Friday, May 20, 2016

The Truth About Responsive Website and it's Correspondence Institute in Delhi

The popularity and demand of internet by the end user in smart devices like: mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop etc, contributed business owner's to get traffic on website. Now a days almost everyone uses smart devices to access information on world wide web. For accessing proper information on the website in smart devices, the website must be responsive. So it is mandatory for all developer to develop responsive website, which can be easily accessed on all smart devices.

1. Advantage of  Responsive Websites on Google
Responsive website development is Google's recommended approach for mobile web design. According to Google, responsive websites perform better in search engine result page's (SERP's) because responsive websites provide better user experience comparison to other sites. Google also analyses responsive websites when we do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Advantage of having a Responsive Websites
Responsive website gives users a better experience to adopt product, services, business etc. In current scenario mostly user's don't like to zooming and shrinking the text or images on screen. According to the Google, whenever user visit website and doesn't see the content that he/ she are searching immediately, then 61% users navigates to another websites. To overcome this problem role of responsive websites increases. 
3. Importance of Responsive Websites on Social Sites
Apart from these, the importance of social media and it's popularity also increases the chances of responsive websites because many user's visit our websites through links from our social channels. According to survey, there are more than 2.1 billion active social media users and in these users 1.7 billion are those who are active on mobile too. So it is imperative to keep the user experience consistent and offer a responsive website to accommodate for mobile links.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers the most demanding responsive web designing training in Delhi, in order to kindle your minds to make you specialize in advanced web designing. Our team of professional trainer  will train you with new skills and approach, which is most important in current industry.

Responsive Website Designing Course Overview at ADMEC:

  1. Concept of Mobile Web Designing and Development
  2. Knowledge of Mobile Device Platforms
  3. How to develop Search Engine Friendly Mobile Websites
  4. How to create design according to screen size
  5. Create your First Mobile Web Page
  6. How to create Mobile Design Layout
  7. Implementations of HTML5 and CSS3 in a Responsive Website
  8. Testing Responsive Website

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