 45 Days  

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