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Recent trends in Animation Industry

Animation is one of the fastest growing industries of the world. Rapid technological advancement within the animation industry coupled with the growing popularity of Internet has expanded the availability as well as the scope of computer animation across the globe. The scope of 3D Animation has spread out its dimension and goes beyond the standard cinema and entertainment industry. Currently 3D animation technology is being successfully got utilized in different sectors such as gaming, automotive and architecture industry. In addition to these major brands are making wide use of 3D Animation technology in their logo and other branding components.    
The recent advances in the animation industry have an enormous impact on facial and character animation. Additionally attempts are made to develop new techniques for tracking human movements and facial expressions in an economical and precise manner. Keyframing, Skeleton-Muscle System, Morph Target Animation are some of the standard techniques of facial animation whereas Non-Rigid tracking for Facial Motion Capture, Spatial Markov Random Field Motion; Sketch-Based Facial Animation and  Sparse Stereo Mesh are the recent techniques associated with facial animation.

Following are the Current trends in Animation Industry
Geometric Modeling and Instrumentation: Building characters with the proper shape and control is usually time consuming. Geometric Modeling & Instrumentation helps you to get right set of controls i.e., control points, muscle groups, blending example expressions, instrumentation controls.
Physical Simulation: Typically most of the effects are too troublesome to create or model by hand such as fire, snow, steam, rusting of trees, hair, cloth, etc. Physical simulation technique of animation allows you to undertake both physical and non-physical simulations through Particle systems, fluid flow and turbulence modeling, rigid body dynamics, etc…
Controllable Simulation: Controllable simulation permits you to administer interactive control and controlling fluids.
Realistic Rendering: Realistic Rendering allows you to alter the look of everyday things including skin complexion.
Digital Humans: Creation of digital human bodies and faces is one of the major challenges in the entire animation process. However Motion capture and facial animation technique of animation allows you to form digital human faces and bodies with utmost ease and importance. With motion capture technique of animation you can apply variety of filters. 

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