Monday, April 25, 2016

Understand Core Difference between JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript is a computer language mainly used for making Interactive websites under Web development. It provides a rich user experience for the websites. It is used along with HTML and CSS. HTML defines the content and CSS is used to give appearance like background color, fonts etc to web page. The main purpose of JavaScript is to add behavior to the page without loading a new page. We only make a static website by using HTML and CSS, JavaScript add interaction with the visitor and improves visitor experience. JavaScript is also used not only over the web but also in PDF documents, desktop widgets etc.

jQuery is a JavaScript library having pre-written JavaScript codes. jQuery makes the coding easy for JavaScript web developers. It is the set of codes written in JavaScript. Every thing in jQuery is derived from JavaScript.

The core difference between them is that, JavaScript is a programming language and jQuery is library. jQuery is nothing without JavaScript. If we write code in JS it's takes time but in jQuery, there is no necessities to write much scripting.

JavaScript is based on Object Oriented Programming while jQuery is cross platform library to make client side scripting easy. jQuery allows to focus on the problem and no need to take care about the JS code. We can do complex thing by writing a single statement in the editor that if we do same in JS needs lots of coding and debugging.

Following are the main difference between JQ and JS:
  • JavaScript works with ECMA and DOM while jQuery has only DOM
  • Animation are possible with JQ
  • jQuery supports Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet explorer while JavaScript runs on all major browsers.
  • jQuery written in JavaScript

Both jQuery and JavaScript have almost equal performance speed. jQuery has been tried in the course of recent years and it turned out to be quick and predictable.

advantage to adding jQuery:
  • Wide range of plugins available
  • It is light weight compared to other frameworks of JS
  • Easy to extend an active community
  • Uses simple and powerful syntax
JavaScript advantages and disadvantages:

  • Executed on the client side
  • Relatively fast to the end user
  • Uses extended functionality
  • Fights with security
  • Irregularity as far as usefulness and interface.
Jquery is a good framework for JavaScript, which is easily works with compatible browser. But for jQuery one should have proper understanding of JavaScript. It is simple and have many pre-made plugins and widgets. On the other hand JS is good for client side development using jQuery.

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