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Career in 3D Animation

Presently Animation is one among the fastest growing industries of the world. Rapid technological changes and on-going research and development have revised the entire outlook of the animation industry. Right from the 2D/3D cartoons on television commercials to animated movies, video games, and mobile technology, 3D graphics techniques is wide used. Application of computer animation techniques in films like Avatar, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall.E & Cars has been appreciated world-wide and is presumed to have generated the superb quality of 3D computer animation. Additionally cartoon channels like Pogo, Disney, Hungama, Cartoon Networks, etc., are showing high TRPs and bottom lines by showing such programs based on 2d/3d animation techniques.
Having emerged as one of the booming industries of the world, the animation industry is providing various career opportunities and also attracting many young talent & aspirants who wants to get enroll themselves in an exotic career of creative thinking and planning. In the recent past, outsourcing of computer generated animation, have shown an incredible increase of 40% in India. This has raised the demand for animation professionals within the Indian market.
Promising career options in 3D animation
Anyone who wants to pursue a professional course in 3d computer animation should have passion and artistic talents in them so as to experience success. A complete 3D animator should have knowledge of all the computer animation software like Max, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Z-brush, RealFlow, Pulldownit, etc. The animation industry is offering following career options/prospects to the amateur as well as professional animators. 
Modeling Artist: Modeling artist is one who creates gray scale models using 3D modeling softwares.
Texturing Artist: Texturing artist is one who is responsible for developing textures for digital media, typically video games, films, websites, etc. Texturing refers to giving coloring to gray scale models.
 Lighting Artist:  Lighting artist is one who makes use of lighting softwares/tools to get static & dynamic lighting effects. A lighting artist ought to have sound knowledge of varied kinds of lights and shadow.
Rigging Artist: Character rigging is equivalent to a digital skeleton applied to static 3D mesh. Rigging primarily refers to bone setup creation to 3D character and a rigging artist is responsible for the same. 
VFX Artist: A visual effect artist is one who is responsible for giving visual effects to a personality or scene. VFX primarily forms the part of post-production stage.
Rendering Artist: After doing modeling, texturing, lighting & rigging, render artist compiles and give final shot to the creative image/stuff.
  •    Game Designer
  •        Concept Character Artist
  •     Story-Board Artist
Apart from the above an animator can also designates himself as Pre-visualization artist, Key-frame artist, Layout artist, etc.
The animation industry offers higher pay packages to people who democrats wonderful work in the industry. However a beginner can able to fetch simply 120000-150000 bugs per annum while an experience animator will roughly earn from 220000 bugs per annum.

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