Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Advance JavaScript Training Institute in Delhi, India

Are you looking to grasp your knowledge in JavaScript? If yes, our advanced JavaScript training at ADME Multimedia Institute, is just what you need. This Course available on a full time, weekend and only Sunday. This course content includes online tools and study material.

The Advanced JavaScript course at ADMEC consists of using online tools and study material. Our Advanced JavaScript training starts from beginning to an advanced level. Our instructor aims to develop confidence within you using the latest tools and techniques required during the JavaScript training process.

During Advanced JavaScript course at ADMEC students will be able to spend one-to-one time with our instructor during doubt session. Our institute organizes weekly doubt session and classroom test to clear topics covered in previous classes. This process develops confidence between faculty and student to check.

Prerequisites to Join JavaScript Course at ADMEC Multimedia Institute

If you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS than, you can easily grasp your knowledge in JavaScript after the joining our advance JavaScript course. Apart from these, if you have a knowledge in latest version of HTML and CSS I.e HTML5 and CSS3, then it will be an extra added advantage for you. Our Institute offer HTML5 and CSS3 training also.

Our Online and Classroom Training Process

Regular Batch
  • Monday , Wednesday, Friday (1½ hrs)
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (1½ hrs)
Weekend Training
  • Saturday, Sunday (2 hrs)
  • Only Sunday (2-3 hrs)


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