Monday, November 9, 2015

What Are The Best Web Programming Languages to Learn For Website Development?

Selecting a useful web development course to learn is an important task whether you are new or an experienced candidate. Lots of languages available this time for web development, which many programmers use for making web applications and websites.

Basically different applications and languages are used for different purposes in the world. Most of the languages go best for the websites, but few in these languages are widely used. So it is difficult to figure out for a beginner to choose web course, that is better for them. In this article we try to explain common languages which are widely used in web development. This article really will help you to choose one of the best web development courses for you from different languages for web development.

Now a days there are a number of courses available for developing a website like: PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby on Rails (ROR), JSP, Pearl C etc, which are being used by most of the developers. These languages are divided into two main streams: open source and non-open source or proprietary programming language.

Widely used web languages:

PHP: The word PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and in early days, it was also called Personal Home Page. This is an open source language and most developers love to use this language due to its simplicity and flexibility. This language available free of cost to use and updated regularly comparison to any other programming languages. Due to this feature, this language is best suitable for among the developers.

ASP .NET: The word ASP stands for active server page and this is one of the most adaptable web languages. This is similar to C, C++, COBOL, VB etc. This is Proprietary programming language. This language is a better web language that also used with Visual Studio.NET, C++ builder, and web matrix etc.

Java: In early days this is known as Oak. This is also open source and the main feature of this is its a platform independent language. Due to the availability of JVM (Java virtual machine) this works independently. This is also used by web developers due to its security and flexibility. This language is similar to C, C++, COBOL, VB etc. Languages.

JavaScript: This is an interpreted programming or scripting language. This scripting language is easy and faster to code comparison to more structured language like C, and C++.

Apart from above mention language, some developer also use Pearl, C language, Python, Ruby on rails, JSP and Node.js etc.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Winter training schedule for freshers, professionals, and engineers

For a fresher, or professional or an engineer there is one of the most important things to decide and i.e. an appropriate winter training schedule. According to the current level of technology development, the course you're planning to learn, and the total time you have to learn that course (both the amount of time you have during winter training, and the duration of time you can devote to training period).

Your Current Level of Knowledge:
The right place to start when you laying out your winter training schedule is by doing an honest analysis of your current knowledge level and choose an institute according to the knowledge. This is the point where you need some counseling so be ready to get some outside help: an experienced faculty or counselor may be better able to guide you to choose courses according to your current knowledge and interest.

You may even want demo classes to understand the course content, or to discuss with faculty, or to meet with a career counselor; these are also realistic baseline assessment before you start your winter training.

The course:
Once you clear where you are, you have to decide that where you have to go; which course you have chosen? what is course content? what is your profession? what is your field? what is course duration? Is it a certificate course or short term course or master course? If it is master or big course then think about the plan how you would be able to complete it so ask the institute for the weekends classes too? 
1.  Short term courses:
  •     Php
  •     wordpress
  •     html5
  •     css3
  •     javascript
  •     core java
  •     c
  •     c++
  •     c#
  •     photoshop
  •     corel draw
  •     responsive webdesign
  •     drupal
  •     autocad
  •     python
  •     revit
  •     web design
  •     animation
  •     video editing
  •     image editing
  •     fcp
  •     multimedia
2. Master Courses:
  •     multimedia master course
  •     animation master course
  •     graphic design master course
  •     web master – web design and development course
  •     web design master course
  •     post production master course
  •     visual effects master course
  •     e-commerce master course
  •     auto cad master course
  •     word press master course
  •     jQuery master course
  •     flash master course
  •     php master course
  •     joomla master course
The duration for all the courses are not same. All courses duration is decided according to the course content, projects, assessment, and other activities. So generally you have to decide it according to your convenience. Because if you are a working professional or heading some other responsibilities then surely ask for the late evening, early morning, and weekends timings. I have seen many cases where students use to start their courses in passion but due to certain other responsibilities they drop their courses.

You have to understand that your time and money both are precious and don't waste them in hurry. Pen down all the above mentioned points important to search a good institute for your short term winter training course.

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