Sunday, May 8, 2016

Graphic Design Institute in Delhi, India

With Graphic Design Institute you can study a complete Graphic Master (Diploma) course in our classroom and flexible online training. We have also a range of certification course available, So you can choose from our individual graphic design course, if you wish to learn particular course in which you’re interested.

Alternatively, Graphic Master (Diploma) Graphic Design Course provides an exciting opportunity if you have a passion for more than one creative arts practice. This course provides an opportunity to combining the study of art, creative writing, art history, design studio, publishing housing, print media, visual communications, photo editing etc.

The complete graphic master course provides a practical and contextual introduction to the visual language, practices and processes of graphic design. You can improve yourself to understand the basic visual language of graphic design, typography, design basics, composition, layout etc. It will help you to represent your ideas on paper-based graphic design practices, such as logo design, poster design, Banner Design, page layout, advertising design etc, using both hand-rendered and computer techniques.

You can explore yourself creative problem solving, research as well as the processes for generating ideas. The main motive of this course is the development of an appreciation of the historical and contemporary contexts of design. You will attend a range of special classes, quizzes, events etc, during course duration that pose real graphic design problems which require both visual flare and effective communication.

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