Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why Drupal is the best fit for a rich featured websites

If we want to develop any type of website  personal website or community web portals, from e-commerce website to social networking website then Drupal offers us one of the most powerful and flexible CMSs (content management systems) to develop any type of complex website. It works well with complex websites that require many different custom content types and features such as a membership based website. We can use it as a CMS and also as a broader web development platform as Drupal is not only a  but also it is CMF (content management framework).

In Drupal there are more than twenty-five thousand modules and also more than two thousand themes available to be used in just no cost. According to survey hundreds of thousands of developers use it for making custom websites for their clients worldwide.

Reasons why Drupal is the best fit for a rich-featured websites:

1. It's a free of cost and an open source software: In Drupal large number of themes, modules, plug-ins and core software functionalities are available free of cost which reduce web development cost.

 It is Customizable: In terms of block creation, slides creation, layout creation, and design etc, it is very useful. It enable us to provide lots of choice to develop and design a website as per clients requirements. If you are a developer with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, MySQL etc then it is like a PHP framework for you, seriously you can code in PHP here using its advanced APIs to create own modules and themes.

It is fully enterprise -class software: In terms of features like: reliability, scalability, security, manageability and availability of resources it's a better software. Its CRON service is one of the best features that I like most. CRON is an automated service which runs after an interval every time and checks for the updates and various issues to make your website secure and bug free.

4. It also supports extensive API: In Drupal an extensive API support like: facebook, twitter, youtube, linked-in, Google apps, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, etc. We can create own modules by using well-documented API too.

 It's also SEO FriendlyAs we know search engine optimization is playing an important role for the promotion of websites and online marketing strategies for any website or company. Drupal enables us to develop SEO friendly websites. It provides enormous facility to display website content as per search engine like.

Helpful in developing Responsive or mobile friendly websiteDrupal also provides enormous flexibility to develop mobile friendly websites. Drupal has great themes of today's most popular responsive website designing frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, and Skeleton. So, if you are a UI developer then you can customize it at its fullest and if you are not then you have ready to work themes in Drupal for you.

Best modules which make Drupal a super heroic skill CMS: Few modules of Drupal are the pillar of success for it. I want to name out here for you, and they are Ctools(Chaos Tools), Views, Token, Path Auto, Meta SEO, Panel, Rules, CKEditor, Views Accordion, Views Slideshow, IMCE, Views Carousel etc are just few names those making Drupal a leader to developer rich-featured websites without writing a single line of code for most of the websites.

Really Drupal enables us as a developer and designer to develop rich featured, high quality, and quality website that fulfil all the requirements through a website of our client. We can get an attractive and innovative website to attract or entice the users using Drupal.

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