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Day to Night Animation in After Effects!

Checkout our latest video on YouTube to learn how to convert day into night in After Effects.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Important Factors to Consider Before Designing Lower Third for News Channel in Photoshop

Lower third plays a very important role in the presentations since describes major information about Topic, Place (location), Time or some extra details about the video. A well-designed lower third can grab the attention of the audience to provide the details about the video. In this blog, we are going to have a look at some of the main factors that every designer should consider before designing any kind of lower third in Adobe Photoshop.

Here is an example of lower third: 

Where to use Lower Thirds?

Most of the TV channels make their own stylish lower thirds to provide information such as: -
  • News channels use such designs to provide breaking news, reminding upcoming shows and current time etc.
  • Sports channels are used such designs
  • provide the scores of the playing team and other information about the match.
  • Music channel also use such designs to display the lyrics of the music.
Some Important Factors to Know Before Designing Lower Third
There are major factors which are important to consider before designing lower thirds are:
  • Video Title:  It should be clear so that we can decide which type of design should be taken for the video.
  • Essential Details Regarding the Video: Another step is to provide accurate information with the combination of correct typography, images, logo, shapes and graphics etc. You also can choose different font, icons, size, position to make a lower third attractive and eye catchy.
For a design Typography plays a key role since it can strongly influence the people’s reaction on the design. By designing lower third, one should be very careful in the selection of the typeface as it just as essential as the use of graphics, color in creating the design.

Logo and Shapes
Another important thing is the selection of correct shapes and placing the shapes and logo at the right place in the lower third.

The color scheme is indeed an indispensable part of any design be it a lower third or any other layout. One should be very calculative while picking out the color schemes.

Size and Position
We can select the accurate size and position according to the contents of the video. And make sure that the size of the lower third should be me normal; not too big or small. The position also matter according to the video. We can place it anywhere as per the design of the overall video but generally prefer that lower third should be in lower left bottom of the video.

So, conclusively, we have discussed on some factors that you really need to consider while designing lower thirds.

Let’s sum-up all the above-mentioned points.
  • Firstly, we analyse the content as per the video type.
  • Then start working on design by choosing correct typography, colour scheme, shape, size and position of the lower third according to the type of news in the news channel.
Author Introduction:
Hi, I’m Rahul Bansal pursuing Post Production Master Course from Video Editing Institute. This blog is the part of my Photoshop assessment which topic is on “Green Tea”.

Hope it will help you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How is QuarkXPress Different from Adobe InDesign?

As We all Know Quark Xpress is a desktop publishing software for creating and editing complex page layouts and used by designers, large publishing houses and in corporate offices to produce a variety of layouts, from single page of flyers to multimedia projects that required for magazines, newspapers, catalogs etc. The old version of this application was known as ‘Page Maker’.

On the Contrary, there is InDesign software of authorized by Adobe company. It is also an in-demand desktop publishing and typesetting software application that is used to create Posters, Magazines, Flyers, Newspapers, Presentation books, and EBooks as well as publish the content for tablet devices. The best way to acquire essential skills is by signing-up with InDesign Course in Delhi where you will learn new features, techniques and tools of InDesign.

Today I’m going to compare the major features, advantages and disadvantages of both the applications that will give you a crystal-clear understanding.

Differences Between QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign

Here are some differences between ‘Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign’ discussed below:

QuarkXPress  Adobe Indesign
It supports Hex chrome color and respects the text wrap settings for objects on a master page.
It doesn’t.
It is majorly used by designers and prepress professionals because its features and familiarity make it cost effectiveIt is the in-demand software among the graphic designers and professional visual artists.
In QuarkXPress, the biggest supporting document is 48 inches.
In InDesign, the biggest document page size is 216 inches.
It supports multi-page spreads and fit them in the maximum page width.
It supports maximum 10 pages of spreads, independently of the page size.
It supports the import of PDF 1.3 and PDF/X files.It imports PDF files version 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 as well as PDF/X 1a and PDF/X3.
It only supports PDF 1.3. 
It supports the export of PDF files version 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5, PDF/X 1a, PDF/X3 and can generate PDF layers in PDF 1.5 files.
Quark gives the software license to the end user and allowed to activate the software only on 1 or 2 computers.
InDesign provides software license for use on one computer and up to the permitted number of computers.
Installation of Quark software on a local area or wide area network is prohibited.Its installation on a local area internal network is authorized.
Concurrent Installation of this application on several computers is prohibited, even if the software used only one computer at a time,
The concurrent installation of the software on a desktop and a portable computer or laptop owned by the same user is authorized.
It is used by a limited number of people because it has a poor interface as well as requires brain activity.
It is used by a large number of people because it is very clear and requires very less brain activity.
Costly than InDesign.Low-priced than QuarkXPress.
Known as software used for pagination and does not provide any designing feature to the user. 
It is also used and famous for pagination as well as offers some features for designing.
QuarkXPress doesn’t provide password protection option in the PDF files. 
Contrary, In Indesign a user can apply a protection password to PDF files.
It doesn’t have any layer’s palette.It has a layer’s palette
It offers long several page layout options to the user.
It doesn’t offer such options.
Quark provides more intuitive color management dialog box.
Indesign has few new color management tools.
It can handle TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and other file formats too.Apart from the TIFF, JPEG, EPS and other file formats, Indesign also supports Illustrator and Photoshop files.
This application can manage only one language at one time.
It provides its users a dictionary of 12 languages so, the user can open a Japanese document in the English version.
Quark looks only at one line of text at one time.
Its paragraph composer feature adjusts the hyphenation and spacing between the letters and the characters in the whole paragraph.


By making differences between Adobe Indesign and QuarkXPress I get to know about the features/advantages/uses of both software separately as well as the import and export capacity of both. These both software fulfills the flaws of each other and makes work easy for the user.

Either you go for InDesign or QuarkXPress training course, both courses will provide you with essential skills which will play a vital role for a bright career. These applications basically are known for pagination that includes page layout, master page or anything related with a page of the document. Quark and Indesign are similar but still different in functioning and features.

Author Introduction: The author of this blog is Anjali Garg who is pursuing Graphic Master course from ADMEC which is a leading graphic design institute in Delhi. This blog includes the top features, advantages and disadvantages of both the desktop publishing applications.

To be the master of both the interpretative applications signing-up with a renowned graphic design institute like ADMEC Multimedia Institute is highly advisable since an ideal institute is efficient to make you a skilled and creative designer. Don’t wait, go ahead and join the world of creativity altogether.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Top 10 Tools in CorelDRAW Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Do you have the flair to be a graphic designer but don’t have any idea where to start from? Don’t be sad since for getting command on graphic designing, learning CorelDraw is beneficial for you. But to learn this desktop publishing application you need to emphasis on its core tools as they can play a primary role in making things easy for you. So, let’s get started from the impression of a vector drawing program.

An overview of CorelDRAW 

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editing software. It teaches us how designs are made in multiple stages and help graphic designers by making their work easy. It is basically a packaging software used for designing logos, letterheads, packaging, visiting cards, etc. The first version of CorelDRAW was developed in January 1989 and the latest version till date is 2018(x8). The right way to learn this application is by joining a CorelDRAW training course from any renowned training institute in Delhi where you can comprehend core concepts and techniques from the industry experts.

Top 10 tools in CorelDRAW

Below is the list of top 10 effective and essential tools of CorelDraw which can help you to learn graphic designing more effectively.

At no. 10 Drop Shadow Tool: This tool helps us to create a shadow behind or below the objects/texts which further adds the details to design and enhances its look.

At no. 9 Fountain Fill Tool: This is a color fill tool which helps to fill an object with a gradient of colors or shades. It gives the object an attractive look. 

At no. 8 Color Eyedropper Tool: This is also a color fill tool but this tool helps to sample colors from other objects and apply it to another object. Probably this is the best tool for filling colors in logos after tracing them.

At no. 7 Transparency Tool: This tool is for partially revealing image areas underneath an object. If you want o merges different images then using this feature is really helpful for you. Trans-parenting images can add more no. Of images and creating a college, further enhancing the design.

At no. 6 Pen Tool: Using this tool we can draw curves in segments and preview each segment as we draw. This tool is very handy when we want to trace objects. According to me this is the best tool for tracing objects and duplicating them.

At no. 5 Rectangle Tool or Basic Shapes Tool: These tools help us create objects of different shapes like rectangle, square, triangle, cylinder, heart, etc. This tool is very useful for creating objects with complete accuracy.

At no. 4 Freehand Tool: This tool helps in drawing curves and straight-line segments. Using this tool, we can create objects of our own shapes. 

At no. 3 Shape Tool: This tool is mainly used for editing purposes such as manipulating text characters and curve objects. This tool is very useful for tracking objects as it helps to edit the curves and further adding accuracy.

At no. 2 Text Tool: One can easily recognize the work of this tool by its name. It helps to add and edit paragraph and artistic text. This is the only tool to add text and is very important for creating designs.

At no. 1 Pick Tool: This tool is the most important tool as it selects, positions, or transforms objects. This tool helps to move and place objects according to our will.

So, these were the top 10 tools used in CorelDRAW according to me. 

Hi, my name is Naman Luthra and my program is Graphic Design Premium course, which I’m pursuing from ADMEC Multimedia InstituteMy course comprises 4 major designing software which are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and CorelDRAW. This blog is one of my CorelDraw project’s parts. Hope it will assist you!!

Monday, December 10, 2018

How to Plan Area in AUTOCAD?

This blog is all about AutoCAD which is one of the best drafting software in the world. I’m going to cover the process of plan creation in very simple steps. Preparing a draft of any plan is not an easy task. But when you know the simple and effective steps then this work can become a fascinating and calm work. But before we go ahead and start our discussion on plan creation, I would like to throw some light on an overview of this amazing drafting application. So, Let’s get started.

Few Essential Points About AutoCAD:

  • AutoCAD was developed by Autodesk.
  • It stands for Autodesk’s computer aided design. It’s a drafting and designing software being used worldwide.
  • It works on co-ordinate system.
  • It is used for 2d and 3D design, mostly for civil, mechanical & architecture.
  • It is very popular among small to large scale companies.
  • It makes drawing and drafting very easy and handy work.
  • It is cost effective and highly affordable.
  • Due to its popularity there is a huge demand for skilled AutoCAD employees in the industry. But to be a professional you need to get trained by joining professional AutoCAD course in Delhi from any renowned training institute.

What is a Floor Plan?

Here is your answer:

  • It is a diagram of a building with a top view
  • It consists of measurements, furniture, appliances, or anything else which is essential in the plan.
  • Floor plans help in designing furniture layout, electrical installation, and planning of an area.
  • It also consists of other architectural features like fireplaces, shelves, and benches.
  • Placement of staircases.
  • It has walls, windows, and doors.

Importance of Floor Plan Design

The floor plan is used to communicate your idea in the form of a layout. A good floor plan is a plan that gives a proper flow between spaces to make the movement of a person easy and comfortable.

Key Characteristics of a Good Floor Plan When Designing Any House

  • Versatile and flexible: Always make sure in future an office can easily be turned into a child's bedroom whether for your family or a future buyer’s. A room can be used in various ways in future.
  • Size matters: Always think about the number of people using that space at one time, whenever designing any room or hallway.
  • Have efficient circulation and storage.
  • Have natural lighting and good ventilation system according to the sun and wind orientation.
  • Having windows in the plan help in balancing daylight and making room spacious.
  • Maximum use of available spaces is highly recommended.
  • Good and easy circulation of the spaces designed for the client.

How to Draw a Floor Plan?

  • Choose an area: Specify the area to be drawn. Prepare a design based on the size and shape of the location on which to build.
  • Measurements: Do proper dimensioning and measurement of the walls, doors, furniture so that the floor plan will be accurate.
  • Walls: Draw separate walls for each room of the building.
  • Architectural features: Add architectural features like doors, windows, ventilation and other important things like refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, WC, wash basin etc.
  • Furniture: Furniture can also be added as per the demand of plan.

How to Plan Area in AutoCAD?

Any drawing is an accumulation of ideas put into written form when we receive them from the customer. Questions come to us in many shapes, like what is the number of rooms in the house? How many people will utilize the dwelling or what is the workflow that will exist in the structure? 
  • First, we prepare a rough sketch according to the need of the client.

  • Creating a Drawing Using the AutoCAD then, we select our architectural template, Units, Dimension Style, Line scale and other specific variables.
  • After that we create different layers for walls windows, doors and others that are required.

Almost all drawings need to begin with the same approach, so in the floor plan, the perimeter of the proposed house is made first.

Draw Interior Walls

1.  With the offset command draw internal walls.
2.  Mention offset distance.
3.  Now, you need to select an internal line of the recently drawn wall then click to offset the line option by moving towards the center of the plan. 
4.  Replicate the offset command once again.
5.  Repeat the above steps to mark the offset of the internal wall
6.  Now, join the new lines together, you can take help from the below-given image.

7. With the help of the Trim tool. Trim the extended or excess lines at the intersection of walls to get finished wall placement.

Placement of Doors and Windows

1. Draw using line and arc command according to the width of the door.

2. Repeat the above commands to draw doors with required width.
3. With the help of Trim tool clean up the extra line of doors that are intersecting the walls.

4. With the help of offset tool make Windows by offsetting the walls to the required window width.
5. Trim the extra extended window lines.
6.  At the end, add door and room tags with the help of text command.

So, finally, we have designed a plan in AutoCAD. Wasn’t difficult? Well I don’t think so and I’m sure you too. Now it’s your turn to design a home plan or any other type of plan in this drafting application. I hope you won’t find any trouble while creating, and don’t worry if you’ll find any issue. Just read this blog once again or leave your issue in below given comment area.

Author Introduction: This blog is written by Priya Bhatnagar pursuing ArchitectInterior Premium course from ADMEC which is an education partner of CAD Training Institute 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

How to Select the Best Web Design and Development Institutes in Delhi?

There are many institutes who call themselves a best web design and development institutes in Rohini and I agree that few of them are seriously trying to be the best, and some are just replicating, and only few are truly best for web design and development training in Rohini.

When it comes to choose right training center then lots of confusion creates in the mind. There are many web design institutes in Rohini to choose from. But few of them are pretty good but how can you know?

Points to Keep in Mind while Selecting a Web Design and Development Institute
#1 First Go for Industry Demand
You can easily spot which course content is necessary according to the demand of the current industry. I am giving you a way and surely that will help you in knowing what industry expects from a web designer and developer when you will go for the interview. You just need to search some recruitment and jobs websites such as timesjobs, naukri, placementindia etc and definitely you will have a perfect idea about that.

#2 Look for Courses Offered by Institute

Before selecting any institution for you career you need to read all the courses offered by the center for web design and web development. This will help you to better understand a particular training center. Most of the training centers have unique courses and content while some of them not. You need to check how many courses they are offering as career courses and how many specialization courses if any of the institute is expert in any of the subject then surely it will offer specialization short term webdesign and development courses too.

#3 Most Essential - Experienced Faculty

Experience of faculty is also a key factor for you if you want to become a successful web professional after the training in any of the center. There are 3 types of experienced mentors you meet in an institute for web design and UI Designing training; you need to be clear about it before joining any institution. One is who have experience of teaching only and other one is who have experience of industry only and last one is one who has experience of teaching plus industry. So always keep your choice with the last one as he can only share real world skills with good teaching.

#4 Basic to High Level Customization Training

Another key point you should analyze before starting your course is whether or not the web design and development institute offering you 100% professional training on customized web pages or not. Lots of training centers provide basic template web design knowledge. Now a day's anybody can create a basic HTML web page and change its content to use for own business or can sell to the clients. But you must ask yourself before selecting the training center for you career: "is this really what you are looking for?"

#5 Have a discussion with the Faculty

It will be always better for you a face-to-face discussion with faculty so that you can make a judgment after putting up some technical queries directly to the faculty and you can also discuss about the contents with him that he or she will teach you during training. This gives you a chance to understand your prospective faculty too. You should have a good idea about your web design and development course before starting your search for the institution; you can search on Google and other search engines to know more about your course else you can go with your friend or relatives if you know anyone that have good knowledge of it.

#6 Look for Institute Infrastructure Too

Is that institute having a good infrastructure? You must know that before the joining the institutions. Make sure the web design and development institutes you have chosen has good assessment, evaluation, infrastructure, computer labs, library and conducts special sessions on various related topics with a number of quizzes and events to groom its students. Never forget to take the certificate or diploma after completion of training.

So, this is how we have reached towards the end of this blog. I mentioned the top 6 points that are highly suggested to keep in concentration while searching for a training center. These opinions will certainly be your support and help you to pick up your vision platform like WebDevelopment Institute.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Quick Introduction to the Workspace of CorelDraw

If you are just started learning CorelDraw then you have landed on the right page. Today in this blog I’m going to give you a quick introduction to the workshop of this graphic design application. It will definitely assist you to comprehend your software more deeply and firmly.

So, let’s get started!!

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