Thursday, October 10, 2013

Professional Development Classes

Professional means a person possessing specialized skills and knowledge in a particular field. Being in a corporate sector such people daily interact with number of personnel at their workplace and other professional meets. In order to experience success in their career they are required to follow certain code of conduct or code of good behavior. They should not use bad language, profanity and informal speech during formal interactions. An individual’s entry, presentation, body posture, handshake, use of appropriate gestures and an eye contact, all depicts a level of confidence, grace, etiquette's and professionalism which helps him in overcoming the resistance in his/her verbal communication. 

ADMEC Multimedia Institute a prestigious institute in the field of Animation and Digital Media bestows an unique opportunity to all its students to realize their inherent talent by organizing special Professional Development Classes. These special classes are conducted to impart the students to use a level of appropriate formality while dealing with their audience. Professional development classes stresses upon the topics such as how to manage conversation and presenting yourself professionally while giving interviews, at various business meetings and negotiations with high focus on interpersonal and soft skills. . Moreover active participation of the students encourages them to develop their fluency, accuracy, communication and presentation skills. Such skills assist them to present themselves well at, interviews and at workplaces. Also as we all know that most of the institute charges some consideration amount if anyone takes enrollment in such programs. But here at ADMEC this program is conducted free of cost i.e. any student from the institute can take participation.

Learning Outcomes 
  1. Language Development Classes
  2. Development of Body Language
  3. One-to-all interactive Sessions
  4. Group Discussions
  5. Interview Preparation

The course will definitely helps the students to boost up their confidence level and to face the challenges in healthy way.

Language Development Classes                                              Duration: 2 classes

In this session, students will improve their recitation skills, executive English and learn the use of new-words.

Development of Body Language                                            Duration:  2 classes


In this session, we emphasize on removing shyness and hesitation in the students, make them use appropriate gestures, how to maintain eye-contact, voice and speech modulation.

One-to-all interactive session                                                       Duration: 1 class

In this session, random topics will be given to each student and he/she is required to explain it for 3 minutes. The topic comprises of daily life things such as pen, books, mobiles, internet, dress code etc.

Group Discussions                                                                        Duration: 1 class

Under this session, group discussion will be held between the students on the topic “How to make appropriate use of most valuable resource –Time”.

Interviews                                                                                   Duration: 2 classes

Interviews depict an individual’s presence of mind. Most of the people despite of being skillful won’t be able to get appropriate jobs as they are unaware about how to conduct themselves during various rounds of interviews. During this session, students will learn how to face interviews, and executive presentation skills in terms of appearance, knowledge test and negotiations. And this session will be conducted by our most experienced faculty members only.

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