Thursday, May 5, 2016

Post Production Training Institute in Delhi

Develop your knowledge and skills within the field of post production with us, and discover and release your career in post production industry, film production, film making and video editing.

Get trained yourself with our industry expert team of post production artists, with access to world-class infrastructure here at Delhi. Our post production (diploma) course called (Post Production Master) provides an in-depth and hands-on experience to study the technologies which govern film production industry.

What's covered in the course?

Delivered through a series of modules, the program comprises of four Modules:

Module I - Fundamental of Art, Design & Film Making
Module II – Non-Linear Editing
Module III – Compositing, Motion Graphics, and Presentation Making
Module IV – Essentials of 3D

The first module of the course is Fundamental of Art, Design & Film Making, which offers a detailed exploration of the nature of art. You will be given special attention to studying art and design. The design concepts involve processes of design and development of various aspects of the films concept. In this module you will also learn manipulation and distribution of image in film making.

Within the Non-linear Editing module you will have the chance to explore the history and principles of editing. With particular attention to the manipulation and production you will also learn audio/video formats, concept of Non-Linear Editing, uses of HD and SD formats, Concept of off line/on line editing etc.

Another module of Compositing, Motion Graphics, and Presentation Making involves combining of visual elements from different sources into a single picture. You will also have the space to learn and discover the processes of live action shooting within a studio and on location. This will allow you to use a variety of camera, lighting, and grip equipment.

The last module of the program is Essentials of 3D. Within this module you will gain in depth knowledge of modeling, texturing, lighting, camera, animation, rendering / exporting etc.

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