Wednesday, August 3, 2016

jQuery vs. JavaScript: Which One is Better

In beginning many web developers were confused about the term jQuery and JavaScript. And they are aware to know what is actually difference between jQuery and JavaScript. But they may surprise to know that both are same. Generally jQuery is a set of JavaScript API, which is designed to simplify HTML document traversing, animation, event handling and Ajax interactions.

But according to our choice to be a professional developer you must have a solid command over JavaScript. If you are not aware about using JavaScript for website development, check out Javascript MasterCourse. Once you aware about JavaScript Language, you might analyze that jQuery Master Course fulfill most of your requirements and it's requires less coding than conventional JavaScript may require.

Introduction of JavaScript

JavaScript is scripting language which is developed to use within web browser. It is widely used for interface interactions. Slides show and another interactive components can easily done using this language.

JavaScript also widely used in creating game development, web applications, server side programming etc. New standards in JavaScript forces all web browsers to implement JavaScript formally, which reduces developers time and frustration trying to debug code for a specific web browsing client.

jQuery Introduction:
In early days when jQuery was not developed, web developer created their own frameworks in JavScript. These frameworks allowed developers to work around some specific bugs without wasting of time. Later a group of developers created JavaScript libraries, which was open source and free of cost and generally called JavaScript libraries.

So jQuery is a library of JavaScript developed by John Resig. It is easy to use and extremely powerful in comparison to other JavaScript libraries.

Which one is better?
Developer spend lot of time debating whether jQuery or JavaScript is best???? But the truth is that there is no correct answer of this question.... Either can be selected for development point of view, because whatever effects we perform using JavaScript, that effects can achieve using jQuery.
Some web development projects require traditional JavaScript, however jQuery is sufficient for most web development projects. Although jQuery may be preferably a choice for experienced developer, but as a fresher web developer should still take the time to learn both JavaScript and jQuery.

One biggest difference between jQuery and JavaScript is that jQuery has been optimized to support variety of browsers automatically. But Unfortunately JavaScript still has some issues with cross-browser compatibility due to poor JavaScript implementation.


$ (‘body’) .css (‘background’, ‘#ccc’);


Function changeBachground(color) { = color;
document.bgColor = color;
window.onload= “changeBackground (‘red’)”;

A single line of code accomplishes same result in jQuery, what it take 4 lines of JavaScript code.

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